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Chapter 137 - I’ll End the Song Family Tomorrow Afternoon

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 137: I’ll End the Song Family Tomorrow Afternoon

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    Soon after Su Youwei left, a wooden box appeared before Ye Chen.

    The wooden box was approximately the size of a cinerary casket. Ye Chen knew what was inside even if he did not open it.

    Lin Tai stood aside while bowing, not daring to even breathe loudly.

    “You did great!” Ye Chen waved to gesture him to get rid of the head in the wooden box before speaking again, “How’s the thing that I asked you to prepare?”

    “Everything is ready, my lord.” Lin Tai clasped his fists immediately while hesitation appeared on his face next. “Are we really blowing up the Donghao Group?”

    The Donghao Group was among the top 500 in the world. Its headquarters was in Lin City, and it was not an exaggeration to call it the boss business of Lin City.

    Figuring that Ye Chen was going to end this group, Lin Tai could not help but feel nervous and astounded. They would definitely cause a huge stir.

    Most importantly, the Donghao Group was supported by Jiangbei’s wealthy family, the Song family. Jiangbei’s power was much more powerful than that of Tiannan.

    “Maybe you should teach me what to do instead,” Ye Chen said coldly.

    “Your humble one can’t do that!” Lin Tai knelt immediately.

    “Pass my message to the Song family. I want their apology. Otherwise, I’ll end the Song family tomorrow afternoon!”

    Lin Tai was stunned at first as soon as Ye Chen announced that. Subsequently, he looked at Ye Chen in disbelief as he was secretly shocked.

    ‘You’ll end the Song family tomorrow afternoon?’

    Ye Chen shook his head in utter ruthlessness while he proceeded to instruct, “Send more people to Beijing. Focus on all of the temples in Beijing. If the Su family has really captured Su Yuhan in the temple, then the temples in Beijing will be the biggest suspect.”

    “Copy that!”


    In the Song residence in Jiangbei, Song Xin lay on the ward bed after having lost an arm. His features were fierce and he could not stop cursing.

    “Ahhh! Dad, you must kill that brat. You must kill him. My arm is gone. I want him dead!”

    There were many people standing around the bed. The leading man was a middle-aged man with a mustache who looked majestic. He was the Song family master, Song Ye.

    Song Ye was calm despite facing Song Xin’s shrieks. He turned his head to ask the old Chinese doctor next to him, “Doctor Hu, can you fix Xin’er’s arm?”

    Doctor Hu shook his head and said while looking serious, “Young Master Song’s arm was being pulled off by force. The blood vessels and tissues are dead. We can only get him…a prosthetic arm…”

    Prosthetic arm…

    Song Ye could not help but shiver upon hearing that. He retreated two steps back by instinct, appearing shocked.

    Would that not mean that his son would be a cripple from now on?

    He had two sons and a daughter. The eldest son was in charge of the family while his youngest son Song Xin was most similar to him. Therefore, he was fond of Song Xin. He would give him everything and the Song family would do everything they could to support him in business.

    No one from the Su family dared to offend him, what more anyone in the entire Jiangbei and Tiannan.

    However, someone had crippled his son now.

    How could he not be furious?!


    He turned his head and slapped a young man behind him while looking ferocious. “Tell me everything without missing any details. Also, who is the culprit?!”

    The young man happened to be Song Xin’s underling. He knew everything that happened when Song Xin had gone to Ye Chen’s company to pressure Yang Tian. He jolted, seemingly sensing the master’s killing intent. He blurted out whatever that happened immediately while adding more fuel to the flames.


    Song Ye threw a punch on the wall which had a hole instantly. Killing intent filled his face. “A boss from a tiny company dared to cross the line?!”

    Although he knew what the young man said was a little different from what really happened, he did not care.

    To him, Ye Chen should be grateful that his son wanted his raw material production base. Ye Chen should have done the wise thing whereby he should have just signed the agreement.

    It was for nothing apart from the fact that they were the Song family, Jiangbei’s wealthiest family. They were like a king watching over their people, so one must kneel if the Song family wanted them to kneel. On top of that, they would have to kneel, feeling blessed!

    The young man’s lips quivered as he hesitated to speak, “Master, that man even asked you and the First Young Master to bring the Second Young Master to apologize to him tomorrow!”

    “What else did he say?” Song Ye cackled in rage.

    ‘What a mad man! He severed my son’s arm aside, yet he’s even asking me and my two sons to apologize to him!’

    The young man shook his head. “T-that’s all…”

    Just when Song Ye was going to speak, quick footsteps came from outside the door.

    Subsequently, an old man that looked like a butler walked in. He said softly while standing next to him, “Master, someone sent us an anonymous letter earlier. He’s insisting that you must apologize. Otherwise, at tomorrow afternoon, he will come to…end the Song family!”

    “Great, great. That’s just great!” Song Ye’s expression turned sullen. “It’s been so many years since I, Song Ye, have heard something like that. I was just going to look for you. Since you’re seeking death yourself, I’ll save my efforts of going to you…”

    The rest stood aside in fear, not daring to make a sound. They could not help but secretly scoff. Whoever wrote the letter would definitely die.

    The Song family was incredibly terrifying.

    The outsiders only knew that they were one of the four major clans in Jiangbei. They thought that the Song family was on par with the other three clans. However, they had no idea that the Song family had a Martial Dao master supporting them!


    The next afternoon, Ye Chen was watching TV while sitting on the couch with his daughter on his lap. He snickered softly after holding his head down to check the time. He subsequently called Lin Tai, “Seems like those people refuse to give up until all hope is gone. Let’s begin!”

    On the other side of the phone, Lin Tai responded.

    It was 12.35 p.m. in Lin City’s biggest company, the Donghao Group. A building that was tens of floors high stood tall in the Kaiyang District.

    As it was Sunday which was a rest day, there was almost nobody in the company. The security guard at the security room had just eaten lunch, so he was feeling sleepy while he held a cigarette in his mouth.

    At that moment, hundreds of people came out of nowhere. All of them wore sunglasses and they broke through the security room’s barrier gate forcefully.

    “What are you guys doing?” The security guard was startled and he wanted to stop them by instinct, but he was hit by a spindle and passed out before he was done speaking.

    The 300 people began smashing stuff as soon as they rushed into the Donghao building. Soon, the staff who were still in the building ran out. They watched the company building that they worked in with fear and shock.

    ‘Someone’s stirring things up at the Donghao Group? Are they out of their minds?’

    A high management personnel who was working that day was about to call the police when suddenly, he heard some rumblings and loud thuds.

    The building that was tens of floors high imploded. Subsequently, it was collapsing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

    Upon witnessing that, many people who were standing far away were shocked while fear was written on their faces.

    Did someone blow up the Donghao building?


    At the same time in Ye Chen’s house, Ye Chen picked up his phone and called Yang Tian right after seeing the news of the Donghao building collapsing on TV.

    “Go to Jiangbei with me!”

    Yang Tian, who was working overtime, asked in confusion, “Why are we going to Jiangbei?”

    “To end a family!”