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Chapter 131 - I Want A Child

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 131: I Want A Child

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    That afternoon, Ye Chen sat on a blue stone at the back of the mountain in the White Miao Village with his legs crossed.

    He sat very still as if he was meditating. If one were to look closely, they would see a white glow in his body that was the size of a pigeon egg.

    The glow was becoming dimmer and vanished completely in the end.

    Ye Chen opened his eyes suddenly, and an electric arc flashed through his eyes while a smile appeared on his face.

    “I’m at the mastery-stage of the Spirit Assembly now. That demonic crocodile beast core sure didn’t disappoint.”

    Before this, he had broken through all the way to peak intermediate-stage Spirit Assembly with the help of the fragrance coming out of the mysterious little tree when it bloomed. Now that he had cultivated the demonic crocodile’s beast core, he had broken through to the mastery-stage of the Spirit Assembly.

    “If I encounter someone like Yuan Bupo again, I’ll kill him within the blink of an eye. Most importantly, I can finally refine the flying sword now.”

    Ye Chen revealed a smile of satisfaction.

    He had been wanting to refine a flying sword but had insufficient spiritual energy. Now that he had broken through to the mastery-stage of the Spirit Assembly, his spiritual energy was boosted by more than three times. He could totally refine the flying sword now, as well as perform the Imperial Sword Method.

    Ye Chen thought to himself as the storage ring at the tip of his finger glowed in white. Materials appeared on the ground, especially the giant snake’s tailbone that he had retrieved at the bottom of the Divine Dragon Pond and the demonic crocodile’s corpse.

    When he lifted his hand and waved, the skin and flesh on the demonic crocodile’s corpse dropped automatically. Only a skeleton remained.

    Ye Chen spat a mouthful of True Samadhi Fire out.


    Over an hour later, two magic tools appeared in Ye Chen’s hands. One was a dark green sword that was over a meter long and 55cm wide. It hovered in the air, shaking a little.

    The other one was a long bone whip. It was completely black like a long snake. There was a black demonic energy lingering on it and it had an eerie feeling.

    “From now on, I’ll name you the Almighty Killer Sword while you’ll be the Vile Bone Whip,” Ye Chen looked at the two magic tools and mumbled to himself.

    2At that moment, footsteps came from far away.

    Ye Chen stood up and walked over after putting the two magic tools away. He saw two girls in Miao costumes walking over. They were the little girl Mengmeng and Xiao Ya.

    The little girl was skipping in the traditional Miao costume, seeming very happy. She ran toward Ye Chen as soon as she saw him. “Daddy!”

    Ye Chen was in between tears and laughter when he picked her up. “Who got you to wear this?”

    “It was Aunty Xiao, Daddy. Am I pretty?” The little girl stuck her tongue out in a mischievous manner, revealing a face that was fishing for compliments.

    “Yes, it’s pretty. You’re like a real little Miao girl.”

    Xiao Ya walked over and bowed to Ye Chen respectfully. “All hail the Miao King!”

    Ye Chen nodded as he could not help but look at her again. He realized that she looked extra beautiful in the traditional Miao costume.

    Xiao Ya hung her head low after seeming to notice his stare. She was blushing a little, appearing rather uncomfortable.

    “Let’s go.”

    Ye Chen carried the little girl and returned to the village.


    That night, the White Miao Village started a bonfire event. Countless Miao Tribe ladies dressed glamorously. They danced around the bonfire while holding hands.

    Meanwhile, the Miao Tribe men, who were bare-chested, had a leather drum on each of their chests, and they were playing it continuously.

    Xiao Ya was in the middle, surrounded by the people. She looked like she was being worshipped, but she would glance at Ye Chen and his daughter occasionally.

    Ye Chen sat on the throne while carrying his daughter. He was watching everything quietly, but his mind was not there.

    It had been three days since he left home, so it was time to leave. He would go home after taking the little girl to see the stars in the grassland.

    The event ended later that night, and everyone went to bed.

    After Ye Chen made the little girl sleep, a silhouette crossed the window outside when he was meditating with his legs crossed.

    “Ye Chen, are you asleep?” Xiao Ya’s voice came from outside.

    Ye Chen got up to open the door. Xiao Ya was standing at the entrance at the moment while something seemed to be troubling her. She looked into the house and smiled. “You guys are leaving tomorrow. Can you walk with me? I’d like to tell you about the Miao Village.”

    Ye Chen turned her head and looked at the little girl. After he hesitated for a moment, he closed the door and walked out.

    1The duo walked to the lotus pond in the village like they were taking a stroll. The moonlight was dim, pulling the duo’s shadows into long shapes.

    None of them spoke and the atmosphere was rather awkward. Eventually, Ye Chen took the initiative to ask, “Tell me, what’s wrong?”

    Xiao Ya buried her head in her hands suddenly. She clenched her fingers hard, her voice as soft as a mosquito as she said, “I want a child…”

    Ye Chen froze. Then, he said while smiling, “There are so many young men in the village. If you want a child, you can pick any of them. I believe none of them will reject you.”

    Xiao Ya’s body trembled as she suddenly lifted her head to look at him. The expression in her eyes was complicated. “The Miao Tribe virgin will never marry a regular tribe man. The virgin is destined to marry the Miao King…”

    “I know what you’re thinking about,” Ye Chen interrupted her. He turned around and said to her with his back facing her, “I also know that the old lady and the rest must’ve hinted for you to come looking for me tonight.

    “However, that’s impossible. You know about my situation very well. I’m a husband and a father. If you guys persist, I’ll remove myself from the throne tomorrow.”

    Xiao Ya’s face turned pale. She held tightly to the hem of her shirt and said while smiling after taking a deep breath in, “I’m sorry…”

    She turned around and left after saying that.

    Ye Chen was a powerhouse, and worshiping a powerhouse was the nature of the Miao Tribe people since the beginning of time. Passing down the bloodline was important to the people of the Miao Tribe.

    According to the old lady and the rest, since they could not make Ye Chen stay, they thought they could leave his bloodline behind. A powerhouse’s descendant would naturally have a great bloodline.

    Ye Chen shook his head and returned to his room.

    Many people were destined to not sleep well that night.

    Xiao Ya shut her door tightly. She cried silently while lying on the bed…

    Wu Tashan stood at the door while watching the beautiful shadow reflected in the window across. He looked grim and conflicted.

    The old lady blew the oil lamp out and released a sigh.


    On the next morning, Ye Chen walked to the Miao Village chamber while carrying his daughter after washing up.

    Many people were there, including the old lady and Xiao Ya. However, Xiao Ya looked tired. She had her head held low, not daring to look at Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen glanced at her and asked suddenly, “Xiao Ya, are you willing to be my disciple?”

    As soon as he was done speaking, everyone had their eyes on Xiao Ya while envy filled their faces. After all, they had seen Ye Chen’s technique, and it was not an exaggeration to call him a god.

    Xiao Ya seemed to be a little surprised. She mustered her courage and lifted her head to look at Ye Chen. The expression on her pretty face was extremely complicated. She knew what Ye Chen meant when he said that.

    He wanted to end that idea that she had suggested last night.

    Cough, cough, cough!

    The old lady coughed a few times.

    Xiao Ya looked deep into Ye Chen’s eyes. She then forced a smile and knelt hard on the ground as she buried her head. “I’m willing!”

    “Alright. From now on, you’ll be the second disciple to me, Mad Southern Ye. Your Dharma name will be Linglong. Xiao Linglong.”

    Nodding, Ye Chen flicked his fingers and a gleam went into Xiao Ya’s head.

    “I’m passing down the Imperial Spirit Scripture that can control all gu to you. I’ll also give you the Divine Punch that was created in 33 days too. You can’t teach these to any outsiders. Otherwise, you’ll bring death to the tribe. Remember that!”

    Xiao Ya felt like her head was exploding as a bunch of memories flooded in. Subsequently, disbelief filled her face.

    “I’ll give you this magic tool, the Vile Bone Whip. When I’m not in Miaojiang, you’ll have the power over the Miao Tribe!”

    A long white bone whip appeared in Ye Chen’s hand and hovered over to Xiao Ya automatically.

    “Now, sit with your legs crossed. I’ll enlighten you!”

    Ye Chen chuckled and walked to her. After Xiao Ya sat with her legs crossed, he pointed his finger between her brows. He charged a spiritual energy seed into her body directly.

    As everyone watched in shock, a green glow flashed through Xiao Ya’s body. Her aura changed as she now had spiritual energy.

    “From today onwards, nobody below the level of a master can harm you. With the magic tool that I gave you as well as the ability to control gu, you’ll have the ability to even fight a master!” Ye Chen said coldly.

    He then fixed his eyes on the old lady next to her. “Old Xiao, I’ll establish a company when I leave. I hope that you guys can provide the herbs that I need. Of course, I’ll pay you. With that, the people in Miaojiang will live a better life.”

    “I, Xiao Xuan, will remember your order. I’ll send people out of the mountain to stay in contact with you, my king,” the old lady bowed and responded immediately.

    Ye Chen pointed between her brows. “This is the Body Refining Method that I’ve improved. You can pass it down to everyone in the tribe to cultivate it so that they’ll have the ability to protect themselves.”

    After digesting all of the memories in the head, the old lady knelt on the ground, feeling over the moon. “I’d like to thank…”

    Before she was done speaking, she realized that Ye Chen and his daughter had left.


    Outside the White Miao Village, the little girl wrapped her hands around Ye Chen’s neck and said in her baby voice, “Daddy, I want to cultivate like Aunty Xiao too.”

    “Why do you want to cultivate?” Ye Chen asked, feeling a little stunned.

    The little girl swung her tiny fists. “I want to be powerful too. If somebody bullies Mommy in the future, I’ll beat the bad guys up with you.”

    Ye Chen shook his head, laughing in tears. “My dear daughter, you can’t cultivate just yet. Your body is still growing and your bones are still forming. You won’t grow taller if you cultivate too early. Daddy will teach you everything I know when you turn eight.”

    “Daddy, will I be as powerful as Aunty Xiao by then?”

    “Definitely. In heaven and on earth, Daddy is the best and you’ll be the second-best!”