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Chapter 139 - I, Mad Southern Ye Am Here to End the Song Family

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 139: I, Mad Southern Ye Am Here to End the Song Family

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    Ye Chen who was standing aside could not help but rub his nose as soon as Xiaoying was done speaking. He felt like he would hear his name everywhere he went.

    Yang Tian on the other hand looked blur and curious. He had no idea who this Mad Southern Ye was, nor did he know what a Martial Dao master was.

    “That’s right.”

    The single-armed old man nodded. “Grandpa has told you before that Martial Dao masters are in the stage where they’re like gods with insane techniques. If a Martial Dao master has a bulletproof vest on and a submachine gun, he can defeat an army of 10,000 people.”

    Xiaoying’s little mouth opened slightly, she was shocked.

    “Uncle, why don’t I understand anything you’re saying? Who’s Mad Southern Ye and what’s a Martial Dao master?” Yang Tian could not help but ask.

    To a regular person like him, those were some new terms. He had never heard of them before, neither did Ye Chen mention them to him.

    The single-armed old man glanced at him and said after hesitating for a while, “I’m talking about the ancient martial world. A Martial Dao master has a high cultivation base, while that Mad Southern Ye…”

    “Grandpa, let me tell them, let me tell them.”

    Xiaoying took over the conversation in excitement. She said to Ye Chen and Yang Tian while smiling, “Have you both watched the Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils?”

    “Of course we have,” Yang Tian said with a chuckle.

    He was a fan of Jin Yong too. To be exact, he was a fan of wuxia novels. His favorite was the Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, whereby he watched every single version. However, his favorite was Qiao Feng played by Felix Wong and Hu Jun.

    “Let me tell you guys something. There are real people who are experts like Qiao Feng,” Xiaoying said while flushing.

    Yang Tian slightly inhaled and was not exactly surprised about it. After all, he had seen Ye Chen’s techniques before.

    Seeing that he had no reaction, Xiaoying thought he did not believe her. She turned around and said to the single-armed old man, “Grandpa, show these two brothers what you’ve got.”

    “Stop messing around…” the single-armed old man angrily said.

    ‘Do you think your grandpa is a monkey?’

    Xiaoying looked at him with tears in her pretty eyes as she said in a coquettish manner, “Grandpa…”

    “Sigh, you’re always troubling me.”

    The single-armed old man sighed and looked around. He saw a willow tree that was as thick as a bowl’s mouth and directly slammed his palm onto its trunk.

    An approximately four to five inches deep palm print instantly appeared on the trunk. Meanwhile, nothing happened to the single-armed old man’s hand at all.

    Xiaoying instantly looked at Yang Tian and Ye Chen in pride. “Big brothers, do you guys believe me now?”

    However, Yang Tian looked at the single-armed old man and then looked at Ye Chen. He instinctively said, “Old Ye, this old man doesn’t seem to be more powerful than you.”

    Xiaoying was speechless.

    The single-armed old man was speechless.

    Ye Chen was speechless.

    Yang Tian regretted as soon as he said that. He immediately smiled in an apologetic manner. “Uhh, I’m sorry uncle, I’m always like that. I speak faster than I think.”

    He had witnessed Ye Chen’s techniques before.

    No matter crushing the ground by a stomp or killing 20 men out of rage, the stun that Ye Chen gave was more than what the single-armed old man did. He was not lying when he said that earlier.

    “Don’t worry about it.”

    The single-armed old man took a good look at Ye Chen and frowned. “Is this brother from the ancient martial world too?”

    He sensed no energy and cultivation base on Ye Chen at all, as if he was an ordinary person.

    “No.” Ye Chen shook his head.

    He was a cultivator, it was only natural that he was not from the ancient martial world.

    “Grandpa, big brother was just joking with you.”

    Xiaoying ignorantly shook her head and looked at Yang Tian as she said, “Brother Yang Tian, you must believe me now. This Mad Southern Ye is even more powerful than my grandpa.”

    Subsequently, she told the story of the battle between Ye Chen and Yuan Bupo on the Surge River. She was indulging in telling the story as if she was there herself.

    Yang Tian looked shocked after he heard it. He could not help but ask Ye Chen while looking at him, “Old Ye, is this Mad Southern Ye really that powerful?”

    “Should be.”

    Ye Chen was not sure how to answer that.

    “Not should be, he’s definitely powerful.”

    Xiaoying rolled her eyes at him and said with a grim face, “If Mad Southern Ye showed himself, the Song family would definitely be destroyed. But…”

    She knew that this thought of her was too out of reach. After all, Mad Southern Ye was from Tiannan. It was impossible for him to come all the way to Jiangbei just to look for trouble with the Song family.

    The single-armed old man also looked sad.

    How would he not think of what his granddaughter thought of?

    However, it could only remain a thought.

    Yang Tian suddenly leaned over to Ye Chen’s ear and softly asked, “Old Ye, tell me the truth.”

    Ye Chen frowned, could it be that this guy Yang Tian figured his identity?

    “Tell me honestly, among you and that Mad Southern Ye, who is more powerful?” Yang Tian suddenly asked.

    Ye Chen was speechless at that moment.

    How was he supposed to answer that question?

    Yang Tian’s voice was of a regular volume, but the single-armed old man heard him.

    ‘Who is this Mad Southern Ye? How can you guys compare to him?’

    He could not help but secretly shook his head. He just assumed that these two guys had seen very little of the world. He looked at his granddaughter and said, “Xiaoying, let’s go. It seems like that man isn’t coming.”

    Xiaoying’s face turned pale, and she seemed to be a little upset. She nodded anyway and they turned around to leave.

    However, she saw Ye Chen walking towards the lake at the corner of her eye.

    “What are you doing, big brother?” Xiaoying stopped walking and said that out loud.

    The single-armed old man’s face changed slightly and he immediately said, “Little brother, don’t. Come back, that’s the Song family’s territory. We’re already crossing the line to be standing here.”

    “Grandpa, stop that big brother now. He’ll be in trouble if the Song family sees him.” Xiaoying panicked too.

    The single-armed old man wanted instinctively to stop him.

    However, the expression on his face froze in the next moment. It was replaced by great shock.

    He saw Ye Chen took a step out and stand on the surface of the lake. He was walking on the lake one step after another as if he was stepping on flat land and not water.

    The single-armed old man was completely shocked by that.

    “Big brother…he’s…” Xiaoying was shocked and her pretty face was filled with disbelief.

    Although Yang Tian came prepared, he could not help but be shocked too. He mumbled, “Old Ye is the man that you guys have been waiting for!”

    “Look, who is that person?”

    “He’s standing on the lake?”

    “H-How is that possible!”

    “Can he be… the man that we have been waiting for?”

    The people around the Smoky Wave Lake exclaimed one after another after witnessing that. Countless eyes were looking at Ye Chen and they were shocked at that moment.

    At the Song family’s villa, all of the bodyguards who were guarding outside blankly stared at the silhouette on the lake.

    ‘He’s walking on water!

    ‘Is he still human?’

    “G-Go report to the master!”

    “Everyone stand by, we’ll order that man to stop. He shouldn’t come close to the villa, or else he will be killed!”

    Ye Chen stood with his hands on his back as he lifted his eyes to look at the Song family’s villa across the lake. His deadly cold voice echoed.

    “Where’s the Song family’s master?!

    “I, Mad Southern Ye, am here to end the Song family!”