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Chapter 149 - People Gather from Far and Wide as the Battle Happens

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 149: People Gather from Far and Wide as the Battle Happens

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    The next morning, Su Youwei drove to the entrance of the Jinyang District. She waited for a long time, but Ye Chen had yet to show up. Her face was turning pale from rage.

    ‘Is this useless bum so scared that he stood me up?’

    Just when she was going to get Guo Sheng to wait in the car while she went to get him, Ye Chen walked out of the district while carrying Mengmeng.

    Upon seeing that, Su Youwei was so mad that she felt like her lungs were going to explode. She walked to him quickly and said coldly, “We’re going far away this time. Whoever asked you to bring Mengmeng? You even brought a dog along? Are you sick in the head, Ye Chen?”

    Before Ye Chen could speak, the little girl in his embrace shook her head hard. “No, I want to be with Daddy.”

    Su Youwei could not bear to scold the little girl. She could only unleash all of her rage upon Ye Chen, “Have you ever considered that something bad might’ve happened?”

    Ye Chen said coldly, “Nothing bad will happen.”

    After saying that, he entered the Maserati while carrying Mengmeng. Su Youwei could only glare at him and slide into the passenger seat.

    “Drive!” she said coldly to Guo Sheng.

    Guo Sheng nodded and drove onto the highway directly. They headed toward the direction of Qiannan.

    The little girl sat by Ye Chen’s side and said to him in a coquettish manner after tossing the Patriarch of Hell aside, “Daddy, I want to play a game.”

    Ye Chen passed her his phone. Su Youwei, who was sitting in front of him, turned her head around instantly and chided, “Mengmeng is only four and you let her play on your phone? Do you want her to wear glasses in the future? I mean, how are you even a father?”

    “You’re so annoying. Me playing games has nothing to do with you.” Mengmeng rolled her eyes and held her head down to play the phone.

    “She won’t be needing glasses with me here. Even if she does, I’ll treat her eyes,” Ye Chen said.Read more chapter on NovelFull

    Su Youwei snickered as disdain filled her face. ‘A useless bum like you treating her eyes?’

    Ye Chen did not care how she looked at him. He took out a cigarette, about to light it up. Su Youwei condemned him immediately, “No smoking. Do you want me and Mengmeng to inhale your second-hand smoke?”

    Frowning, Ye Chen slightly regretted going to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain with her. After a moment of hesitation, he put the cigarette packet away. He thought of just closing his eyes and doing nothing. He no longer bothered her.

    Su Youwei thought he surrendered, so a proud smile was revealed at the corner of her lips. “I’ll warn you about a few things before we arrive at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

    “There will be experts fighting by then. Don’t speak nonsense when you get there. Even more so, don’t run around. Just follow closely behind me. If something happens, you’ll bear the consequences.”

    Ye Chen seemed like he did not hear her.

    Seeing that, she could only look away while suppressing the rage in her. ‘I wonder where you got your confidence to be so calm. After witnessing the battle among masters later, you’ll realize that your pride, confidence, and calm will be crushed completely.’

    However, she had no idea that the dog that was on the back of the car had been observing her.

    The Patriarch of Hell felt like it was his lucky day the moment he saw Su Youwei.


    Guo Sheng drove fast. They did not encounter any roadblocks along the way as there were speed cameras. Over two hours later, they arrived at Ganhaizi in one piece.

    Ganhaizi was a meadow to the east of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It was four kilometers long. It was vast and one could see the distant snow far away.

    As soon as they entered the meadow, the temperature plummeted although the sun was burning brightly.

    Ye Chen noticed there were many cars and people on the meadow. There were men and women, most of them wearing padded jackets and shawls.

    “Get out!”

    Su Youwei turned her head to glance at Ye Chen. She went to the boot to get winter clothes after getting out of the car and she wrapped herself tightly.

    After the father and daughter got out of the car, she had her eyes on Mengmeng who was dressed lightly. Her pretty face turned grim at that moment. “I wonder how you even deserve to be a dad. Why did you get Mengmeng to wear so little when you knew that we’re coming here? Are you trying to freeze her to death?”

    She took off her padded jacket. “Mengmeng, wear Aunty’s jacket. Don’t catch a cold.”

    “No, I’m not cold.” The little girl shook her head. In reality, she only wore a singlet. It was rather odd to be wearing that in snow.

    However, Mengmeng had been eating the medicinal pills that Ye Chen refined. Although she did not cultivate, her body was much stronger than a regular person’s.

    “Let Mengmeng wear this.” Su Youwei tossed the padded jacket to Ye Chen while she rubbed her palms from the cold.

    “No need. You wear it.”

    Ye Chen returned the padded jacket to her. When Su Youwei was going to scold him for his ungratefulness, a surprised voice came from behind. “Weiwei?”

    Su Youwei turned her head to look and saw three young men and a woman in jackets walking over from behind her.

    The leading one was a lady with long hair. She had a black shawl across her chest while her pretty face was flushing from the cold. There were two young men following behind her.

    “Yaoyao, why are you guys here?” When she saw them, Su Youwei’s mood was lifted. She walked to them quickly and began chatting.

    Guo Sheng, who was standing aside, walked over after seeming to sense Ye Chen’s doubt. He said, lowering his voice, “Master, that’s Yao Yu from the Yao family from Nanjing. The Yao family is the Su family’s subordinate. Ms. Yao happened to be the second young mistress’s best friend when they were studying in Beijing back then. That’s why they’re close.”

    Ye Chen came to a realization.

    At that moment, Yao Yu and the rest noticed Ye Chen. They could not help but ask, “Weiwei, who’s that?”

    “Just a friend,” Su Youwei said while looking awkward.

    Yao Yu did not see her reaction, so she went to Ye Chen and smiled lightly. “Hi, my name is Yao Yu. I’m Weiwei’s good friend.”

    “Ye Chen,” Ye Chen said coldly.

    Since the Yao family was the Su family’s subordinate, they would be his enemy in the future, and there was no need for him to be nice.

    Su Youwei was rather pissed about his indifferent attitude, especially when the two men behind Yao Yu seemed unpleasant when they looked at Ye Chen. ‘Who do you think you are, brat?’

    However, noticing that Ye Chen and Mengmeng were only wearing singlets, one of the young men could not help but mock, “Brother Ye, you’re rather strong to be wearing this when there’s snow all around.”

    Hearing the mockery in his words, Su Youwei looked terrible. She figured that she should not have brought Ye Chen here.

    “Stop it, Ye Rong.” Yao Yu frowned and ignored Ye Chen after taking a good look at him. She was an arrogant lady.

    She greeted Ye Chen purely to be nice to Su Youwei. Since Ye Chen was being ungrateful, she would stop showing him any more kindness.

    “Oh yeah, Yaoyao, are you guys here to watch the battle between the three masters and Mad Southern Ye?” Su Youwei changed the subject on purpose.

    Yao Yu nodded. “Yes, we rushed over here as soon as we heard.”

    In reality, she did not say everything that she meant to say. The Yao family master wanted her to get to know the heroes. She would do her best to butter Mad Southern Ye up if he won.

    “The three masters and Mad Southern Ye have yet to show. I wonder when the battle is going to begin.” Su Youwei looked around excitedly.

    As they were chatting, a silhouette flew by above the few of them. It was extremely fast and it flew far away within the blink of an eye.

    Everyone was stunned to see that.

    Was that person flying?

    No one knew who reacted first, but someone said emotionally, “T-that was Western Overlord Liu. I can’t believe that he’s the first one here!”