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Chapter 141 - How Dare You Behave Atrociously in My Territory?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 141: How Dare You Behave Atrociously in My Territory?

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    “Right, that’s right. We should get Master Jiang here. As soon as Master Jiang comes, this Ye will definitely die!”

    Song Ye reacted as soon as Cao Lei reminded him. He shouted at the tens of bodyguards across him, “Stop him. Don’t let him in, no matter what!”

    He turned around and quickly returned to the villa as soon as he was done speaking. He had a ferocious look on his face as he picked up his phone to make a call.

    After hearing Song Ye’s order, the tens of bodyguards guarding at the door charged at Ye Chen with killing intent in their eyes. They looked like hungry tigers going after their prey.

    All of the bodyguards were ancient martial artists, and their abilities were at least on Internal Energy. Any of them could fight with a hundred ordinary people.

    If they were to fight together, they could fight an army of 5,000 people. This alone proved the extraordinary ability of the Song family.

    “Kill him!”

    Over ten people rushed out of the villa at the same time. Each of them had a fierce-looking big dog in their hand. They were growling at Ye Chen.

    The people across the lake could not help but have a change of expression. They clearly did not expect so many people to be hiding in the Song family’s villa.

    “Grandpa, big brother Ye…”

    Xiaoying could not help but feel nervous. Yang Tian clenched his fists hard, he was anxious.

    These people were too powerful. Xiaoying’s grandfather could not even fight one of them.

    The single-armed old man shook his head and said, “If that little brother is really Mad Southern Ye, these people can’t do anything to him.”

    “You’re seeking death!”

    A ferocious gleam flashed through Ye Chen’s eyes as he watched the people and the dogs charging at him from all directions. A ferrying aura exploded from his body and it spread around like a shockwave.

    Everyone could not help but show fear on their faces.

    They realized that the bodies of bodyguards and dogs were disappearing quickly. It was their hands first and then heads. Within a few breaths of time, around a hundred people present had vanished.


    There was dead silence at the scene!

    A few seconds later, all sorts of screams were heard from the people who were watching across the lake. Their faces were filled with great fear.

    “W-Was I hallucinating? Hundred people vanished just like that?”

    “So that’s the terrifying thing about a Martial Dao master? Killing people without a trace, destroying enemies within the blink of an eye?”

    “This is incredible, incredible…”


    “Big brother Ye is so powerful,” Xiaoying exclaimed out loud.

    The single-armed old man was breathing loudly. There was respect in his eyes as he looked at Ye Chen again. He felt that coming here today was worth the trip. He had lived a full life.


    At the Song family villa’s entrance, Cao Lei dared not move a bit. There was a hum going on in his head. Although he already knew that Mad Southern Ye was powerful, never had he thought he was this powerful.

    Those were a hundred ancient martial artists, not a hundred pigs. Even if they were a hundred pigs and he had to kill them one by one, one would need at least half a day to do that.

    However, they were killed within the blink of an eye.

    Mad Southern Ye sure is terrifying!

    Step… step… step…

    Ye Chen’s footsteps snapped him back to his senses. He could not help but jolt. He felt like Ye Chen was stepping on his heart for every step he took.

    Cao Lei kneeled onto the ground. “M-Master Ye, please let me go. As long as you’re willing to let me go, I can help you fight the Song family!”

    “It’s too late.”

    Ye Chen subsequently slapped.

    “Hahaha! Ye, you’d die even after you kill me. The Song family is getting Master Jiang here. You’d definitely die as soon as he comes!”

    Cao Lei hysterically laughed knowing that he would die. His head directly exploded as soon as he said that.

    “The Song family will end today, this remains a fact no matter who’s coming!”

    Ye Chen was not bothered by it. Just when he was going to walk into the Song family’s villa, a bunch of people rushed out again. The leader was an extremely muscular middle-aged man.

    The people across the lake gasped.

    All of them had an AK gun in their hands. One must know that those guns were prohibited. Where did the Song family get so many of them?

    Xiaoying’s pretty face slightly changed. She was crying from rage. “Shameless, I can’t believe these people are using guns.”

    The single-armed old man looked helpless.

    He was not surprised about that at all.

    He could not help but look at Ye Chen and secretly shook his head. “Master Ye is at risk now. Although a master is powerful, he’s not made of steel after all.”

    “Fire, kill him!”

    The middle-aged man waved hard as the people who stood before him loaded the guns while pointing at Ye Chen. They were familiar with the steps and fired.

    At the very moment when the shots were fired, a portion of people who were watching instinctively closed their eyes. They seemed to be unwilling to see the gory scene.

    “I’d be surprised if you’re not killed this time. A master aside, I can shoot the bullets through even if you’re Iron Man,” the middle-aged man scoffed.

    However, the smile on his face froze in the next second.

    The bullets suddenly stopped when they were getting close to Ye Chen.

    That’s right, they stopped. Not only that, but they also hovered in the air without moving as if time had stopped.

    “How is this possible?” the middle-aged man lost it and screamed. His face was filled with disbelief.

    The rest could not speak at all from the stun witnessing that scene.

    “I forgot to tell you guys that guns can’t do anything to me. I’ll return these bullets to you!”

    Ye Chen smirked and subsequently waved his hand. The bullets that hovered in the air shot back to where they came from.

    The over ten men, including the middle-aged man, froze at the moment. A bloody hole appeared on their foreheads and it was getting bigger. They fell onto the ground with their eyes wide opened. They died in shock.

    There was dead silence at the scene. Everyone was so shocked by what happened that it felt as if their souls had left their bodies.

    ‘Have you seen over ten bullets that were shot stop in the air? Have you seen a person waving his sleeve to shoot back those bullets and kill the people who fired them?’

    “Holy sh*t, this technique of Old Ye is rather insane. Even an AK gun has nothing on him?” Yang Tian immediately rubbed his head. He looked like he had seen a ghost.

    The single-armed old man took a deep breath and spoke while shivering, “Is this Master Ye a human or a god?”

    He was really shocked.

    Ye Chen walked into the villa one step after another without even glancing at the bodies on the ground. Song Ye and many nannies that the Song family hired buried themselves in a corner. They were looking at him with fear on their faces.

    “I’m only killing Song Ye and his son, the rest of you scram if you don’t want to die!” He coldly glared at those women and children who were shaking.

    As soon as Ye Chen said that, everyone pushed each other as they ran out. They were afraid that he might take his words back.

    Soon, the Song family members were the only ones left in the house.


    Song Ye asked, pretending to be calm. There was fear and rage in his eyes as he looked at Ye Chen. “Why? Even though my Song family offended you first, you’ve severed my son’s arm. We should be even now. Why would you still want to end my family?”

    “I’ve already given you guys a chance. It’s futile for you to say all this now.”

    Ye Chen walked over with a cold look.

    Song Ye immediately took a step back. He said while shaking, “Do you know who’s behind my Song family? He’s Northern Devil Jiang, and Master Jiang is on his way here. If you dare kill me, he won’t let you go.”

    “I’ve already killed the Southern Killer, I don’t mind killing the Northern Devil too!”

    Ye Chen grinned. He did not stop walking.

    Song Ye had a drastic change of expression. He felt the chill surging from his head to his feet. He screamed in despair, “Please save me, Master Jiang!”

    An extraordinarily thick voice came from outside at that moment. “Mad Southern Ye, this is Jiangbei, not your Tiannan. How dare you behave atrociously in my territory?”