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Chapter 152 - You Humiliated My Disciple! Die!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 152: You Humiliated My Disciple! Die!

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    “Bald donkey, do you dare to say that again?” The voice was at a regular volume, but everyone heard it loud and clear.

    Just when the people were looking for the person who had spoken, Su Youwei’s expression changed. She looked coldly at Ye Chen. “Are you out of your mind? What makes you think that you have the right to speak?”

    The others finally noticed Ye Chen who was standing behind Su Youwei.

    Yao Yu took a good look at him, then secretly shook her head. ‘That’s the end for this guy. He’ll pay the price for his ignorance. Nobody can help him even if he has Su Youwei with him.’

    Cui Yan and Cai Rong looked at each other, recognizing the gloat in each others’ eyes. From the start, both of them were not fond of Ye Chen. Now that he had taken the initiative to condemn Venerable Master Jinguang, he must be seeking death.

    However, they did not notice the joy and excitement in the frozen Xiao Ya’s eyes when she saw Ye Chen.

    Venerable Master Jinguang had his eyes on Ye Chen. His smile turned slightly unfriendly when he saw him carrying a girl. “Sir, what did you call me?” He hated it the most when people called him a bald donkey.

    “Venerable master, he’s my friend. He doesn’t know his place. I hope that you don’t mind him.” Su Youwei blocked Ye Chen by instinct.

    At that moment, she was eager to choke him to death.

    She had brought Ye Chen there to learn as she thought that he would at least be stunned, if not afraid, after seeing the battle among the ancient martial artists.

    However, this useless thing chose to interrupt during a critical time, and he even called Venerable Master Jinguang a bald donkey!

    He was a Martial Dao master, a man that even her family could not look past. Nonetheless, he was still her sister’s man no matter what, so she could not allow anything to happen to him while she stood aside.

    Venerable Master Jinguang frowned. Just when he thought he would let it go, another cold voice was heard.

    “Bald donkey, do you dare to say that again?”

    At that moment, Su Youwei, Venerable Master Jinguang, and everyone were stunned.

    When they snapped back to their senses, they looked at Ye Chen as though they were looking at a dead man. This guy was really out of his mind!

    Venerable Master Jinguang smirked in rage. “Goodness gracious! Sir, you’ve touched poison according to Buddhism. I’m suggesting that you go to Mount Wutai with me. Only by going vegetarian and praying can you remove the poison within you.”

    As soon as he was done speaking, he stretched his hand out and charged at Ye Chen with his body like a falcon. Attempting to grab Ye Chen’s neck with his fingers curled, he clearly had killing intent.

    That was it.

    Su Youwei shut her eyes by instinct and Yao Yu secretly sighed while Cai Rong and Cui Yan scoffed.


    In the next second, Venerable Master Jinguang was tossed out as a loud thud came. He landed hard in the meadow.

    How was that possible?

    Everyone was dumbfounded one after another with shock on their faces.

    Su Youwei opened her eyes immediately. She looked at Ye Chen after seeing what had happened before her, her eyes filled with disbelief.

    Yao Yu and the rest froze instantly.

    Venerable Master Jinguang stood up from the ground, glaring dangerously at Ye Chen. “W-who exactly are you?!”

    Ye Chen’s single blow made him fly out. Although Ye Chen did not reveal everything that he had, the shocking outcome proved that he was an expert.

    “I thought you wanted to send my soul off.”

    Ye Chen walked toward Venerable Master Jinguang one step after another while carrying the little girl. A smirk that was filled with mockery appeared at the corner of her lips.

    “I’m here now! What are you waiting for?”

    The people were stunned and they failed to react at that moment.

    Venerable Master Jinguang’s expression changed as he said in a horrified voice after seeming to recall something, “Y-you’re Mad Southern Ye?”

    The scene fell dead silent as soon as he said that. Gasps were heard one after another. None of them expected the person that they had been waiting for had been standing among them.

    ‘What? He’s Mad Southern Ye?’

    “Ye Chen, y-you…”

    The person who was the most shocked would be none other than Su Youwei. She never thought that the Mad Southern Ye that she had been looking for was the person whom she had assumed was useless. She could not accept that.

    Yao Yu inhaled sharply.

    So, he was Mad Southern Ye. It was no wonder that he acted indifferently toward her greeting when they met. It was no wonder that he was only wearing a singlet on this snow mountain.

    Cai Rong and Cui Yan turned pale. They felt wobbly when the truth hit them.

    “Are you really Mad Southern Ye? Or are you an imposter?” At that critical moment, Sect Leader Tang scoffed with disbelief on his face. Ye Chen’s image and the legendary Mad Southern Ye were just too different.

    “I almost forgot about you since you were quiet! Because you humiliated my disciple, you must die!” Ye Chen stretched his arm and grabbed him. Sect Leader Tang’s body flew beyond his control.

    “Let me go, Mad Southern Ye!” Sect Leader Tang felt like his soul was being crushed from the scare. He completely lost his image of an expert.

    “Shut your mouth!” While Ye Chen remained smiling, Sect Leader Tang exploded into a bloody mist in his grip.

    Sect Leader Hu from the Baji Sect had a drastic change in expression. Spinning on his heel, he tried to run away by activating his internal energy.

    “Where are you going? Die!” Ye Chen seized Sect Leader Hu who had run more than ten meters away.

    Sect Leader Hu was growling, “No, save me, venerable master. Save me!”

    “You’re gutsy. So what if you’re really Mad Southern Ye? I’m not afraid of you!” Venerable Master Jinguang shouted and charged at Ye Chen. He was clearly attempting to save Sect Leader Hu.

    “Scram! Nobody can save the people that I, Ye Chen, want to kill!” Ye Chen took a step out.

    The ground within a five-meter radius around seemed to be shaking at that moment. A suffocating aura charged out and swept towards Venerable Master Jinguang like a tornado.


    Under the aura impact, Venerable Master Jinguang, who was charging toward him, spat a mouthful of blood out after he was cast out directly.

    “Bald donkey, there’s no rush to die. Don’t worry. I’ll send you to see Buddha after I kill him!” Ye Chen smiled coldly. In his grip, Sect Leader Hu from the Baji Sect exploded into a bloody mist. He did not even manage to scream.

    The place was filled with dead silence.

    He had killed two people consecutively by merely lifting his arm. From the beginning until the end, Sect Leader Hu from the Baji Sect and Sect Leader Tang from the Kongtong Sect did not even stand a chance of fighting back.

    Su Youwei was trembling as she felt mentally and physically shocked.

    ‘This useless thing turns out to be so powerful!’

    He had effortlessly killed Sect Leader Tang and Sect Leader Hu as if he was killing dogs whereas Venerable Master Jinguang was defeated in both battles.

    The rest were stunned.

    The legend of Mad Southern Ye’s overbearing power was true!

    Ye Chen walked slowly to Xiao Ya. He lifted his arm to tap her beautiful neck. Her body shook softly and she recovered her ability to move.

    As her eyes turned red, she spoke like she was a kid who had made a mistake, “I’m sorry, Master. As your disciple, I embarrassed you and lost the magic tool.”

    At the same time, Venerable Master Jinguang stood up from the ground clumsily. He had lost his image as a monk. Nevertheless, he remained holding the bone whip in his hand.

    “How dare you take my disciple’s belonging?” Ye Chen’s expression was chilly the moment he turned around. “Who gave you the guts to do that?”

    “Mad Southern Ye, must you be so merciless?” Venerable Master Jinguang looked terrible, and there was faint fear in his eyes. He never thought that Ye Chen would be so ridiculously powerful.

    “Shut your mouth!”

    Ye Chen moved and appeared before him in the next second. Venerable Master Jinguang’s expression changed when he wanted to charge the bone whip at Ye Chen by instinct.

    However, the cracking of a joint came in the next second.

    His right arm that was holding the bone whip snapped from his shoulder. A massive amount of blood was spurting out uncontrollably.

    Venerable Master Jinguang shrieked in devastation from the pain of losing his arm.

    The crowd was dumbfounded.

    How cruel!

    Ye Chen had crushed his severed arm directly while the bone whip flew back into Xiao Ya’s hand.

    “Thank you, Master,” Xiao Ya said and she stuck her tongue out.

    “Step aside, my disciple. I’ll show you what the real Earth-shattering Press is like!”

    Ye Chen smiled lightly and passed his daughter to Xiao Ya. He then performed hand seals with both hands after Xiao Ya retreated.