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Chapter 150 - Do You Think My Master Himself Needs to Show Up to Defeat You

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 150: Do You Think My Master Himself Needs to Show Up to Defeat You

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    “What? Was that the Jinxi No. 1, Martial Dao master Western Overlord Liu?”

    “It must be him. Legend has it that Western Overlord Liu is the fastest among the four aces.”

    “No wonder he’s a master. It’s unfortunate that he’s so fast that we didn’t even manage to say hi to him.”

    The person’s words earlier changed the atmosphere from being chilly to fired up now. Everyone lifted their heads one after another and looked at the end where the silhouette disappeared as shock filled their eyes.

    Ye Chen squinted. ‘So that’s Western Overlord Liu?’

    “Was that really Western Overlord Liu?” Su Youwei asked by instinct.

    “Should be.”

    The young man next to Cai Rong took over the conversion and began sharing his story, “Ms. Su, I heard from my father that since he was young, Western Overlord Liu has been cultivating a method which makes him extremely fast.”

    “Who are you?” Su Youwei was stunned.

    The young man smiled proudly. “My name is Cui Yan and my father is Cui Wenhan of the Form-Intention Fist.”

    Before Su Youwei and the rest spoke, a middle-aged man, who was standing aside, exclaimed out loud, “Are you saying that the Form-Intention Fist Master who is renowned in South Fujian, Master Cui, is your father?”

    “That’s right.” With his arms behind his back, Cui Yan nodded as a faint trace of arrogance appeared on his face.

    “I had the opportunity to meet your father ten years ago. Even back then, he had already comprehended the Form-Intention Fist to its peak. I’m sure he’s a master now after a decade, isn’t he?” The person clasped his fists at Cui Yan instantly.

    Cui Ya smiled calmly. “Soon. My father has stimulated his conception and governor vessel. He’ll definitely become a master within 20 years.”

    As soon as he said that, everyone’s expressions changed. They looked at Cui Yan differently now as that meant that his father was an Illuminating Pulse expert now. If everything went as planned, he would be a powerful master in 20 years.

    Even Su Youwei could not help but glance at him again.

    “Brother Cui, since you’re Master Cui’s son, who do you think will win in this battle today?” someone asked curiously.

    Upon hearing that, everyone trained their eyes on Cui Yan who clenched his fists and affirmed confidently, “Mad Southern Ye will definitely lose this battle.”

    “Why?” Su Youwei’s face turned slightly rigid. Mad Southern Ye was the man her family wanted to recruit. Now that someone was looking down on him, it made sense for her to be unhappy about it.

    “Although Mad Southern Ye is powerful, he’s been fighting one-on-one all along, but this time, three masters are coming together to fight him. Northern Devil Jiang is an expert in defense, Eastern Superior Ning is an expert in strength while Western Overlord Liu is an expert in speed. How can Mad Southern Ye not lose to these three upper hands?” Cui Yan said while smiling.

    “It makes sense! It makes complete sense!” Cai Rong could not help but nod continuously and exclaim, “It’s a pity that Mad Southern Ye is destined to die here today.”

    “I think Mad Southern Ye is seeking death. He believes that he’s invincible just because he killed Yuan Bupo. Then, he insisted on challenging Northern Devil Jiang and couldn’t stop killing people along the way.” Cui Yan chuckled.

    “Shut your mouth!” Su Youwei condemned when he noticed that Cui Yan was crossing the line.

    At the same time, another two silhouettes flew by in the sky. One of them was clad in black. He was Northern Devil Jiang. Meanwhile, the other man in green was over 40 years old. His superiority was suffocating as he flew with his arms on his back.

    Someone screamed immediately, “They’re here, they’re here! It’s Northern Devil Jiang and Eastern Superior Ning.”

    At that moment, everyone was gazing into the sky and they shouted at the same time, “Greetings, Masters!”

    “Greetings, Masters!” Yao Yu, Su Youwei, and the rest clasped their fists too.

    The duo above their heads was the experts of Martial Dao in China. Besides that, they were the main characters in the upcoming battle.


    A hysterical peal of laughter echoed in the sky. Northern Devil Jiang’s clothes were fluttering in the wind. Instead of looking at the people on the ground, he turned his head and said to the man in green, “Brother Ning, do you dare to race with me? Let’s see who’ll arrive on top of the snow mountain first.”

    “Why would I be scared of you?!” The man in green scoffed.

    As soon as he spoke, the duo’s speed skyrocketed. They flew far away within the blink of an eye, they were so fast that no one could capture their movement.

    The people were stunned to witness that.

    A master was certainly as powerful as a god.

    After Northern Devil Jiang and Eastern Superior Ning left, a commotion broke out behind as a bunch of people in various outfits was walking over.

    The leader was an old man dressed in black martial arts attire. With his temples lifted high, he radiated a terrifying imposing air.

    “It’s Sect Leader Tang from the Kongtong Sect!” somebody screamed.

    Another person who was looking at the old man with the goatee screamed too, “Sect Leader Hu from the Baji Sect is here too!”

    “So is Venerable Master Jinguang!”

    Everyone was completely dumbstruck when they saw a monk in torn robes with markers on his head.

    Even Sect Leader Tang and Sect Leader Hu that the people were talking about walked quickly to the monk. They bowed and said, “Greetings, venerable master!”

    “You guys are too kind to be calling me master. I’m just a vegetarian monk who chants. That’s all,” Venerable Master Jinguang joked.

    Seeing that, Su Youwei could not help but ask, “Who is this Venerable Master Jinguang? Isn’t ‘venerable master’ used to describe a priest?”

    “Venerable Master Jinguang is the monk from Mount Wutai. It’s said that he became a priest for a few days before he became a monk. That’s the reason why he’s called Venerable Master Jinguang. He’s also a Martial Dao master,” Cui Yan explained in all seriousness.

    Shocked, Cai Rong was in slight disbelief. “What? He’s a Martial Dao master too?”

    “That’s right,” Cui Yan nodded and said, “Venerable Master Jinguang was an apprentice before he became a priest. He learned Shaolin Kungfu after he became a monk and became a Martial Dao master ten years ago.”

    Yao Yu and the rest could not help but take a sharp inhale as soon as they heard that. They had respect in their eyes when they looked at Venerable Master Jinguang now. They did not expect this person who looked so ordinary to be a master as well.

    Ye Chen could not help but peek at him, but he lost interest instantly as he never liked monks.

    Yao Yu hesitated and decided to walk over. She clasped her fists at Venerable Master Jinguang. “Greetings, venerable master. My father is Yao Chenglin.”

    “So, you’re his daughter. Since that’s the case, all of you will walk with me. I’ll take care of you guys,” Venerable Master Jinguang said calmly.

    Elated, Yao Yu turned her head and said to Su Youwei and the rest, “Come here now, Weiwei.”

    “Let’s go. Keep your eyes wide open later to watch. Don’t blame me for not giving you the opportunity to,” Su Youwei said after a scoff and glared coldly at Ye Chen.

    The few of them walked to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain with Venerable Master Jinguang. Over ten minutes later, a world of snow welcomed them.

    The most attractive sight was the 13 snow-capped peaks standing tall far away. When one looked over, they looked like 13 white sky pillars. They were so high that nobody could climb up.

    Sect Leader Hu from the Baji Sect exclaimed, “No wonder it’s a tourist attraction. The scenery alone makes this trip worthwhile.”

    “Look! There are people on the three highest snow-capped peaks,” someone screamed.

    The people looked over immediately and saw a person standing on each of the three snow-capped peaks that were up to a hundred meters tall. They stayed still as if they were waiting for someone.

    Venerable Master Jinguang said with a grin, “They’re Northern Devil Jiang, Eastern Superior Ning, and Western Overlord Liu.”

    “Oh, God. The snow-capped peaks are so high. How did they even get up there? Aren’t they cold?” A young lady gasped as disbelief filled her face.

    Some people mocked her as soon as she spoke, “Of course, they flew there. If a master can’t even do that, how would they deserve to be called a master? Moreover, masters can use true energy to keep warm. They won’t catch a cold.”

    “Hmm, how come I don’t see Mad Southern Ye?” someone looked around and could not help but asked.

    The people reacted when they heard that.

    Cai Rong said instinctively, “Is it possible that Mad Southern Ye doesn’t dare to come? If that’s really the case, the battle won’t happen today.”

    Sect Leader Hu from the Baji Sect shook his head. “It seems like Mad Southern Ye is just a coward. He has the guts to accept the battle but none to actually show up at the battle.”

    “To me, Mad Southern Ye doesn’t live up to his name. The rumors about him are just too much. If I had known that this would happen, I’d have taught him a lesson or two no matter what,” Sect Leader Tang from the Kongtong Sect jeered.

    Ye Chen frowned, wanting to suppress him.

    “Do you think my master needs to reveal himself to defeat you?”

    At that moment, a cold voice came from behind them. The smile on Sect Leader Tang’s face froze instantly.

    The people could not help but turn to where the voice came from.

    A lady in white walked out of the crowd. Her features were beautiful, but her charisma was chilly. She was like a snow lotus that bloomed on the mountain.

    Ye Chen was stunned when he clearly saw who that was. ‘Why is she here?’