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Chapter 134 - People from the Su Family are Here

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 134: People from the Su Family are Here

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    Everyone turned their heads to look instantly upon hearing the voice that came out of nowhere.

    They saw a skinny, young man walking over slowly with his hands behind his back.

    That young man was the type of person that nobody would notice when he was in a crowd. However, there was a cold and unpredictable aura around him. A regular person would not forget him even if they only stole a glance at him.

    “Director Ye!”

    Gao Hong and the rest went to him immediately. They were over the moon.

    Ye Chen!

    Yang Tian was elated at first, but concern flashed across his face subsequently.

    “So, you’re Director Ye?”

    Song Xin only snapped back to his senses after a few seconds of being stunned. He took a good look at Ye Chen as disdain filled his eyes.

    Ye Chen ignored him directly while having his eyes fixed on Yang Tian who said by instinct, “Ye Chen, I…”

    “I know.”

    Ye Chen waved and turned around to look at Song Xin. He said expressionlessly, “Did you beat him up?”

    Song Xin was secretly resentful that Ye Chen had ignored him. Now that he was being asked a question, he said with a scoff, “That’s right, it was me. So what?”

    “Which hand did you use to do it?”

    “I used my left hand. Ye, what’s up with you? Do you know that I’m…” Song Xin smirked coldly.

    However, he felt pain coming from his left arm before he was done speaking. It hurt so much that he shrieked and almost passed out from the agony.

    In the next second, a bleeding left arm fell to the ground.

    There was dead silence at the scene.

    Everyone’s eyes were filled with fear and shock as they watched Song Xin’s left arm spurting blood continuously. Even the two hunks who were pressing Yang Tian down were fearful too.

    What were they looking at?

    Ye Chen had severed Song Xin’s arm directly! His action was decisive and clear. It was even cruel and barbaric.

    Ye Chen grinned and showed his teeth. “Nothing much. I thought I would just sever it.”


    Song Xin fell to the ground as his face became extremely distorted from the great pain. “Ye, how dare you do this to me? You’re dead! You’re dead! My brother won’t let you go! The Song family will make you go through hell!”

    “Sure, I’m waiting!” Ye Chen nodded coldly and looked at the two hunks who were standing next to Yang Tian with a terrifying stare.

    “Get out of here with him! Pass word to the Donghao Group and the Song family too. Tomorrow, at this hour, bring his father and brother to kowtow as well as to apologize to me! Otherwise, I’ll visit them myself!”

    “Yes, yes, yes!” The duo jolted and nodded continuously. One of them picked up the severed arm while the other helped Song Xin, who was on the ground, and left as if they were running for their lives.


    The onlookers were still in shock when the three of them left. They clearly had yet to snap back from what they saw.

    Ye Chen stretched his hand and pulled Yang Tian up. He patted his shoulder, “Are you alright?”

    “It’s just a scratch on the skin. I’m alright.”

    Yang Tian wiped his lips and said in concern, “You, on the other hand, though. How could you sever his arm just like that? What if they…”

    “I know very well who is right and who is wrong in this. I’ve given them the chance. If they don’t apologize and come to me wanting revenge instead, I won’t show mercy.”

    Ye Chen shook his head and led the people into the company.

    He realized that there were a bunch of people smashing stuff in the company. They had crossed the line. Many staff was shaking as they stood aside, watching the mess before them.

    “Stop it!” Yang Tian screamed.

    “It’s alright. Let them be!”

    Ye Chen squinted and smiled in a cold manner. “Bring all of the staff out. Remember, leave no one behind. Tell them that our company is on a three-day holiday.”

    “Are you trying to…”

    Yang Tian was stunned at first. Then, he had a drastic change of expression after seeming to recall something. “Old Ye, let’s just call the police. There are 70 to 80 people here. If you really kill them all…”

    “I do everything by my own rules and liking. Since they dare to destroy my company, I’ll send them to hell.” Ye Chen frowned. “Do as I say.”

    Yang Tian hesitated for a while and eventually left clenching his teeth while looking at those people who were indulging in smashing the items in a pitiful manner.

    Soon, everyone in the company left.

    Ye Chen set up the noise-canceling barrier in a few corners in the company. The Almighty Killer Sword appeared in his hand.

    The man walked over slowly with the sword.


    Over ten minutes later, a puddle of blood could not stop flowing beneath Ye Chen’s feet.

    He called Lin Tai, “Get your people to my company to clear the scene. I want to find out who their boss is. Before sunset, I want to see their boss’s head before me!

    “Also, get 300 people to stand by. Get them to the Donghao Group as soon as I call. I hope to see the news of the Donghao building collapsing on TV!”

    “Yes, my lord!”

    Lin Tai was still shocked after hanging up. He could feel Ye Chen’s killing intent through the phone.

    After putting his phone away, Ye Chen looked at the pile of bodies before him. He squinted and a ferocious gleam flashed across his face. He then disappeared into the night.


    Ye Chen thought about it and headed straight to the Gu residence after leaving the company.

    The old master was practicing martial arts in the garden. He smiled and said as soon as he saw Ye Chen, “Didn’t you take your daughter for a vacation, Master Ye? When did you return?”

    “We returned earlier.” Ye Chen smiled and followed him to the living room on the second floor. He asked directly after taking his seat, “Do you know about the Song family, Old Master?”

    “The Song family?” The old master frowned. “I wonder which Song family are you talking about, Master Ye?”

    “I suppose you know the Donghao Group?”

    The old master came to a realization by then and nodded. “I get it now. The Song family that you’re talking about should be the one in Jiangbei. They’re also a wealthy family. Their position in Jiangbei is just like my Gu family in Lin City.”

    He asked curiously as he spoke to this point, “Why do you ask about the Song family all of a sudden? Did they offend you?”

    Ye Chen nodded.

    “Master Ye, there’s something that I’m not sure if I should tell you about,” the old master spoke hesitantly as his expression became serious.

    “Please do,” Ye Chen said while smiling.

    “Jiangbei is more powerful than Lin City, especially this Song family.”

    The old master sighed. “I believe that you knew about the Eastern Superior, the Western Overlord, the Southern Killer, and the Northern Devil. Of course, since you killed Yuan Bupo, it has become the Eastern Superior, the Western Overlord, the Mad Southern, and the Northern Devil now.”

    Ye Chen nodded, gesturing to him to proceed.

    “There’s a master in Jiangbei who is just as formidable as Yuan Bupo. His nickname is Northern Devil Jiang. He’s the Northern Devil among the four names.”

    The old master said in all seriousness, “This Song family and that man have an unclear relationship. I heard that the lady came from the Song family…”

    He stopped speaking abruptly. However, he did not have to say more about what he was trying to say. He was hinting at Ye Chen to think through what he was going to do.

    After all, Jiangbei was more powerful than Tiannan while Northern Devil Jiang was more powerful than Yuan Bupo!

    Just when Ye Chen was going to speak, quick footsteps came from outside.

    Subsequently, they saw Ah Hu walking over quickly. He glanced at Ye Chen first then said to the old master, “Old Master Gu, there are people from Beijing here!”


    The old master was stunned at first, but then he subsequently asked instinctively, “What does that have to do with my Gu family?”

    “They’re from the Su family!” Ah Hu exclaimed.

    The old master stood up from the couch directly in shock as soon as Ah Hu was done speaking.

    Ye Chen looked serious now.

    ‘So, they’re finally here…’