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Chapter 136 - The Arrogant Aunty

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 136: The Arrogant Aunty

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    On the couch in the house, a lady with long hair was carrying Mengmeng. Her face was filled with love, and she would feed the little girl occasionally.

    Mengmeng had a big packet of snacks next to her. When she turned her head, she saw Ye Chen. She struggled out of the lady’s embrace and ran to him. “Daddy, you’re home!”

    Ye Chen picked her up and pinched her little face. He could not help but look at the lady on the couch, unable to hide the surprise on his face.

    The lady was Su Youwei that he had seen at the Gu residence earlier.

    At the same time, from the couch, Su Youwei looked at Ye Chen by instinct, raising her sharp brows slightly.

    He had messy hair and features that looked ordinary, resembling the type of guy who would not stand out in a crowd. He had stubble here and there, and he wore a tank top that was filled with holes…

    1Sloppy, tasteless…

    That was the first impression Su Youwei had of Ye Chen. Her expression turned grim as if someone owed her millions of yuan.

    ‘Exactly how much magic potion did he feed my sister back then for her to decide to be with him? Not only that, she even had a daughter with him.’

    Seeing that no one spoke, Ye Hai forced a smile on his face. “Xiaochen, Ms. Su came from Beijing.”

    He did not say anymore. After all, the Su family was a sensitive topic in the Ye family, especially with Su Yuhan.

    “Daddy, this Aunty says that she’s Mommy’s friend. She’s here to visit me,” Mengmeng said in her baby voice, “She’s so nice to me. She bought me a lot of good food.”

    “You dummy, she won you over with merely a packet of snacks?” Ye Chen slapped the little girl’s butt hard, seeming rather upset.

    ‘You silly girl. This lady before you isn’t your Mommy’s friend. She’s your Mommy’s younger sister by blood. Didn’t you know the Su family put the toxins in your body? They sure are evil. Didn’t you know that they’re the ones to blame for your Mommy leaving you behind when you were two?’

    The little girl looked at Ye Chen in fear after suffering the slap on her butt. “Daddy, d-did I do something wrong?”

    “Xiaochen, why did you beat her? This girl is so young. She knows nothing.” Ye Hai sighed.

    Mengmeng struggled out of Ye Chen’s embrace and ran to Su Youwei. She passed the packet of snacks to her and spoke while holding back her tears, “T-take it back. I-I don’t want your stuff.”

    “Ye Chen!”

    Su Youwei looked terrible. “So, this is how you treat Mengmeng? Are you even worthy of being her father?”

    “Worthy or not, the Su family doesn’t have a say in it.” Ye Chen scoffed. He felt like he could no longer hide the killing intent within him.

    “Come with me!” Su Youwei scoffed and picked up her stuff after saying that. She walked out with a grim expression.

    “Daddy, Mengmeng is wrong. P-please don’t leave me!” Mengmeng held onto Ye Chen’s legs tightly while her tears wet the bottom of his pants.

    Ye Chen felt a lump in his throat and kissed her after picking her up. “You dummy, why would Daddy not want you? Daddy shouldn’t have beaten you. I’m sorry, okay?”

    “It didn’t hurt at all.” The little girl wiped her snot on him.

    “Go play with Grandpa. Daddy is going out for a while, but I’ll come back soon, alright?”

    “Okay, come home soon.” Mengmeng nodded.

    Ye Chen passed her to Ye Hai and turned around to leave. When he arrived at the entrance of the district, only he saw Su Youwei standing next to a Maserati. She was pissed.

    “Tell me what’s up?” Ye Chen said expressionlessly.

    “Ye, are you still a man?” Su Youwei turned her head and glared coldly at him. She was rather mad. “I heard from Uncle Ye that you disappeared before Mengmeng was born and only came back when she turned four. How are you different from a man who left his wife and children?”

    “I’ve said that you’ve no say in this,” Ye Chen responded coldly.

    “I really don’t know why my sister even liked you!” Su Youwei scoffed, her face filled with disdain. “My sister mentioned you before this. I thought you’d be someone impressive, but never would I have expected that you’re nothing much.”

    “Where’s your sister?” Ye Chen looked at her with a menacing expression. “Tell me what did your Su family do to Yuhan? Did you guys lock her up?”

    As soon as he said that, Su Youwei’s pretty face shifted slightly. She stared at him fiercely. “It’s all your fault. My sister insisted on being with you despite our family being against it. My brother thinks that she humiliated our family, so he locked her up.”

    “I’m asking where Yuhan is being captured. If you continue to beat around the bush, don’t you believe that I’d kill you now?” A ferocious gleam flashed through Ye Chen’s eyes while a terrifying aura subsequently exploded from him.

    “W-what are you trying to do?” Su Youwei was shocked. She stammered, “I-I’ve no idea where my sister is being captured. In reality, it’s been two years since I last saw her. Only my brother knows where she is.”

    Although she said that, she was secretly doubtful about where such great anger would have come from this useless thing.

    “You must be kidding me. You’re the Su family’s young mistress. How could you not know?” Ye Chen grinned instead of being pissed. He assumed that she was lying.

    Su Youwei shook her head and said, “It’s up to you whether you want to believe what I said. Now, my brother is managing the entire family. He never tells us about matters like this. There was once when I wanted to see my sister and asked him to bring me to her, but he scolded me instead.”

    She paused before proceeding, “But one thing I’m sure of is that my sister isn’t at home. Once I was eavesdropping on my brother who seemed to be talking to someone. I think he said my sister is being captured in some temple.”

    “A temple?” Ye Chen frowned.

    Now, he finally understood why Lin Tai failed to find out about Su Yuhan’s whereabouts no matter how hard he tried.

    Su Youwei nodded and said, “Yes, a temple, but I didn’t hear which temple it is exactly. Do you think you’re the only person who misses her? I miss her more than you do.

    “Of course, you’d better erase what I just told you off your mind. Don’t go to my home to look for my sister, what more to my brother to ask for her. If he sees you, you’ll die a horrible death!”

    She took out a bank card from her purse and passed it to Ye Chen. “There’s ten million yuan in this. Take it and treat this as Mengmeng’s daily expenses that I’m paying on behalf of my sister.”

    She added before Ye Chen could speak, “Don’t thank me. If Mengmeng weren’t my sister’s daughter, I wouldn’t even have bothered to speak to you at all.”

    “Take it back. I don’t want it,’ Ye Chen rejected it without even giving it a thought.

    Apart from not lacking money, even if he was, he would not take the Su family’s money. They owed him too much and must pay with their blood.

    “What? You don’t want it?” Su Youwei thought she heard it wrong. She could not help but glance at him again. She scoffed instantly before speaking, “Haha, I know you’re protecting your ego. Please, that pathetic dignity of yours is nothing to me. This ten million yuan is enough for your family to not worry about money for the rest of your life!

    “The password is the last six digits on the card. Alright, I’m making a move!”

    She no longer bothered Ye Chen after throwing the bank card on the ground. As she turned around and walked out of the district, she mumbled to herself, “Both of you share the same family name. Why is Mad Southern Ye so powerful while you’re so useless? If you were half as powerful as Mad Southern Ye is, that wouldn’t have happened back then.”

    Ye Chen squinted while watching her walking far away. Killing intent was raging in him as his facial expressions could not stop changing.

    ‘She’s from the Su family. Should I kill her and treat this as the first revenge on the Su family? But she’s Yuhan’s sister by blood…

    ‘So what if she’s her sister by blood? In the entire Su family, apart from Yuhan, who cares about my family’s life?

    ‘No, she does care!

    ‘To be exact, she cares about her niece Mengmeng. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come all the way to visit the little girl and bring her so many snacks. She even gave us 10 million yuan before leaving.

    ‘Perhaps she has no idea what Su Tao did!’