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Chapter 138 - Kindness is Always Returned Tenfold, The Same Applies to Revenge

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 138: Kindness is Always Returned Tenfold, The Same Applies to Revenge

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    The entire Jiangbei was shocked when the news of Donghao building being blown up was spread, especially the four major clans of Jiangbei.

    What was the Donghao building?

    It was the Song family’s foundation in a foreign land. Its massive model aside, the fact that it had the Song family’s label made countless people numb in their scalp.

    Who exactly was so daring?

    However, before they even managed to react, two even more terrifying news events were spread.

    The Song family’s Song Xin’s arm had been severed. The person even asked the Song family’s master Song Ye to apologize along with the two young masters. Otherwise, he would come to end the Song family. It will happen this afternoon.


    The entire Jiangbei was stirred entirely now.

    ‘Insane, this man is insane.’

    It was good business for the Jiangbei underground at that moment, so the Jiangbei’s four major wealthy families sent people out to investigate.

    However, the intel that they received shocked them.

    The person who hurt Song Xin was called Ye Chen, the boss of Yaffle Cosmetics Limited Company. A boss of a tiny company? Moreover, he was just a small boss of Lin City.

    ‘This man must be an idiot!

    ‘He’s dead, he’s definitely going to die!’

    Everyone secretly shook their heads.

    Even if Ye Chen was wealthy in Lin City and had some assets, he could not afford to offend the Song family.

    Even as such, many people lingered around the Smoky Wave Lake where the Song family resided. They were eager to know whether this man called Ye Chen really dared to come.

    Especially the other three clans in Jiangbei.

    The Song family was too overbearing, and some conflicts had occurred during recent years. They would be happy if they could see the Song family being humiliated.

    Of course, the hope of that happening seemed really slim to them.

    Song Ye sat on the couch at the Song residence. His face was twitching as he watched the news on TV where the Donghao building collapsed.

    That was his Song family’s sweat and blood.

    It had been destroyed just like that.

    Moreover, it was destroyed by a brat.

    “I don’t care who you are, but I must kill you for challenging my Song family!” Song Ye’s heart was bleeding.

    The butler walked over at that moment. He respectfully said, “Master, there are many people gathered around the Smoky Wave Lake near our villa. They’re mostly people from the Wang, Chen, and Tong family. Do we…”

    “There’s no need to stop them, we can even allow their boats to be within 50 meters radius from our villa.”

    Song Ye took a deep breath and grinned. “Since they want to watch a show, let them. I’ll capture that bastard and shock Jiangbei with his blood.”

    “Master, since that man dared to say that he’d end the Song family, I’m afraid he might be someone powerful.” the butler hesitated as he spoke.

    He would not believe that a person who was able to sever Song Xin’s arm by merely pulling it and was fearless of the Song family’s background was not powerful.

    Song Ye coldly grinned and spoke on the walkie-talkie, “Get Mr. Cao and the rest.”

    Very soon, two men in black martial art attire walked in majestically. A young man and an old man with gray hair.

    Both of them had an extraordinarily intense aura on them. There was great energy in every step they took and it seemed like it would explode anytime.

    All of the people in the living room felt a chill run down their spine as they walked in. They had goosebumps while the bodyguard standing next to Song Ye had fear in his eyes.

    Experts, they were absolute experts!

    Song Ye stood up to welcome them. He said while clasping his fists, “Mr. Cao, Old Master Fan, I’ll depend on the two of you later.”

    “You’re too kind, Uncle Song.”

    The young man with the family name Cao sat down. He softly scratched the wine glass on the table with his long nails. The wine glass was sliced into half, but the wine inside stayed intact.

    2Shock flashed through everyone’s faces after witnessing that.


    The Song family’s villa was built on a manmade lake. The lake was over 3,000 square meters in area. Mountains surrounded it, and countless lotus flowers were planted in it.

    It was summer at the moment. The lotus flowers were blooming, spreading the fragrance ten miles away.

    Meanwhile, Ye Chen and Yang Tian quietly stood by the Smoky Wave Lake. They were admiring the scenery before them.

    “What a great place.” Yang Tian could not help but exclaim in admiration while watching the endless lotus pond.

    Ye Chen squinted. “It’s a great place indeed. However, it’s unfortunate that everything here will be gone from today onwards.”

    “Old Ye, are you sure you’ve thought this through?”

    Yang Tian felt troubled again since it was really happening now. “We can’t afford to offend the Song family. Moreover, Song Xin who offended us has already received his punishment. Why would you…”

    “Even if I let the Song family go, do you think they will let us go?” Ye Chen asked.

    Yang Tian was speechless.

    That’s right.

    Song Xin was the Song family’s master’s son. Ye Chen severed his arm and blew up his company. How could the Song family tolerate that?

    “Have you heard of this saying?” Ye Chen said.


    Ye Chen stood with his arms on his back and coldly said, “Kindness is always returned tenfold, the same applies to revenge!”

    Yang Tian’s body shook a little, and he looked like he was in deep thought.

    “Excuse me, excuse me!” A sweet voice came from behind them at that very moment.

    They turned their heads to look.

    They saw a pretty lady of approximately 17 or 18 years of age holding an old man with a single arm over. The old man looked helpless.

    The old man and young lady directly stood next to Yang Tian and Ye Chen. They even squeezed Ye Chen by accident.

    ‘What are they doing?’

    Ye Chen could not help but feel a little speechless.

    The lady seemed to have come running and was panting a little. She leaned over and sweetly smiled at Ye Chen. “I’m sorry, big brother.”

    Ye Chen nodded to respond.

    Meanwhile, Yang Tian who was next to him curiously asked, “Why are you guys here?”

    “Of course to see the Song family being destroyed!” the lady said without even thinking.

    The old man with a single arm next to her had a change of expression and instantly condemned her. “Stop speaking nonsense, Xiaoying.”

    “It is what it is.”

    Xiaoying mumbled. She smiled and looked at Ye Chen and Yang Tian this time as she said, “What are your names, brothers? My name is Jin Ying, you can call me Xiaoying. This man next to me is my grandpa. Let me tell you guys, my grandpa has a very bad temper. Don’t offend him.”

    “You damn kid!”

    The old man with a single arm immediately glared at her. He looked helpless.

    ‘What do you mean I have a very bad temper?’

    “My name is Yang Tian.”

    She amused Yang Tian. He introduced Ye Chen while pointing at him. “This is my brother, Ye Chen.”

    “Did you say that you guys came here to watch the Song family being destroyed?” Ye Chen subtly peeped at the old man as he asked.

    “That’s right, aren’t you guys too?”

    Xiaoying nodded. “My grandpa and I heard that someone is looking for trouble with the Song family, so we came here to watch.”

    “I mean, I don’t think this has anything to do with you guys?” Yang Tian said, feeling a little stunned as he instinctively peeped at Ye Chen.

    Is everyone so nosy nowadays?’

    “Of course it does.”

    Xiaoying scoffed. “The Song family is horrible. My grandpa and I would be over the moon if all of the family members die.”

    The single-armed old man instantly coughed a few times. He could not stop hinting with his eyes.

    ‘Sigh, why do I have such a dumb granddaughter? How can she tell them that? They’re strangers.’

    Not only did Xiaoying not notice his hint, she furiously said, “The Song family killed my father and got people to sever my grandpa’s arm. They’re the worst.”

    Cough, cough, cough!

    The single-armed old man coughed again.

    Xiaoying asked in concern, “Grandpa, why do you keep coughing? Do you have a cold?”

    The single-armed old man’s face twitched. “I’m alright.”

    “Why did the Song family do that to you guys?”

    Yang Tian asked by instinct.

    Xiaoying clenched her soft fists and said, “My dad used to have a real estate company. The Song family liked a property under my dad, so they forced him to sell it to them at a low price.

    “My dad refused to do so and he died in a car crash later. My mom was in the car too and she’s in a vegetable state now. The Song family then bought the company over.

    “When my grandpa found out, he went to the Song family to talk to them. In the end, he lost an arm.”

    She held onto the single-armed old man and began crying as she talked to this point. She had recalled something sad.

    The single-armed old man could not stop comforting her.

    “This Song family is cruel.”

    Yang Tian was pissed. If he still felt pitiful for the Song family earlier, he was only left with grudge now.

    Ye Chen smiled indifferently.

    Xiaoying wiped her tears and lifted her head to look at the single-armed old man with her teary eyes. She said, “Grandpa, do you think the Song family would be destroyed today?”

    “Sigh, you fool.”

    The single-armed old man sighed and said, “Grandpa wants that to happen more than you do, but the Song family is too powerful. It’s better that you don’t have high hopes for that.”

    “But didn’t someone say that they’re going to end the Song family today? Since he dares to come, he must have the ability to do so?” Xiaoying bit her lip and unwillingly said.

    “It’s mostly fake.”

    The single-armed old man shook his head and forced a smile. “The Song family has been ruling in Jiangbei for hundreds of years. Their foundation is deep. You’d need at least a team of 10,000 if you want to defeat them. Not only that, but you would also have to be fully armed.”

    He could no longer go on as he spoke to this point. To have such power and weapons, only the local government could do it. However, the Song family was clean on the surface and nothing dirty could be found on them at all.

    The local government could only turn a blind eye even though they were Jiangbei’s boss.

    His granddaughter dragged him here today. She had been living in grudge throughout these years.

    Xiaoying’s pretty eyes dimmed after hearing that. “So you’re saying that not only will the Song family be fine today, that good man who crippled Song Xin would die?”

    The single-armed old man forced a smile and nodded. “Most likely. Unless he’s a Martial Dao master who can walk on walls. Otherwise, he won’t be able to run away even if he has wings.”

    Hearing the term Martial Dao master, Xiaoying’s eyes lit up. “Grandpa, do you mean Martial Dao master like the Mad Southern Ye?”