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Chapter 144 - Methods Shouldn’t Be Passed Down Simply

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 144: Methods Shouldn’t Be Passed Down Simply

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    The entire Smoky Wave Lake was filled with dead silence.

    Everyone was shocked as they watched with their eyes wide opened.

    Northern Devil Jiang… was defeated.

    Not only that, he was defeated so soon.

    Initially, they thought the battle between two masters would last for at least hundreds of rounds for one of them to be defeated if it did not go on for three days and three nights.

    Never had they known that the Northern Devil Jiang was defeated within five minutes!

    Watching the skinny silhouette on the lake, they felt like even their hearts were shaking.

    ‘Mad Southern Ye!

    How powerful are you exactly?’

    First he killed Yuan Bupo single-handedly, then he crushed Northern Devil Jiang’s Iced River Befall with a finger alone. It only took him two hits from fighting back to defeating Northern Devil Jiang.

    Since then, messages have been sent throughout China. Another stir broke out.

    “You guys don’t have to come, Northern Devil Jiang has been defeated!”

    “How’s that possible? Are you kidding me?”

    “I haven’t even stepped out of the house and the winner is out?”


    Xiaoying stared blankly at Ye Chen, her tiny face was flushing from holding her breath, “I didn’t know Big brother Ye is so powerful.”

    The single-armed old man forced a smile when he heard that.

    Not only Ye Chen was powerful, he was defying everything they believed in. If he did not see it with his own eyes, he would not believe it even if someone was to kill him.

    Facing everyone’s exclaims, Ye Chen lifted his eyes to look at the lake. He had his eyes on a lotus leaf, “Get out now, it’s useless for you to fake your death.”

    As soon as he said that, the lotus leaf was flying far away at lightning speed. It was so fast that it’s movement was hard to be captured. Subsequently, Northern Devil Jiang’s clumsy silhouette hopped out of it. He was leaping quickly.

    “You’re still running?”

    Ye Chen chuckles softly and charged at him quickly.

    “Mad Southern Ye, show mercy in all situations so that we’ll meet each other on good terms in the future. Must you do this to me?” Northern Devil Jiang was terrified.

    He blamed himself for not believing in Ye Chen’s achievement. Otherwise, he would not have ended up like this today.

    “There’s no need for us to meet in the future,” Ye Chen maintained his speed while ignoring him.

    Northern Devil Jiang’s expression changed drastically. He said while running, “Mad Southern Ye, let me go. I swear to never make you my enemy ever again.”

    The people were dumbstruck at the moment.

    The glorious Jiangbei No.1 was chased after by Mad Southern Ye. He was running for his life like a dog.

    They had never imagined that happening before this.

    Seeing that Ye Chen was still chasing him, Northern Devil Jiang suddenly stopped and clenched his teeth as he spoke, “You forced me to do this.”

    “What else do you have?” Ye Chen said.

    Northern Devil Jiang looked ferocious, he stretched his arm and slammed his chest hard. He spat a mouthful of blood.

    Just when the people thought he was going to fight with his life after being pressured by Ye Chen, he ran away again.

    Not only that, the speed of him running was at least three times faster than before. He had leaped thousands of meters away within a blink of an eye.

    “Escape Method?”

    Ye Chen stopped running after him and said in deep thought, “Interesting. Never mind, I’ll let you go this time.”

    As soon as he said that, he arrived at the side of the Smoky Wave Lake after a few leaps. He walked toward Yang Tian and the rest.

    “Big brother Ye, y-you were s-so powerful,” Xiaoying was emotional, she could no longer speak clearly.

    The single-armed old man bowed instantly, “This humble one greets Sir Mad Southern. I must be blind to not have…”

    “Don’t worry about it!”

    Ye Chen shook his head and subsequently looked at Xiaoying, “Did I scare you?”


    Xiaoying stammered as she spoke, she had admiration filled her eyes when she spoke, “Big brother Ye, c-can you make me your disciple?”


    Ye Chen rejected her without even thinking about it. Seeing that the little lady’s face dimmed, he said feeling pitiful, “You’re not suitable to be my disciple. But if I have the chance, I’ll introduce you to a great master.”


    Xiaoying’s eyes lit up and said after some hesitation, “But I want you to be my master, because you’re the most powerful man I know.”

    “Really, I’ll introduce you to a master when I have a chance to. This is my phone number,” Ye Chen patted her head and gave her his phone number.

    The single-armed old man kneeled onto the ground, he was overcome by gratitude, “Thank you Master Ye. One is to avenge my granddaughter and I, second is to give Xiaoying a chance…”

    “No need, me ending the Song family has nothing to do with you guys.”

    Ye Chen chuckled softly. He said after realizing the people around seemed to be approaching him, “Alright, it’s time we head back. You guys should leave too. If you don’t want any trouble, it’s best that you guys pretend to not know us.”

    He left with Yang Tian after saying that.


    On the way back to Tiannan, Yang Tian asked while driving, “Old Ye, since when have you become Mad Southern Ye? How come I’ve no idea about that?”

    “Not long ago I guess, I forgot to tell you,” Ye Chen said while smiling.

    “You bastard is keeping secrets from me.”

    Yang Tian was between tears and laughter. He pulled over suddenly and turned his head to look at him. He said half jokingly, “Old Ye, I want to be as powerful as you too. Can you take me as your disciple?”

    “Are you serious about this?” Ye Chen asked.

    Yang Tian put away the smile on his face and said in all seriousness, “Yes, I’m serious. Since what happened today, I’ve just realized the gap between us is too big. I don’t want to be left behind, I don’t want whatever happened today to happen again, whereby I’m just a panicky spectator.”

    “Regular people can’t bear my methods,” Ye Chen said.

    “I must bear it no matter what!”


    Ye Chen said after taking a deep breath in, “The reason why I didn’t take you on the cultivation journey was because you weren’t ready. I’d only hurt you if I forced you into it.

    Since you insist, I’ll give you a test. It’s over 2,000 kilometers from here to the Northeastern Changbai Mountain. You’ll walk there. If you managed to walk back to Tiannan within three months, I’ll teach you my methods.”

    “What, walk there? You must be kidding me? It’s over 4,000 kilometers both ways!” Yang Tian’s face turned pale instantly.

    Was that something that was capable of doing by humans?

    “That’s right, walk with both feet and return. You’re given three months to do that. You can’t be taking cars, trains and more so you can’t be taking the plane. You can’t even bring any money with you when you leave.”

    Ye Chen said with his deep voice, ” Of course, if you can’t even do that, I suggest that you be a regular man and go back to being a general manager.”

    He was not troubling Yang Tian on purpose. He knew Yang Tian’s character very well, whereby he was indecisive. He could live a regular, wealthy life with this character but he would die half way sooner or later if he was to step into the path of cultivation.

    Moreover, methods shouldn’t be passed down simply.

    In the beginning when he arrived in the cultivation world, in order to learn methods from the immortals, he travelled through mountains alone with a walking stick. He only managed to be accepted into a minor sect after walking for five years. One could imagine how torturous the five years had been, which was how he refined his character.

    Yang Tian stared at Ye Chen for a few seconds. Determination flashed through his face, “Sure, I’ll do it. Don’t you worry, I won’t back out on my words. It’s just 4,000 kilometers, isn’t it? Our founding father climbed over snow mountains and grasslands leading so many people back then.

    I can do it too. I’ll walk until I die. I’ll definitely meet you in Lin City three months later.”

    “Sure, now get off. This is the first step of your over 4,000 kilometers journey,” Ye Chen opened the car door and kicked him out of the car.

    “Damn it, must you be so rough on me? At least give me my phone and wallet!” Yang Tian shrieked.

    “I’ll take care of your phone and wallet temporarily for three months. I’ll return you when you’re back.

    Remember, from now on, you won’t have a single cent with you. I’ll collect your body if you die of hunger. Of course, I won’t shed a tear for you, because you chose this path yourself.”