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Chapter 154 - Killing A Master with A Single Swing of Sword

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 154: Killing A Master with A Single Swing of Sword

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    Everything was sealed with ice on the white Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. They were like jades, while the 13 snow-capped mountains were like sharp swords that pierced through the clouds.

    Everyone blankly stared at that silhouette on the highest snow-capped mountain. The silhouette was skinny but it was standing tall. The silhouette seemed tiny compared to the gigantic snow mountain.

    However, it stood out as if it was a tablet that stood proudly.

    “Three old dogs, come accept your death!”

    His extremely overbearing and arrogant voice echoed like rumbling thunder in everyone’s heads.

    There was a complicated emotion in Su Youwei’s beautiful eyes.

    Since when did this useless thing become someone that even she had to look up to?


    The three masters shouted at the same time. The aura on their bodies skyrocketed, causing the temperature in the entire snow mountain to drop significantly.

    “Dragon Elephant Punch!”

    Northern Devil Jiang threw a punch out in the very next second. His eyes were bursting with killing intent.

    “Cold Nether Palm!”

    Western Overlord Liu scratched onto the snow mountain next to him as a layer of thick, cold ice consolidated in his palm. He was turning energy into ice. This action alone proved that he had extremely dense internal energy.

    “Cloud-piercing Leg!”

    Eastern Superior Ning kicked his foot as a green gleam was glowing at the tip. It was like a sword or saber tearing the air beneath his foot into two.

    The three of them moved without planning it. They directly leaped in the air from the snow mountain and charged at Ye Chen from three different directions.

    The people could not help but feel as if their hearts had stopped beating after seeing that.

    Xiao Ya’s pretty face became serious as she was carrying the little girl. Although she was far away from them, she could still feel the immense power coming from the sky.

    ‘Can master take this?’

    Su Youwei bit her lip hard as faint concern appeared in her pretty eyes. She thought Mad Southern Ye and her were strangers before this. Therefore, she was going to watch this battle as an outsider.

    However, after finding out that Ye Chen was Mad Southern Ye, she could no longer keep the calm from before.

    Ye Chen remained still as everyone watched in shock. He coldly watched as the three masters charged at him with powerful energy.

    “Is he going to withstand their attacks by force?”

    1Someone instinctively exclaimed.

    The audience could not help but open their eyes wide after hearing that.

    ‘I-Is he out of his mind?

    ‘That’s a full blow attack from three masters. They could even break a mountain with that power, let alone a person.’

    The three masters’ attacks accurately landed on Ye Chen in the next second. It had caused the snow mountain to shake while snow scattered into the air, blocking the people’s view.

    After the snow landed on the ground, people found out that Ye Chen was squeezed in the middle of the three masters. The fist, palm, and kick had landed on him.

    However, Ye Chen looked as usual. It did not look like he was hurt at all.

    How was that possible?!

    Northern Devil Jiang, Western Overlord Liu, and Eastern Superior Ning looked at each other. They saw the shock in each others’ eyes.

    ‘The power of the three masters combined did nothing to him?

    ‘Isn’t his body way too strong?’

    “Are you guys done playing? It’s my turn now!”

    Ye Chen chuckled softly before they snapped back to their senses. An overbearing power suddenly exploded from his body.

    This power was like a flash flood. It was sweeping toward all directions in an unstoppable manner with Ye Chen as the center.

    The three masters who were closest to him felt an impact coming toward them. Their bodies shot out without their control.


    The three snow-capped mountains that were 50 meters high were crushed by that power. They cracked from the middle and collapsed backward. Endless snow rumbled down in an overwhelming manner.

    The people on the ground took sharply inhaled one after another after witnessing that scene.

    It was an avalanche…

    Fortunately, it was collapsing toward the other side of the mountains. Otherwise, the people below might have been dragged into it.

    The three masters were thrown up to a hundred meters away. They looked horrified after finally managing to stand still.

    Northern Devil Jiang could not stop coughing. After wiping the blood at the corner of his lips, he said while suppressing the shock in him, “Guys, this person’s ability seems to be more powerful now. We can’t hold back!”

    “Column Assemble, consolidate!”

    Western Overlord Liu shrieked in rage. He clenched his fist as an ice-breaking noise was heard.

    The snow on the ground consolidated into icicles the size of adult thighs. There were up to a hundred icicles exuding a chilly glow.

    The icicles hovered into the sky and were neatly arranged like arrows on bows.

    “Iced River Befall!”

    At the same time, Northern Devil Jiang quickly performed a hand seal. Terrifying energy exploded from him as the snow and wind around gathered.

    Within the blink of an eye, five iced walls consolidated above his head. Each of them was almost a meter tall.

    “Mountain-suppression Fist!”

    Eastern Superior Ning took a deep breath and gathered the energy in his dantian. He quickly performed countless punches that left shadows behind them. Each of them would materialize into iced fists in the cold weather.

    There were approximately a hundred fists when one looked at them.


    Northern Devil Jiang launched the attack first. He waved as the five iced walls above him charged toward Ye Chen at high speed. Each iced wall was surrounding Ye Chen from one direction.

    Only the front side was left open. He clearly wanted to capture Ye Chen.

    Western Overlord Liu and Eastern Superior Ning fought at the same time. Around a hundred icicles and ice fists shot at Ye Chen like arrows.

    “The three masters are trying to capture Mad Southern Ye and then kill him,” someone on the ground could not help but inhale sharply.

    Su Youwei had a worried expression on her pretty face after hearing that.

    Wise people could tell that the three of them had discussed this before. Northern Devil Jiang would use the iced walls to capture Ye Chen so that Western Overlord Liu and Eastern Superior Ning could attack Ye Chen with icicles and iced fists.

    Each icicle could pierce a tank, let alone a hundred of them. How would Ye Chen be able to take that?

    Cui Yan and Cai Rong instinctively scoffed. “This Mad Southern Ye would definitely die this time!”

    The duo sensed a killing intent next to them as soon as they said that.

    They saw Xiao Ya coldly glare at them. “I’ll kill you guys if you useless things dare to speak again!”

    Cui Yan and Cai Rong’s expression changed, and they immediately shut up.


    “Since you guys chose the snow mountain to be your burial ground, I’ll use snow to kill you.”

    Facing the three master’s attacks, Ye Chen leaped and grabbed the air.

    All of the snow and wind within 1,000 meters around him gathered at the moment. It then transformed into a white, giant sword on Ye Chen’s back.

    After consolidating snow into a sword, the giant sword was like a dragon that traveled in the air. The sword qi spread 300 meters around.

    ‘Break them!’

    Ye Chen thought to himself as a sword hum came out of the over ten meters long giant sword on his back. It seemed like it was alive as it swung toward the iced walls that were charging at Ye Chen with immense sword qi.

    Bang, bang, bang…

    As a series of loud thuds came as the five iced walls were broken by the giant sword after a single swing. The charge had yet to stop and it seemed like it was going to tear the place apart.

    The ten thousand icicles and iced fists were destroyed completely.

    “H-how is this possible?”

    Northern Devil Jiang had a drastic change of expression. He did not expect the weapons that the three of them consolidated with all of their true energy to be destroyed by a single swing of Ye Chen’s sword.

    The giant sword was like a white dragon. It returned to Ye Chen after flying around.

    Ye Chen held onto the sword and took a step out. He charged toward Northern Devil Jiang who was the closest to him.

    He gathered wind and snow in the sky and made a giant sword. Why not hold a sword ceremony by killing a master on the day when the giant sword was made?!

    It was considered his first fight. His sword was like a stunning thunder as soon as he fought back!


    At the moment when Northern Devil Jiang had goosebumps, he consolidated true energy all over his body and quickly ran.

    However, no matter how fast he ran, he was still under the giant sword’s killing range since it was so gigantic.

    Northern Devil Jiang shrieked. “No!”

    He was cut into half as the sword slashed.

    Fresh blood spilled into the sky. It was terribly glaring and devastating in this place that was filled with snow!

    Heaven and earth were filled with dead silence at that moment.

    Stunned, they were completely stunned!

    The Jiangbei No.1 Northern Devil Jiang was now dead!

    Everybody thought that Ye Chen would definitely die when the three masters came together to kill him. Never had they thought that Ye Chen would kill one of the masters instead!

    Nobody would believe it if they did not witness it with their very own eyes.

    Western Overlord Liu and Eastern Superior Ning were also shocked. Watching Northern Devil Jiang’s body that was cut into half quickly falling, a strange chilliness was growing in them.

    The duo jolted as Ye Chen’s cold eyes welcomed them when they snapped back to his senses.

    “It’s your turn now!”