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Chapter 153 - Come Accept Your Death, Three Old Dogs!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 153: Come Accept Your Death, Three Old Dogs!

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    “Divine Punch created within 33 days!

    “The fourth style, Earth-shattering Press!”

    As Ye Chen was done speaking, an indescribably terrifying strength exploded from his hand. A round seal consolidated as a glaring gleam exploded from it.

    There was a golden word sparkling faintly on the seal, it was the word ‘shatter.’

    The entire ground intensely shook. Everyone almost fell and was terrified.


    Many people retreated over ten meters.


    Venerable Master Jinguang had goosebumps all over. He was attempting to run while suppressing the pain of losing an arm.

    In the next second, the golden seal arrived above his head and covered him in it.


    The ground began to quake.

    A crack opened beneath his feet.

    “Close it!”

    Venerable Master Jinguang furiously shouted. He stomped hard with both feet and attempted to forcefully close the crack.

    However, the crack kept growing. It was over two meters wide and was still growing.

    Everyone held their breath as they watched the scene. They felt like their hearts were shaking.

    W-Was that something achievable by a human?


    Venerable Master Jinguang fell into the hole as the crack grew bigger. The crack soon shut with his neck stuck while his bald head sticking outside.

    Ye Chen turned around and asked Xiao Ya while looking at her, “Look carefully, my disciple. This is the power of the Earth-shattering Press!”

    “I’m watching, master,” Xiao Ya nodded.

    Venerable Master Jinguang ferociously looked at Ye Chen. He wanted to kill himself from the humiliation. “Kill me if you’re going to, Mad Southern Ye. Why are you torturing me?!”

    “Bald donkey, wouldn’t it be dumb for me to let you die so easily?” Ye Chen chuckled and asked, “My disciple, did you bring any venomous gu with you?”


    Xiao Ya was slightly stunned. A green gleam subsequently shot out of her sleeve. It was a tiny, green snake.

    She said while looking at the tiny snake in her palm, “Master, this is the heart-devouring gu that eats a living person’s heart and flesh. The person would turn into a pile of blood in no time.”

    Everyone, including Su Youwei and Yao Yu, gasped hearing her words. They instinctively felt numb in their scalp.

    “W-What are you trying to do?!” Venerable Master Jinguang’s expression changed.


    Ye Chen flicked the tiny snake to Venerable Master Jinguang after taking it from Xiao Ya. The small snake shot at him turned into a green gleam as it pierced into his bald head.


    Venerable Master Jinguang was terrified. Pain filled his face. “Kill me, Mad Southern Ye. I’m begging you! kill me!”

    He shrieked in devastation with all of the strength he had, “Three masters, please, kill Mad Southern Ye!”

    Even before he was done speaking, his face started shrinking at a speed that could be seen with naked eyes. Soon he turned into a pile of blood.

    The respectable monk, Venerable Master Jinguang from Mount Wutai, a Martial Dao master, died just like that.

    Dead silence filled the scene. Everyone had fear in their eyes when they looked at Ye Chen and Xiao Ya again.

    ‘Are they devils?

    ‘They’re so cruel!’

    Ye Chen expressionlessly glared through the people and grinned. He revealed his teeth and said, “Is there anyone else who wants to kill me, Ye Chen? Get up here now!”


    The people around retreated a few steps. Their movements were synchronized as if they would be dragged into it if they were one step slower.

    Su Youwei had a complicated expression on her face.

    ‘I-Is he still that useless thing?’

    Ye Chen killing two Illuminating Pulse experts in an overbearing manner aside, this Venerable Master Jinguang who was also a master could not fight back at all.

    And him saying, “Is there anyone else who wants to kill me, Ye Chen? Get up here now!” sounded so terrifying that the people did not dare to breathe loudly. They dared not even look into his eyes.

    Overbearing, savage, decisive…

    Those terms were applicable to him.

    A shriek came from the top of the snow mountain at that moment. “Mad Southern Ye, since you’re here, get up. You must die today!”

    Everyone lifted their heads to look.

    There was a black silhouette standing on the third snow-capped mountain. It was the Jiangbei No.1, Northern Devil Jiang.

    “I, Western Overlord Liu, am here to teach you a lesson for killing my sworn brother. This will be your burial ground today!”

    On the other snow-capped mountain, the Jinxi No.1 Western Overlord Liu stood in the wind. He suppressed the entire place, causing the snow and wind around to collapse faintly.

    Countless people had their expression change.

    Ye Chen directly ignored the duo and looked at the green-clad man standing on the third snow-capped mountain while squinting. He coldly said, “You’re Eastern Superior Ning?”

    “I am.”

    The green-clad man proudly admitted.

    Ye Chen said while smiling, “Big Dog Jiang is avenging his father-in-law, and Second Dog Liu is avenging his sword brother. I’m curious as to why are you here? Could it be that you’re bored of living?”

    The people were stunned at first when they heard that. They were shocked.

    Big Dog Jiang, Second Dog Liu…

    They were famous Martial Dao masters, and now Ye Chen called them Big Dog and Second Dog…

    Would that not mean that Eastern Superior Ning was Third Dog Ning…


    Su Youwei could not help but chuckle out loud.

    Yao Yu who was next to her forcefully suppressed her laughter. She looked like she wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to.

    Ye Chen’s voice was of the regular volume, but Northern Devil Jiang and Western Overlord Liu heard him loud and clear. Their faces twitched hard a few times as their killing intent grew again.

    Eastern Superior Ning, who was on top of the snow-capped mountain, frowned as he slowly said, “Mad Southern Ye, you’re too arrogant and overbearing. I just can’t sit and watch.”


    Ye Chen coldly looked at him. “Since you’ve nothing to do with me, I’m giving you a chance to scram within three breaths. Otherwise, I’ll kill you too!”

    “How dare you, Mad Southern Ye? You’re truly mad. I’ll give you a chance too. If you kneel and kowtow to me now, I’ll consider keeping your body in one piece.”

    Eastern Superior Ning was triggered by what Ye Chen said. He was an arrogant man. Never had he thought that Ye Chen was even more arrogant than him. The fact that Ye Chen wanted to fight the three of them aside, he dared to say something like that.

    “Brother Ning, why waste your effort on a person who is about to die?”

    Northern Devil Jiang interrupted him and condescendingly looked at Ye Chen. “Mad Southern Ye, I’ll ask you this. Do you regret your decision?”

    “I wonder why this defeated man who I beat up like a dog the other day has the guts to be condescending?!”

    Ye Chen snickered and took a step out.

    He stepped into the air from that step alone. He subsequently shot towards the snow-capped mountain that was midair at high speed like an arrow leaving its bow.

    He was too fast and caused a 1,000 meters long snow wave behind him. It was like a white waterfall stirring the clouds and wind.

    There were 13 snow-capped mountains on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in which Northern Devil Jiang was sitting on the highest one.

    Ye Chen charged toward Northern Devil Jiang who was on the highest mountain with his palm. “Scram!”

    Before the palm landed, explosive noises coming from the snow-capped mountain where Northern Devil Jiang was standing. It seemed like it would collapse anytime.


    As a loud thud landed, Northern Devil Jiang’s expression changed. He instantly leaped as a deep dent appeared where he was earlier.

    Ye Chen landed on the highest peak and looked at the people in a condescending way as if he was an ancient god. His extremely cold voice containing immense killing intent sounded.

    “Three old dogs, come accept your death!”