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Chapter 132 - Stargazing with His Daughter

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 132: Stargazing with His Daughter

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    After leaving the White Miao Village, Ye Chen put the little girl down and asked suddenly upon seeing there was no one around, “My darling, would you like to fly?”

    “Yes, yes I do. Daddy, can you make Mengmeng fly?” Her eyes lit up in excitement.

    All children dreamt of flying. Naturally, it was due to one’s body growing. However, that did not stop kids from dreaming of flying.

    Ye Chen pinched her round little face and smiled mysteriously. “Sure, but you’ll have to kiss Daddy.”

    “Don’t lie to me, Daddy.”

    The little girl pouted, seeming to be unwilling. However, she gave Ye Chen’s cheek a smooch anyway. She then said to him as excitement filled her face, “Daddy, can I fly now?”

    “Sure, close your eyes. Only open them when I ask you to. No peeking.”

    Ye Chen carried her.

    “Okay, Mengmeng definitely won’t peep. People who peep are bad people.” Mengmeng covered her eyes with her hands, behaving very adorably.

    Ye Chen chuckled to himself. A flying sword landed at his feet. It was the Almighty Killer Sword. It was two times bigger now while the body of the sword was much wider now.

    He stood on it directly while carrying the little girl. He held her in one hand while he placed the other hand on his back.


    The Almighty Killer Sword hovered into the sky with the father and daughter. It flew high in the sky within the blink of an eye.

    Perhaps because the flying sword was too fast, it caused Ye Chen’s clothes to flutter in the wind.

    A golden glow appeared on his body, covering the entire flying sword within.

    “Alright, my dear. You can open your eyes now,” Ye Chen held his head down and said to the little girl in his embrace.

    The little girl moved her tiny hands that were covering her eyes. She looked around with her eyes wide open. “Daddy, we’re really flying.”

    She could not help but look at the ground instinctively, but her little face turned pale. She buried herself into Ye Chen’s embrace immediately, shaking as she closed her eyes again.

    “Daddy, i-it’s so high up. I’m scared.”

    “Don’t be afraid. I’m here. We won’t fall. Be brave. I believe that you can do it,” Ye Chen comforted while smiling. He intentionally slowed down the flight speed.

    The little girl mustered her courage and lifted her head. She looked at the ground under her feet while still feeling scared. The scenery around soon turned from cloudy to sunny.

    “Daddy, we’re so high up. The people on land are as small as ants. Daddy, I see the grassland now. There are so many cows and goats…”

    “Daddy, fly faster…”

    “Even faster…”


    In the Wumeng Grassland, a group of people were wandering on the grassland aimlessly.

    “Let me tell you guys that the Wumeng Grassland is one of the biggest grasslands in the southwest…” Tour guide Huang Lin introduced the place while walking.

    Zhang Daniu lifted his head to look into the sky while holding the urn. “Sister, I’ve finally taken you to see the grassland. It’s so beautiful here…”

    In the next second, a silhouette flew across the sky at lightning speed.

    “Tour guide, look! There’s someone flying in the sky!” Zhang Daniu screamed instantly.

    The people lifted their heads by instinct. They saw nothing apart from the clouds.

    Wu Yan glared fiercely at him. “I thought you were pretty honest. I can’t believe that you’ve just lied to us.”

    “Someone’s flying in the sky, and someone’s boasting on land!” someone mocked.

    Zhang Daniu rubbed his eyes as he thought he was hallucinating. When he lifted his head and looked again, the silhouette passed through the clouds again.

    “There’s really someone in the sky, I didn’t lie!” He felt helpless that nobody believed him now.


    As night fell, a sea of stars filled the sky. They were dazzling and twinkling.

    Ye Chen laid on the grass with the little girl. The both of them used their hands as pillows as they watched the stars in the sky.

    “How far away are the stars, Daddy?”

    “They’re not far. They’re near. I promise you that I’ll take you to the stars one day.”

    “What are there on the stars, Daddy? Are there aliens?”

    “Err, I think so.”

    “Daddy, did the aliens take you away last time?”

    “Why are you asking that, my dear?”

    “Because you’re so powerful. Those bad guys aren’t Daddy’s match. My classmates said that only aliens are that powerful.”

    “Yes, the aliens took Daddy, and I became their king. I’ve many friends in outer space and I have my own kingdom too.”

    “Does that make me a princess, Daddy?”

    “That’s right, you’re the princess, the emperor’s daughter. I will return to my kingdom one day and take back everything that belongs to me. Then, I’ll give you my throne, my darling daughter, so that you will become the empress that rules the world.”

    “What’s an empress, Daddy?”

    “Err, it’s the same as a queen I guess. In history, Wu Zetian was an empress.”

    “Daddy, I don’t really want to be an empress.”

    “Oh, then what do you want to be, my darling?”

    “I want to be Daddy’s princess for the rest of my life. I can’t live without you.”


    “Daddy, I miss Mommy. When are we going to look for Mommy?”

    “Soon, in a month. By then, I’ll bring you, our little cutie pie, to pick Mommy up. Then, I’ll give Mommy a grand wedding and make her the happiest woman in the world. However, there is something that I need to look for before that.”

    “What are you looking for, Daddy?”

    “Some old buddies of mine. There’s a guy named Unparalleled. You can call him Uncle Unparalleled. He’s the first person that I knew. He’s very cool and arrogant.

    “If I’m No. 1 in the world, he’ll only dare to be No.2. That guy was foolish because he self-imploded to save Daddy. Then, there’s another guy named Grandpa Night Demon. He’s a clodhopper.”

    “What’s a clodhopper, Daddy?”

    “Err, basically a person with thick skin. He’s always abusing his power and stealing little kids’ lollipops.”

    “This Grandpa Night Demon is so naughty. He’s already so old and he’s still stealing kids’ lollipops?!”

    “Yes, he’s very bad. This old thing always bullies my other immortal weapons just because he’s my immortal weapon guardian.

    “And there’s a boss called Uncle Prison Warden. He’s the immortal weapon that I use exclusively to tie criminals up. This Uncle Prison Warden is even worse than Grandpa Night Demon.”

    “How is he worse?”

    “He didn’t even give Daddy face. He tied up me when we first met and put me in prison. Since I became the emperor, he jotted down all the bad guys that I killed in his little notebook. He said that I gave a bad image as the Heavenly Emperor when I fart and it’s a humiliation when I rub my feet.”

    “He’s too naughty. I’ll beat him up when I see him. I’ll beat him up real good.”

    “Haha, you sure are ambitious. Daddy supports you, but it’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate indeed that my darling might not be able to beat him up.”

    “Why not, Daddy?”

    “Because a rebellion broke out in my kingdom and the bad guys revolted. Your Uncle Parallel imploded himself and his spirit went into the space current. I’ve no idea if he’s still alive.

    “Your Grandpa Night Demon protected your Daddy closely and was crushed into pieces at the end of the battle. I suppose this old thing has met God. After all, he always said that he wanted to dance in a club with Jesus.

    “Your Uncle Prison Warden is the most foolish one. To help me, he took the risk and tied up the traitor mastermind. The moment when Daddy returned, I think I saw him being crushed by the traitor mastermind.”

    “Since Grandpa Night Demon and Uncle Prison Warden are so pitiful, Mengmeng suddenly no longer wants to beat them up.”