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Chapter 156 - Chao Tianba’s Remorse

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 156: Chao Tianba’s Remorse

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    The three masters came together in an attempt to kill Ye Chen.

    In the end, Northern Devil Jiang was killed as soon as the battle began. Eastern Superior Ning was killed subsequently, while Western Overlord Liu was severely injured.

    The duo’s death triggered Western Overlord Liu greatly. Since he drank the elixir, he was running for his life by burning true energy with all of his might.

    Ye Chen was not in a rush. He followed behind him at a regular pace. He wanted to see who dared to show up to save him.


    In Diannan’s Spring City, there were over ten luxurious cars pulled over along the way to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountains. Among those cars, there was a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Pagani that stood out.

    Meanwhile, two middle-aged men were standing by the cars.

    If Ye Chen were here, he would definitely recognize the duo. They were Diannan’s wealthy family’s Chao Tianba from the Chao family and Zhao Jinming from the Zhao family. Since the three masters extended the battle invitation, they announced that they had cut ties with Ye Chen since they had no confidence in him. They considered drawing a line with him.

    However, Chao Tianba and Zhao Jinming looked grim on their faces. They would occasionally look at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountains and were having their own thoughts.

    Eventually, a young man next to them could not help but ask, “Dad, Uncle Zhao, who do you think would win this battle at the snow mountain?”

    Chao Tianba and Zhao Jinming looked at each other after hearing that. They saw the tease look in each other’s eyes.

    “No matter who wins, what’s most important is that we cannot lose,” Zhao Jinming said with underlying meaning.

    The young man was confused and could only look at Zhao Jinming. “Uncle Zhao, I don’t really understand what you mean. All of the wealthy families in Diannan have betrayed Mad Southern Ye. If he won, we know what the consequences would be.”

    1Zhao Jinming smiled without saying anything.

    Chao Tianba shook his head and said, “Let me ask you this, Jiahao. If Mad Southern Ye really won, would he kill all of the wealthy families that betrayed him?”

    “I don’t think so, but…” Chao Jiahao said, seemingly in deep thought.

    “There’s no but!”

    Chao Tianba interrupted him. “Your Uncle Zhao is right. No matter who wins, we can’t lose. If the three masters won, then our betrayal on Mad Southern Ye before is correct. We won’t have to deal with the rage coming from the three masters.

    “If Mad Southern Ye won, then we’ll lose our dignity to bow to him and surrender. We’ll find an excuse like the saying ‘the law doesn’t punish the masses.’ Mad Southern Ye can’t do anything to us.”

    Chao Tianba showed a cunning smirk as he spoke to this point. “Jiahao, this is the reason why our Chao family is still standing.”

    “Brother Chao is right. Mad Southern Ye is just a young man, how is he going to compete with us?”

    Zhao Jinming, who was standing next to him, said while smiling lightly, “Moreover, there is no chance for Mad Southern Ye to win with the three masters fighting him together. Let’s just wait. I believe the battle result will come out soon.”

    They saw a silhouette coming at lightning speed from the mountains 300 meters away as he was speaking.

    “It’s Western Overlord Liu!”

    Someone recognized him.

    “Why is he out?”

    Chao Tianba was stunned at first. He soon revealed an expression as if he already knew what happened. “Can it be that the three masters have won and Mad Southern Ye is dead?”

    “Brother Chao, let’s congratulate Master Liu.”

    Zhao Jinming said while leading his bodyguards to welcome Western Overlord Liu who was running over.

    Seeing that Zhao Jinming was throwing himself at Western Overlord Liu, Chao Tianba could not help but curse. He quickly caught up to him.

    They were merely a hundred meters away from Western Overlord Liu at that moment.

    “Greetings, Master Liu!”

    Chao Tianba and Zhao Jinming bowed at Western Overlord Liu who was far away. They said while clasping their fists, “Congratulations Master Liu for killing Mad Southern Ye. After this battle, Master Liu’s name will pass on in China forever.”

    The people behind them said at the same time, “Greetings, Master Liu!”


    Western Overlord Liu furiously shrieked after seeing that his way was blocked.

    “Dad, something is off.”

    At that moment, Chao Jiahao suddenly spoke. “Look, you guys. Master Liu’s arm…”

    The people instinctively lifted their heads to look and saw that Western Overlord Liu’s left arm was gone. He was covered in blood, while his chest had sunken deep. He seemed unusually clumsy.

    He turned his head to look while running. He seemed panicked and looked as if he was being chased.

    What was happening?

    At that moment, Chao Tianba was dumbstruck, Zhao Jinming was dumbstruck, everyone was dumbstruck.

    The three masters had been d-defeated?

    How was that possible?!

    “I’ll kill anyone who blocks my way!”

    Western Overlord Liu furiously shrieked while slamming his palm hard. He had been running for over 300 miles from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the Spring City. Meanwhile, Ye Chen had been chasing him for over 300 miles.

    Never had he thought that at such a critical time, Chao Tianba and the rest’s welcome would be blocking his way. Given that they were buttering him up, it sounded like moiety and humiliation when Western Overlord Liu heard it.

    ‘I can’t kill Mad Southern Ye.

    ‘Do you think I can’t kill a bunch of useless things?’

    As his killing intent skyrocketed, Western Overlord Liu charged his palm at Chao Jiahao’s head. The latter’s head exploded.

    Chao Tianba shrieked furiously after snapping back to his senses.


    Zhao Jinming jolted. He made up his mind and said, “Kill him. Kill him now!”

    The over ten bodyguards seemed like they had just woken up from their dream. They charged at Western Overlord Liu one after another and clearly wanted to kill him when he was at his worst.


    Western Overlord Liu became frantic and slammed his palm again. With compelling energy, he directly slammed a big hole in the ground. The over ten people who charged at him vanished before they could even scream.

    Even the Zhao family’s master Zhao Jinming was killed.

    That was the power of a master.

    Chao Tianba was swept by the energy, whereby he was directly thrown out. He spat a mouthful of blood as he blankly looked. “Why? Why did this happen?”

    He could not understand how it turned out to be like this. Never had he expected this to happen.

    Western Overlord Liu coldly glared at him, and it seemed like he wanted to kill Chao Tianba too. He suddenly looked behind him. His face had a drastic change as he leaped and moved again.

    A skinny silhouette leaped out of the woods after he left.

    Chao Tianba’s pupils shrunk as if he had seen a life savior. “Lord, h-help me. I-I don’t want to die…”

    Ye Chen stopped and looked around. He eventually had his eyes on him and looked at him with an extremely cold expression.

    “I’ll never save traitors!”


    Chao Tianba spat another mouthful of blood as he died on the spot. The Diannan wealthy family Chao family’s master was dead just like that. He had yet to reconcile with Ye Chen.

    If he was given another chance, he would definitely not choose to betray Ye Chen.

    ‘If you knew this would happen, you shouldn’t have done it in the first place!”

    Ye Chen shook his head and subsequently went after Western Overlord Liu. Western Overlord Liu’s aura was left behind along the way.

    ‘Western Overlord Liu, I’ve told you that you can’t run away from me even if you ran a thousand miles away!’