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Chapter 148 - Three Days Later On Top of The Snow Mountain

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 148: Three Days Later On Top of The Snow Mountain

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    When he returned home that night, Ye Chen began cultivating after swallowing a Heavenly Spirit Pill.

    Ever since he had broken through to mastery-stage Spirit Assembly in the Miao Village, his cultivation base had hit a plateau whereby it could not improve at a significant speed. The main reason was that he had insufficient spiritual energy.

    Dantian was the storage threshold of a cultivator.

    Just like a water tank, as one’s cultivation base broke through each time, the water tank would grow. One would need more water in order to fill the water tank.

    “It’s time to prepare for Foundation Building when I get to the peak of Spirit Assembly. The so-called Foundation Building is to build the framework for future cultivation. It’s the foundation in Dao.

    “However, I’ll need a Geographical Vein for Foundation Building. The higher the grade of the Geographical Vein, the higher the level of Foundation Building.”

    Ye Chen sat with his legs crossed while his eyes sparkled.

    “In the cultivation world, Foundation Building is divided into the Earthly Fiend Foundation Building, the Heavenly Spirit Foundation Building, and the Godly Foundation Building. The Godly Foundation Building is also called the Nine Circulation Dao Foundation. It’s hard to come by even after a million years.

    “I was in the Heavenly Spirit Foundation Building before which was made possible by finding a Heavenly Spirit Geographical Vein by accident. So, where do I find a Heavenly Spirit Geographical Vein now? Forget it. I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.”

    Ye Chen began refining the Heavenly Spirit Pill in his body after shaking his head. He had officially entered the cultivation mode.

    It was silent throughout the night.

    The next morning, Lin Tai arrived at the entrance of the district in his car. He took the initiative to speak when Ye Chen got there, “My lord, did you really agree to fight the three masters?”

    “That’s right. How did you find out?” Ye Chen glanced at him and asked coldly.

    Lin Tai forced a smile. “I didn’t know this, but before daybreak, I heard that all of the wealthy families in Tiannan announced that they’ve cut ties with you. I only found out about it from others…”Read more chapter on NovelFull

    “All of the wealthy families in Tiannan have cut ties with me?” Ye Chen frowned slightly and then smiled. It seemed like these people had no confidence in him.

    Lin Tai appeared solemn. “They agreed to be your company shareholders before, but now they’ve backed out on their words. None of them picked up the phone when I called. Hmph, those traitors!”

    “Then, why didn’t you betray me?” Ye Chen looked at him wryly. In reality, the people’s reaction did not surprise him at all.

    The only thing that surprised him was that Lin Tai had come all the way here to tell him about it.


    Lin Tai’s expression changed when he heard that. He knelt hard onto the ground. “I may not be someone good, but at least, I’m grateful. How could I betray you when you saved my life, my lord?”

    Back when Song Chao pretended to be a chef to take revenge on Lin Tai at the Auspicious Manor, if Ye Chen had not helped him at that very critical moment, the weeds in his tomb would be thigh-high right now.

    “You’re good!” Ye Chen patted his shoulder softly and said while smiling, “Don’t worry. You’ll be proud that you made this decision. About those traitors, I’ll guarantee that they’ll kneel and beg before me.”

    “I humbly swear to follow you until I die, my lord!” Lin Tai clasped his fists in all seriousness and said, “Oh yeah, my lord. The confirmed date and venue have been released.”

    “Where and when?” Ye Chen asked.

    Lin Tai took a deep breath in asked enunciated word for word, “Three days later on top of the snow mountain!”

    Ye Chen frowned slightly. “On top of the snow mountain? Which snow mountain?”

    “The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain!” Lin Tai paused and introduced, “The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the snow mountain that’s closest to the Equator in the northern hemisphere. There’s snow all year long. There are 13 snow-capped peaks that are connected to each other like flying giant dragons. That’s how the name the ‘Jade Dragon Snow Mountain’ came about!”

    Stunned, Ye Chen forced a smile.

    First, he killed Yuan Bupo on a river, then he defeated Northern Devil Jiang on a lake. Clearly, the three masters believed that his abilities excelled when it came to water, so they set the battle on the snow mountain.

    There was snow all year along atop the snow mountain. The temperature was very low, so it was hard for a regular person to survive, let alone fight. Therefore, the three masters wanted to exhaust and suppress him.

    Noticing that Ye Chen said nothing, Lin Tai asked carefully, “My lord, the three masters are clearly taking advantage of you. Why don’t you change the venue?”

    “It doesn’t matter. We’ll do it on the snow mountain then. They picked a pretty good burial ground for themselves.” Ye Chen shook his head, rejecting Lin Tai’s suggestion.

    He secretly scoffed, ‘I’m afraid that I’ll disappoint you three.”


    At the same time, the Martial Dao World in China was excited once again when the date and venue of the battle were announced. Maybe people were wondering why the three masters picked such a place.

    Only a portion of wise people saw through the three masters’ sly and cunning ways. They thought that Mad Southern Ye would ask to change the battle venue, but never did they think that there would be no news from Mad Southern Ye’s side.

    It was as if he had no idea about it.

    This caused many people to judge Ye Chen. After all, one-versus-three aside, the battle would take place at a terrible spot which was the snow mountain.

    Even though that was the case, many people bought tickets to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. They even hurried there impatiently as soon as the news was announced.

    Everyone was excited as they secretly anticipated the battle that would take place in three days because it could change the situation in China that had been going on for a century.


    Ye Chen was ignorant of the reactions from the outside world. He figured that he still had time since it was two to three days until the battle. He still brought his daughter out every day and would drop by the office occasionally.

    Through the spiritual energy seed, he could sense that Yang Tian had walked over 160 kilometers at that moment. He must have been really fast to have covered that distance within a day.

    The night before the battle, Ye Chen was still teaching Mengmeng to draw while his parents had gone to bed.

    An invited guest showed up outside the house.

    It was Su Youwei.

    She stood at the door, not entering. Instead, she said to Ye Chen while looking at him, “Come out for a second. There’s something that I need to tell you.”

    “Just say whatever you want to say and stop beating around the bush.” Ye Chen frowned and sat still.


    Although Guo Sheng claimed that she was not there to kill him, he did not like this sister-in-law of his at all.

    Su Youwei hesitated and decided to go into the house to see Mengmeng. She said expressionlessly, “Are you free tomorrow? Go somewhere with me.”

    “Where to?” Ye Chen said.

    Su Youwei lifted her chin in pride and said, “I’m bringing you to witness a miracle. This miracle is great enough to turn your worldview and perspective around. You’ll realize how useless you are.”

    “Excuse me for not sending you off,” Ye Chen said coldly.

    Su Youwei was pissed to hear that. She said while glaring angrily at him, “There’ll be a battle of four powerful aces tomorrow. Don’t you want to save my sister? How are you going to save her when you’re a helpless, useless bum? I happen to have time, so I can bring you there to see the world.”

    “A battle of four powerful aces?” Ye Chen was stunned at first and his expression grew strange.

    Never did he realize that his expression seemed like disbelief to Su Youwei. She could not help but say after a scoff, “Ye Chen, I know you don’t believe this, but let me tell you this. There are many things in the world that are beyond your imagination. Don’t you dare think that your ignorance is wise.

    “Do you know what an ancient martial artist is? Do you know what a Martial Dao master is? Those people are way above a regular person like you. I’m going to ask you one last time. Are you going?”

    “I am,” Ye Chen agreed to that without even thinking about it.

    “Great. I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning.” Su Youwei left after saying that.

    When she noticed the interesting expressions on Ye Chen’s face that included low self-esteem and breaking down after witnessing the battle between masters, she was instantly in a good mood.


    The night was beautiful in the White Miao Village.

    Dressed in white, Xiao Ya sat quietly by the lotus pond. She stared at the fishes there blankly with her beautiful eyes. There was an old single-armed lady with a walking stick standing behind her.

    After some time had passed, Xiao Ya said slowly, “Granny, Master is in trouble. I must go. If I don’t return, the Miao Village will have to depend on you.”

    “Is it worth it, Nini?”

    The old single-armed lady took a deep breath in after hearing that. Bitterness appeared on her old face.

    “There’s no such thing as being worthy or not. There are things that we must do, and there are people that we must save!”