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Chapter 142 - You Asked Me to Try

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 142: You Asked Me to Try

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    You Asked Me to Try

    When the thick voice echoed, Song Ye, who looked like he was in despair, was elated as if he had just seen his life savior.

    Ye Chen picked him up with one hand and walked out of the villa.

    At the same time, everyone who was watching them felt like there was a hum in their heads. They looked at the end of the Smoky Wave Lake at the same time.

    A rumble swept across the lake water, containing a compelling killing intent within.

    Although it was far away, the onlookers could not help but feel a tingling on their scalps after feeling the aura.

    “What I’ve been worried about is happening anyway!” The lips of the old man with one arm by the side of the lake quivered as fear filled his face.

    Xiaoying’s pretty face turned pale. She held his sleeve tightly by instinct and said anxiously, “Grandpa, what exactly is happening?”

    “Uncle, is someone coming?”

    Yang Tian was secretly startled.

    “That’s right!”

    The old single-armed man took a deep breath in and looked at the lake water that was rumbling far away. He enunciated word for word, “He’s here. Northern Devil Jiang, the No. 1 in Jiangbei!”

    “Northern Devil Jiang?” Yang Tian seemed confused.

    Xiaoying, on the other hand, turned ashen. She screamed instantly, “What? I-it’s him? Oh, no…oh, no! Big Brother Ye is in big trouble now.”

    “Stop leaving me hanging, uncle. Who exactly is this Northern Devil Jiang?” Yang Tian was panicking.

    The old man shook his head and said in shock, “Northern Devil Jiang is a Martial Dao master who is also Jiangbei’s No. 1. He’s one of the five aces: the Eastern Superior, the Western Overlord, the Mad Southern, the Northern Devil, and the Unquestionable Sword. Master Ye is also called Mad Southern Ye who represents the Mad Southern among the five aces.

    “Legend has it that among the five aces, Eastern Superior Ning is arrogant whereby he cares nothing about the world. Western Overlord Liu is cunning and cruel whereas Mad Southern Ye is overbearing and insufferably arrogant while Northern Devil Jiang has killed the most people in the most barbaric way. He always takes revenge on people who wronged him…”

    “Do you mean that Old Ye has stirred things up so much that he’s getting himself into trouble now?” Yang Tian’s expression changed drastically as his heart sank completely.

    “What do we do, Grandpa? Can we ask Big Brother Ye to run away?” Xiaoying was almost crying in panic.

    The old man sighed. “You fool, this isn’t a tussle between two children. How is he going to run away?”

    Mad Southern Ye coming to Jiangbei to end the Song family would be akin to throwing a cold blanket at Northern Devil Jiang. It would be a form of humiliation.

    Masters should not be humiliated!

    They could only hope that Master Ye would retreat on his own.

    Just when they were thinking about it, the crashing of waves came from far away. A black silhouette appeared in everyone’s view of vision gradually.

    Everyone became serious.

    It was a middle-aged man whose body was as tall as a tower. There was ferocious energy rumbling from him as if he had just walked out of a mountain full of dead bodies and emerged from a sea of blood.

    His ferocious eyes looked at the world in a condescending manner while his devilish aura filled the place.

    Shock and even fear filled everyone’s eyes as they looked at him. They were so scared that they forgot how to speak temporarily.

    Meanwhile, the expressions of the remaining three Jiangbei clans went through various changes. “I can’t believe that the Song family really has a Martial Dao master behind them, and he’s Northern Devil Jiang!”

    Ye Chen’s eyes also landed on that skinny silhouette. Surprise flashed through his face subsequently.

    ‘So, this is Jiangbei’s No. 1, Northern Devil Jiang? He sure lives up to his name with the devilish aura around him!’

    “Master Jiang, my son-in-law, save me. Save me…” Song Ye, who was in Ye Chen’s grip, could not stop struggling while his cheeks were flushing.

    As Song Ye spoke, the man in black, who was initially 100 meters away, appeared before Ye Chen within the blink of an eye. They were less than ten meters away from each other.

    However, he ignored Song Ye’s call for help. Instead, he looked at Ye Chen expressionlessly.

    Meanwhile, Ye Chen was staring right at him too.

    The duo said nothing. They just stared at each other, causing the air to be filled with trepidation and suspense.

    ‘What are they doing? Are they still going to fight?’

    As everyone became impatient, Northern Devil Jiang took the initiative to speak, “Mad Southern Ye, Jiangbei is my territory. You’ve crossed the line!”

    The old single-armed man who was across the lake said while smiling, “It seems like Northern Devil Jiang is scared of Master Ye, so he’s planning to discuss things.”

    “How can you tell?” Xiaoying was confused.

    Yang Tian interrupted, “It’s simple. If Northern Devil Jiang wasn’t afraid of Old Ye, he’d have attacked as soon as he showed up. However, he didn’t do that. Instead, he gave Old Ye a chance to step down.”

    “That’s right.” The old single-armed man nodded and added, “Since Northern Devil Jiang has shown him the way, I believe that Master Ye will step down naturally…”

    However, Northern Devil Jiang was interrupted before he was done speaking as Ye Chen dug his ear and retorted, “What did you say?”

    Northern Devil Jiang’s expression turned grim. “I said you’ve crossed the line!”

    “The sentence before that!” Ye Chen said.

    “This is Jiangbei, not your Tiannan. How dare you behave atrociously in my territory?” Northern Devil Jiang demanded while frowning.

    “Your people came to my Tiannan to stir things up. Since you can’t control your people, I’ll do that for you.” Ye Chen smiled calmly, but his smile turned cold instantly. “Moreover, I, Ye Chen, love behaving atrociously in your territory. What are you going to do about it?”

    The crowd gasped as soon as he said that. Shock was evident on their faces, and they thought they heard it wrong.

    “Holy sh*t, Old Ye. Please don’t seek death,” Yang Tian could not help but curse.

    ‘You b*stard, are you trying to get yourself killed? How can you throw a cold blanket on him as soon as you speak?’

    The old single-armed man’s face twitched a little.

    Mad Southern Ye was mad indeed!

    “What nonsense is that?!”

    Northern Devil Jiang was furious and he could not stop himself from scoffing, “I’ll speak up too. Song Ye is my father-in-law, so go ahead and try hurting him!”


    A loud thud came as soon as Northern Devil Jiang was done saying that. Song Ye, who was in Ye Chen’s grip, exploded into a mist of blood. He did not even manage to shriek.

    At that moment, everyone was dumbstruck. They watched in disbelief with their eyes wide open.

    Not only did he move, but he even…killed Song Ye…

    Northern Devil Jiang was dumbstruck too. He could not believe that Ye Chen would really kill Song Ye right before him! Moreover, it was a clean kill.

    How dare he!?

    Ye Chen scoffed as usual, “You asked me to try.”

    “You’re seeking death!”

    An extremely cold voice exploded on the entire Smoky Wave Lake. Everyone’s ears were buzzing from the voice.

    Everyone looked over in ultimate fear. They saw Northern Devil Jiang’s aura change while insufferable demonic energy shot out of his body.

    The onlookers secretly jolted.

    “Enraged, the Jiangbei No. 1 is enraged!”

    “Hurry, retreat now. Retreat 50 meters away!”

    The old single-armed man had a change of expression as he held onto his granddaughter and retreated quickly. Yang Tian also retreated tens of meters away after some hesitation.

    “Grandpa, we can’t get a good view if we’re watching from here.” Xiaoying was rather upset.

    “You foolish girl!” The old man looked horrified. “The battle between the masters has broken out. Their fight will destroy the entire Smoky Wave Lake. We’ll be affected if we stand too close.”

    In the next second, Northern Devil Jiang leaped above the lake. He stood atop the water as killing intent exploded from him. He said to Ye Chen in a blaring voice, “Mad Southern Ye, come here to accept your death now. I’d like to see what you’ve got to be able to kill Yuan Bupo!”

    “As you wish!”

    Ye Chen moved and appeared above the lake within the blink of an eye. He stood with his arms behind his back while his clothes fluttered in the wind.

    “I’d love to know how a useless thing like you deserves the title on the same ranking as mine!”