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Chapter 147 - The Martial Dao World is Stirred

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 147: The Martial Dao World is Stirred

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    Upon hearing Gu Yingying’s panic, Ye Chen said in a deep voice, “Take your time. Tell me what happened.”

    “W-we just got the news that the three Martial Dao masters, Western Overlord Liu, Northern Devil Jiang, and Eastern Superior Ning have officially applied to the Martial Alliance t-to challenge you!

    “A-and the Martial Alliance has approved it!” Gu Yingying was so anxious that she was almost rambling.

    The matter was extremely worrying.

    She thought that Ye Chen would also panic upon hearing that. However, he merely gave a short response, “I see.”

    “Master Ye, w-what do we do now?” Gu Yingying almost choked as she did not expect him to have such a reaction.

    Ye Chen smiled coldly. “I don’t mind that. Since they’re seeking death, I’ll fulfill their wish!”

    “What?” Gu Yingying exclaimed out loud by instinct. She thought she heard it wrong. “Please don’t act impulsively, Ye Chen. I know that you’re powerful, but there will be three masters this time…”

    Perhaps because she was too nervous, she called Ye Chen by his name directly.

    Just when he was going to reply, he heard Old Master Gu’s voice in the background of the call, “Master Ye, can you drop by?”

    “Sure, I’m going over right now.”

    Ye Chen hung up and looked into the house. He performed Sleep Inducement on his parents and daughter. Their breathing was synchronized at the moment, and they did not notice whatever that happened out there.

    After ordering the Patriarch of Hell to take care of his family, he shut the door and departed to the Gu residence.

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    Ye Chen arrived at the Gu residence half an hour later. Apart from Old Master Gu and Gu Yingying, he saw a middle-aged man in a military uniform sitting on the couch. Appearing tough, his features looked similar to Old Master Gu. There were two rows of four stars on his shoulders that depicted the rank of a senior colonel. He was was either a deputy chief or a captain.

    The old master introduced after seeming to sense his doubt, “Master Ye, this is my second son, Gu Junwei. He’s currently working at the Southeastern military base.”

    Gu Junwei sat still, merely nodding indifferently to show his respect. He presented a neutral front.

    Ye Chen did not mind that. He looked at the old master after taking his seat. “I wonder why you’re looking for me, Old Master?”

    “Master Ye, I believe that you’ve been informed about Western Overlord Liu, Northern Devil Jiang, and Eastern Superior Ning coming together to fight you. I wonder what’s your opinion on that.”

    Ye Chen frowned slightly. “So what if the world makes me their enemy?”

    The smile on the old master’s face froze. He clearly did not expect him to say that.

    Gu Junwei, who was sitting aside, stared directly at Ye Chen. His gaze was intimidating. “Master Ye, I’m advising you not to accept their challenge. If you insist on accepting it, I hope that you won’t use the Gu family’s name. Our Gu family can’t shoulder this trouble or the three masters’ rage.”

    Ye Chen squinted, finally understanding why Gu Junwei had made his way here. To put it simply, he did not trust him, so he wanted to draw a line between them.

    He could not help but glimpse at Old Master Gu before him secretly. He saw the old master looking awkward and hesitating to speak.

    “So, you guys asked me here today to draw a line between us?” Ye Chen said coldly.

    The old master moved his lips. Just when he was going to speak, Gu Junwei said in all seriousness, “You can view it that way.”

    “I get it now! I’m accepting the challenge! Please spread the word for me. From now on, the Gu family and I, Ye Chen, have nothing to do with each other!”

    With a nod, Ye Chen then got up and walked to the door.

    Old Master Gu and Gu Yingying’s expressions changed. They wanted to go after him by instinct, but Gu Junwei instructed, “Dad, Yingying, please sit down.”

    The old master sighed and turned around to look at him helplessly. “My son, don’t you think you’ve crossed the line?”

    “This is related to our family’s safety. So what if I’ve crossed the line?” Gu Junwei shook his head as he looked in the direction where Ye Chen left. “Master Ye killed Yuan Bupo first and then defeated Northern Devil Jiang. He’s undoubtedly a genius, but that was one-on-one after all. He’ll definitely lose when he fights three masters together!”

    “Didn’t Han Qinhu defeat three people alone? Perhaps Master Ye will be the next Han Qinhu.” The old master sighed softly.

    When he heard the name Han Qinhu, Gu Junwei’s expression became serious and there was a faint burning desire in his eyes. “But there’s only one General Han in entire China!”

    “You’ll regret this, Dad.”

    Gu Yingying felt guilty for Ye Chen. She could not help but rebel while stomping her feet.


    At the Beijing military headquarters, rage and shock flashed across an old man’s face after he hung up on a call. Dressed in traditional attire, he turned around and spoke to the young man in a suit next to him, “Xiaotian, bring this letter of appointment to Tiannan. You must get that young man named Ye into my Firearms Division. He’ll definitely be killed if the three masters fight him!”

    If one were to look closely, they would notice a document placed before him with the words ‘Firearms Division Chief Officer’ written on it.

    “Chief, do I kill all three of them?” The young man in the suit scratched his shiny, bald head.

    “That’s right!” The old man in traditional attire said soberly, “The Martial Alliance has become arrogant these years. It’s time to use blood to wake them up.”

    “But, Sir, I’ve never killed anyone before.” The young man in the suit seemed troubled while he smiled in an honest manner. “Why don’t I drop by the Martial Alliance headquarters directly and fight Sikong Ao and the rest? He’ll surrender after I’ve defeated him.”

    “I’m afraid you’re not his match.” The old man in traditional attire shook his head. As he was going to speak further, a man in a military uniform walked in. He whispered into the old man’s ear.

    The old man in the traditional attire fell into silence for a few seconds, appearing rather beaten. He tossed the letter of appointment into the trash can as he spoke, “Forget it. You don’t have to go. That young man named Ye has accepted the challenge!”

    “That’s the end for that man!” the young man in the suit said while shaking his head.


    At the same time, the Martial Dao World in China that had just calmed down broke out into a stir again.

    “What? Three masters are challenging Mad Southern Ye?”

    “That’s right. When Mad Southern Ye ended the Song family, he killed Western Overlord Liu’s sworn brother, Fan Yao. He subsequently killed Northern Killer Jiang’s father-in-law, Song Ye, right in front of him…”

    “Tsk, Mad Southern Ye is too brutal. He leaves a trail of bodies wherever he goes. First, he killed all of Yuan Bupo’s disciples, and now he’s killed Western Overlord Liu’s sworn brother and Northern Killer Jiang’s father-in-law. He should change his name to Killer God Ye or Devil Ye.”

    “Most importantly, Mad Southern Ye has accepted the challenge…”

    “Is he insane? Those are three Martial Dao masters. Does he really think that he has the ability to fight three of them just because he killed Yuan Bupo and defeated Northern Devil Jiang?”

    “He’s mad!”

    “The Mad Southern, the Mad Southern. If he’s not mad, would he still be called the Mad Southern? It’s a pity. After this battle, the Mad Southern will disappear into the passage of time together with the Southern Killer.”

    “Theoretically, Mad Southern Ye has only offended Western Overlord Liu and Northern Killer Jiang. What does that have to do with Eastern Superior Ning?”

    “Because he’s their superior. Moreover, perhaps Mad Southern Ye’s overbearing rise has threatened them, so they decided to come up with the challenge.”

    “I’m excited about the time and venue of this battle. I missed the last one. I definitely can’t miss it this time.”

    While everyone was shocked, Su Youwei, who was in Lin City’s Hilton Hotel, was excited.

    ‘Mad Southern Ye, I, Su Youwei, am right about you. You must be bored, huh? I can’t believe that you’re fighting three masters on your own this time. This alone has earned my respect. I’ll find you this time no matter what. I want to see how exactly you look like.’

    Su Youwei was so excited that she was jumping on the bed. She suddenly made a decision after calming down.

    ‘Why don’t I get Ye Chen, the useless bum, to go with me? I can show that useless bum what power looks like. If he witnesses that, perhaps he’ll give up on my sister.’