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Chapter 151 - Do You Dare to Say it Again?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 151: Do You Dare to Say it Again?

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    he was Xiao Ya, the disciple that he had taken in in the Miao Village.

    ‘Why’s she here?’ Ye Chen was wheezing in between tears and laughter.

    It had only been a few days since they parted, but her ability had already improved considerably. It seemed like she had been cultivating the Divine Punch that was created within 33 days.

    Xiao Ya attracted everyone’s attention as soon as she appeared. Su Youwei and Yao Yu who were next to Ye Chen were also drawn to her.

    Resting in Ye Chen’s embrace, Mengmeng’s eyes lit up. She called out by instinct, “Aunty Xiao.”

    Perhaps because her voice was too soft, Xiao Ya did not hear her. From the other end, Su Youwei rolled her eyes at her angrily. “Don’t speak nonsense, Mengmeng.”

    She could feel that the beautiful lady who appeared out of nowhere came bearing hostile intentions. She should be Mad Southern Ye’s disciple.

    Sect Leader Tang from the Kongtong Sect snapped back to his senses. He looked at Xiao Ya wryly. “Little girl, were you talking to me?”

    Xiao Ya held a long, black package in her hand. She walked toward Sect Leader Tang expressionlessly as if she did not hear him.

    While everyone’s expressions changed, they opened a path up for her immediately.

    Sect Leader Tang was furious about her ignorance. “Little girl, I’ll ask you again. Were you talking to me?”

    Xiao Ya stopped walking when she was five steps away from him. Her pretty face had an extremely cold expression. “Old dog, would you dare repeat what you said if my master were here?”


    The crowd was bewildered and their eyes were filled with disbelief when they looked at Xiao Ya.

    Old dog?!

    She just called Sect Leader Tang an old dog!

    One must know that Sect Leader Tang led the Kongtong Sect. His respectable position aside, he was also an Illuminating Pulse expert.

    Even Ye Chen was shocked by Xiao Ya’s audacity.

    “What did you call me?” Sect Leader Tang’s expression was fascinating as if he had accidentally eaten a fly.

    Xiao Ya grinned suddenly. “My master, Mad Southern Ye, killed Yuan Bupo and defeated Northern Devil Jiang. Everyone is talking about him in China and his name is all over the world. How dare you, a useless thing who is merely on Illuminating Pulse, criticize him behind his back? Who gave you the guts to do that?”

    “You b*stard, so you’re Mad Southern Ye’s disciple?” Sect Leader Tang condemned from the rage. Despite being the leader of the Kongtong Sect, someone had called him useless, so how could he not be furious?

    “That’s right! I’m glad that Master looked up to me and took me in as his disciple.” Xiao Ya beamed with pride.

    Everyone was startled as soon as she said that.

    When did Mad Southern Ye have such a pretty disciple? They had never heard of her before.

    Cai Rong seemed to have recalled something at that moment. He looked at Xiao Ya and said in surprise, “I remember it now. Aren’t you the actress Xiao Ya who just won a Golden Horse Award earlier? When did you become Mad Southern Ye’s disciple?”

    Everyone realized who she was after he said that.

    Sect Leader Tang smiled in a lecherous manner, “I think she’s the disciple of his crotch. I didn’t know that Mad Southern Ye is a pervert who’d flirt with celebrities with his position as a master. I’ve learned something today.”

    When had anyone ever said such disgusting things to Xiao Ya before? Her eyes were filled with killing intent when she glared at him.

    Ye Chen was also staring at Sect Leader Tang. In his eyes, the man was already dead at that moment.

    “Seems like Mad Southern Ye is sick in the head. I must’ve misjudged him.” Su Youwei looked disappointed as she clearly believed what Sect Leader Tang said.

    Sect Leader Tang ignored Xiao Ya’s stare. Instead, he could not stop himself from mocking, “Since you’re Mad Southern Ye’s disciple, then let me ask you why isn’t he here? Why did he send a disciple like you here? Is he scared?”

    “I’ve said it before. Do you think my master himself needs to show up to defeat a useless thing like you? I’ll teach you a lesson on behalf of him as his disciple!”

    When Xiao Ya sucked a deep breath in, the black package in her hand exploded, and a bone whip was revealed at that moment.

    Black demonic energy was exuding faintly from the whip. The people felt chills travel down their backs while they felt as if they were being targeted by a venomous snake.

    Knowing that a battle would break out soon, everyone retreated far away instantly.

    The moment the whip was revealed, the expression on Venerable Master Jinguang’s face, who had been waiting to watch a good show, changed. He stared at the bone whip in Xiao Ya’s hand as greed flashed in his eyes.

    ‘A magic tool!’

    He sensed that there was a supernatural power wave on the bone whip. It was definitely a magic tool!

    ‘How does this girl have a magic tool? Could Mad Southern Ye have given it to her? Should I steal it?’

    He could not help but take a good look at Xiao Ya while various thoughts were flashing through his mind.

    “Go to hell, old dog!” Xiao Ya screamed in her sweet voice. The bone whip was like a living thing as it charged at Sect Leader Tang like a venomous snake.

    Sect Leader Tang’s expression changed. He stretched his hand by instinct in an attempt to grab the bone whip. Never did he expect pain to burn his hand as soon as he touched the bone whip.

    He stared at the skin on his palm that was ripped open with the flesh exposed.

    Sect Leader Tang retreated many steps back, staring at Xiao Ya while suppressing the pain. Only fear remained in his eyes. “How is it that you have a magic tool?!”

    “You can ask the god of death yourself.”

    Xiao Ya charged the whip instantly, there was great power coming from her tiny body.

    “You b*stard, do you really think I’m scared of you?!”

    Furious, Sect Leader Tang went up to her, avoiding the bone whip’s attack. To him, Xiao Ya’s personal ability would not be powerful. She only managed to hurt him with the magic tool.


    Sect Leader Tang avoided the whip’s attack. He charged at Xiao Ya with his palm as great power surged out of it and a wind-whistling sound could be heard faintly.

    “This lady is definitely dead!” Cui Yan said surely.

    However, Xiao Ya whistled calmly in the next second. A green gleam flew out of her sleeve and hurtled toward Sect Leader Tang.

    “What was that?!”

    Sect Leader Tang deviated and pushed his palm out. The green gleam was then crushed into a few pieces and fell onto the ground. It was a snake!

    “So, you’re from Miaojiang!”

    Sect Leader Tang was shocked. In the next second, a bone whip landed on his face, denting half of his face instantly. Blood and flesh splashed everywhere.

    The bone whip then wrapped around his neck.

    When Xiao Ya pulled it hard, Sect Leader Tang knelt onto the ground instantly. “Old dog, you can’t fight me. What makes you think that you’ve the right to fight my master? Apologize to my master, then I’ll show your worthless life mercy!”

    “Ahh!” Sect Leader Tang shrieked with malice on his face. “B*tch, I’m not yielding. You defeated me by relying on your magic tool. I’m not willing to submit!”

    “Go to hell then!” Xiao Ya scoffed as she put more force into pulling the bone whip. She was going to break his neck.

    ‘My master mustn’t be humiliated!’

    At that moment, Xiao Ya felt an intense jolt on the bone whip. Subsequently, she felt her arm go numb. A powerful force made her retreat a few steps back.

    ‘Who’s that?!”

    Xiao Ya felt like she had just encountered a powerful enemy.

    “Good grace!” Venerable Master Jinguang, who was standing aside, put his palms together. “Little girl, Sect Leader Tang was merely speaking disrespectfully about Mad Southern Ye, and you’re already trying to kill him. Don’t you think you’re being cruel?”

    “That’s right. This lady looks quite pretty, but she’s too cruel. She sure is evil,” the Baji Sect leader echoed.

    Someone piped up, “She’s evil just like her master!”

    “Anyone who humiliates my master shouldn’t be granted mercy!” Xiao Ya looked at him with her cold eyes. “Why are you sticking your nose in this, old monk?”

    “Theoretically, I shouldn’t be nosy, but this is someone’s life. Moreover, you’re just like your master, Mad Southern Ye, who has been killing too much. You should follow me to Mount Wutai where I’ll wash your sins away for you!” Venerable Master Jinguang seemed empathetic.

    “You wish. Since you’re sticking your nose in this matter, I’ll kill you too!” Xiao Ya threatened. The bone whip transformed into a giant snake and charged at Venerable Master Jinguang.

    He remained still while kindness graced his face.

    When the bone whip got closer to him, he stretched his hand out suddenly and grabbed it.

    Xiao Ya’s pretty face froze because she found out that Venerable Master Jinguang was so powerful that he could stop the magic tool that her master had given her.

    “Goodness gracious! This is an evil tool. I’ll take care of it, for now. I’ll pray day and night to remove the demonic energy from it.” Venerable Master Jinguang smiled and yanked the bone whip over.

    Disdain rose in Su Youwei secretly. Venerable Master Jinguang was clearly into the bone whip. She could not believe all those pretentious things he said.

    “Give it back, old monk!” Xiao Ya’s eyes were red from madness upon seeing her master’s gift being robbed from her.

    “Follow me, little girl!”

    The smile on Venerable Master Jinguang’s face remained.

    “You forced me to do this!” Xiao Ya’s face turned cold. She took a deep breath in and enunciated word for word, “Divine Punch created within 33 days. The fourth style: Earth-shattering Press!”

    She performed hand seals with both her hands and pointed at the ground as soon as she said that.

    As everyone watched in fear, a crack that was over 20 centimeters long appeared on the ground before her after a light tremble.

    The crack was spreading toward Venerable Master Jinguang whose expression changed as he stomped hard and shouted, “Close it!”

    The ground shook again, and the crack earlier closed immediately.

    Before Xiao Ya could react, Venerable Master Jinguang moved and ran toward her. He then tapped his finger on her neck.

    Xiao Ya failed to move at that moment.

    Sect Leader Tang from the Kongtong Sect buttered him up. “Great technique, venerable master!”

    “That’s right. Venerable master, you broke this woman’s method with a finger alone. It’s eye-opening,” Sect Leader Hu from the Baji Sect said while smiling.

    Venerable Master Jinguang recovered his empathetic countenance and said to Xiao Ya kindly, “Follow me, little girl.”


    At that moment, Su Youwei, who was standing aside, could no longer watch that. She said, “Venerable master, you’re a monk after all. I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to bully a lady like this, is it?”

    “When did I ever bully her?” Venerable Master Jinguang said while smiling.

    Su Youwei scoffed, “You should know what you’re doing. You took her magic tool and you’re attempting to kidnap her. Aren’t you afraid that Mad Southern Ye will go to Mount Wutai to kill your entire sect?”

    “Mad Southern Ye has killed too many people, so he’s guilty. After the three masters kill him, I’ll send his soul off.”

    Venerable Master Jinguang had a slight change in expression, and he continued, “Even if the three masters can’t kill him, as long as he dares to go to Mount Wutai, I’ll be the first to send his soul off.”

    The second he was done speaking, a cold voice interrupted, “Really? Bald donkey, do you dare to say that again?”