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Chapter 135 - Recruiting Mad Southern Ye

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 135: Recruiting Mad Southern Ye

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    The people from the Su family were here.

    The old master was shocked as he had no idea why the Su family would come to the Gu residence. After all, both families were hardly in contact.

    “Master Ye, do you think you should step aside?” the old master said to Ye Chen as soon as he snapped back to his senses. He did not mind Ye Chen being present at all, but he had no idea what the Su family would say about that.

    Ye Chen nodded and walked straight to the old master’s bedroom. However, he had his Divine Consciousness covering the entire living room.

    “Ah Hu, let’s go. Let’s go welcome them!” the old master glanced at Ah Hu as he was going to walk out.

    “There’s no need for that. We’re already here.” A cold voice came from the outside. Subsequently, a man and a lady walked in.

    The lady had beautiful eyes and brows, and she wore a long light yellow dress. With her long, black hair touching her shoulders, she looked young. There was also a faint arrogance on her face.

    Meanwhile, there was an extremely athletic young man following behind her. He wore a suit and was very tall.

    At the same time in the bedroom, Ye Chen had a slight change of expression the moment he saw the lady’s face clearly because he noticed that her features were 50 to 60% similar to Su Yuhan’s.

    ‘Is she…’

    He could not help but frown.


    Old Master Gu went to them immediately after seeing them and said with a calm smile, “I didn’t expect a visit from such honorable guests. I hope that you guys don’t mind me being unprepared.”

    The lady said nothing.

    Instead, the young man behind her said courteously, “You’re too kind, Old Master Gu. Let me introduce myself. My name is Guo Sheng, and this lady in front of me is Su Youwei, Ms. Su.”

    “Is she Su Hong’s youngest daughter?” Old Master Gu took a good look at Su Youwei. He subsequently came to a realization, “It’s been so many years. You’ve grown so much.”

    He and Su Changqing from the Su family had met on the battlefield back then and they were considered to be the same ranking. Meanwhile, Su Hong was Su Changqing’s eldest son. Therefore, it was not considered rude for him to call Su Hong by his full name at all.

    Meanwhile, Su Youwei and the rest were juniors to him.

    “Old Master Gu, you have a pretty good memory.”

    Su Youwei nodded and said while smiling, “My grandpa talks about you often. He said I must visit you when I get the chance.”

    Old Master Gu smiled. He knew that she was just being polite, so he replied casually, “I wonder what’s the purpose of your visit…”

    “Old Master Gu, I’ll just be straightforward,” Su Youwei said in a direct way, “Apart from visiting you, we’re here to look for a man.”

    “Now, I’m curious. Who exactly could be so important to your Su family?” Old Master Gu said without any surprise at all.

    Su Youwei took a deep breath in and enunciated word for word, “The man that we’re looking for is the Tiannan No. 1, Mad Southern Ye!”

    The old master’s eyelid twitched. “You guys are looking for him because…” he said calmly while suppressing his surprise.

    “The news of Mad Southern Ye killing Yuan Bupo on Surge River shocked China. Our family has heard the news too. Knowing that he’s a genius, we’re very fond of him and we’re willing to treat him as a distinguished citizen,” Su Youwei said directly, not hiding her intention at all. She proceeded to speak after a pause, “We’re not familiar with Tiannan while your Gu family is the wealthy family of Tiannan, thus I have to trouble you to help us with this, Old Master Gu.”

    In the bedroom, Ye Chen realized something. Initially, he thought that the Su family was there for him. Never had he thought that they would come all the way here to recruit Mad Southern Ye.

    Naturally, although he was Mad Southern Ye, to the Su family, they were clearly different people.

    While being calm on the surface, Old Master Gu was actually waiting for Ye Chen’s instruction.

    Upon realizing that nothing was going on in the bedroom, the old master said while smiling, “This is indeed troubling. Master Ye is a mysterious person and I’ve no idea where he is, so how am I supposed to help you with this?”

    “Old Master Gu, we’re straightforward people. We don’t resort to insinuations.” Su Youwei knew that the old master was hiding the truth from her. She said after a chuckle, “Before coming here, we already found out that your Gu family is very close with Mad Southern Ye. Don’t worry. We only want to recruit him and have no ill intentions.”

    “Indeed, Master Ye is close to my family, but that was many days ago. Master Ye isn’t in my residence now. I’ve no idea where he’s headed,” Old Master Gu shook his head and said, “How about this? I’ll inform you guys if I see him.”

    “Sure, we’re staying at the Hilton. We’ll leave in a few days.” Su Youwei nodded and left with Guo Sheng. She did not have the means of staying as a guest at all.

    Ye Chen walked out of the bedroom soon after they left. Old Master Gu said immediately, “Master Ye, do you think…”

    “I’m afraid their intention isn’t as simple as that.” Ye Chen shook his head. He smiled and said nothing while looking in the direction where the duo left.

    Outside the Gu residence, a Maserati was parked by the street.

    Su Youwei went straight to the driver’s seat and said without even turning her head, “Brother Guo, you can go back to the hotel first. There’s something personal that I need to handle.”

    “Why don’t I follow you, Miss? After all, this place is…” Guo Sheng said while forcing a smile.

    “I told you to go back first,” Su Youwei insisted coldly and left after turning the engine on.


    “Kill them. Leave no man behind!”

    On East Street in Lin City, hundreds of people were going after more than ten people before them with machetes in their hands and bloodshot eyes. The small group was hurt, and the leader was a middle-aged man covered in blood.

    “Brother Cannon, run quickly. We’ll handle this for you!”

    The other people protected him with their lives. Seeing that there were too many people coming after them, they could not help but push him. Subsequently, all of them went after the hundreds of people fearlessly while clenching their teeth.

    The middle-aged man turned his head to look by instinct. He found out that as his brothers were drowned in the crowd, there was the hacking of the machete and shrieks.

    He ran towards the park with all of his strength in a panic.

    Suddenly, he stopped after running while staggering a few steps. He looked at the bunch of people that were walking toward him as fear filled his eyes.

    The leader was Lin Tai.

    “B-brother Leopard!”

    The middle-aged man knelt onto the ground instantly and screamed, “I don’t think that I’ve offended you and I’ve never missed the payment every month! Why are you doing this to me?”

    “You can only blame yourself for offending someone you can’t afford to.” Lin Tai took a puff from his cigarette and blew a smoke ring. His face became blurry as the smoke lingered. “Kill yourself! I’ll guarantee your family’s life if you do that!”

    The middle-aged man’s body trembled intensely and he forced a smile while looking at the hundreds of people that were walking toward him. “Alright, I surrender!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, he ran a dagger across his neck. He fell hard onto the ground. Soon, the ground was dyed red with blood…

    Lin Tai walked to him slowly and looked at him in a condescending manner. He mumbled while smoking, “Anyone my lord wants to kill won’t be able to escape!”


    In the Jinyang District, a surprised expression flitted across Ye Chen’s face as soon as he opened the door to his home.

    ‘Why is she here?’