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Chapter 130 - The Black and White Coming Together to Make Me the King

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 130: The Black and White Coming Together to Make Me the King


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    Over half an hour later, the water in the pond was completely removed.

    The people could not help but recoil as their pupils shrunk when they saw what was at the bottom of the pond.

    Skeletons! Their vision was filled with skeletons.

    The bottom of the pond that was close to 200 square meters was filled with human skeletons. Some had been crushed earlier while some remained intact.

    Meanwhile, there was a corpse that was over ten meters long among the skeletons. It looked like an animal. Although it was rotten since the beginning, overwhelming power and evil still remained.

    There were rows of eggs the size of an adult’s fist arranged under the corpse. However, most of them were empty shells.

    Ye Chen turned his head and looked at the old lady. “Did it always rain and did thunder rumble before the Miao Village got separated?”

    “Indeed, Mr. Ye.”

    The old lady was surprised that he knew that but she nodded anyway. “There’s a recording in the ancestral scripture about the weather in the Miao Village being uncertain 80 years ago. Especially on the Black Miao Village’s side, there was always thunder even during the day when the sun was bright.”

    “This is the cause of everything!”

    Ye Chen stretched his hand out and pointed at the gigantic corpse at the bottom of the pond and said while smiling, “If I’m not mistaken, this corpse used to be a giant snake with a high cultivation level when it was still alive. The almighty god would usually be jealous of such talented mutated species.

    “In the beginning, when the founding father built the country, he once prohibited cultivating mutated species as a rule. He was the head of the country which was equivalent to the ancient emperor, and the people depended on His Majesty. Naturally, what he said was the equivalent to the iron law that came from God.

    “Therefore, the prohibition on the cultivation of mutated species on this side of the country was extra strict.

    “As the giant snake was close to breaking through, the Heavenly Thunder failed to control its aura. Tragically, it clearly failed to dodge the Heavenly Thunder one day and died.

    “Its corpse and cultivation benefited the crocodile after its death. With the help of the snake’s body, the crocodile learned some techniques after tens of years of cultivation. That was how it was treated as the holy beast by the Black Miao Village.

    “This evil thing was cunning. Knowing that its crocodile identity was far from impressive, it transformed itself with the demonic method in the attempt to charm the people. It was ridiculous!”

    Everyone’s jaws dropped upon hearing that. They did not expect there to be such a terrifying story behind it.

    The old lady trained her eyes on those skeletons. She said while coughing after straightening her walking stick, “I suppose the high priest tossed these people in to feed that crocodile.”

    Xiao Ya and the rest looked sad at that instant.

    Among the many skeletons, there were innocent people from the Black Miao Village, as well as their White Miao Village, that had died.

    Ye Chen put the little girl down and leaped into the pond. He scanned through it with his Divine Consciousness, focusing his attention on the giant snake’s corpse.

    He was surprised to discover that a portion of the corpse’s tailbone contained spirit that was considered a refinement material. Immediately, he cut it off with his sword and put it away into his storage ring since it could be used to refine magic tools.

    He had no idea that the old lady respected him even more after witnessing him doing that. She assumed that Ye Chen could make something disappear into thin air.

    The rows of eggs below the corpse should be snake eggs. However, since many years had passed, the essence within had been entirely devoured by the crocodile.

    However, there was one that was still untouched.

    Ye Chen picked it up and released spiritual power into it. He faintly sensed life aura inside.

    With the nourishment of his spiritual power, the life aura was growing. Eventually, a cracking sound came from the egg as it shattered open.

    A little black snake that was as long as a finger slithered out of the shell. It did not look very smart and seemed to be a little dumb.

    It peered at Ye Chen when it opened its eyes. Its forked tongue then slipped out and licked Ye Chen’s hand in an adorable manner. Subsequently, it turned its head and opened its mouth. It spat a mouthful of fire at the eggshell and began eating it.

    ‘Interesting! This snake is just like that silly girl Mengmeng. They’re both gluttons.’

    “You’re considered the demonic snake’s descendant and you’re a Miaojiang mutated species. There’s a rare real dragon’s bloodline in your body. Since I helped you to come into this world, you’ll be my daughter’s Spirit Beast Guardian. When you transform into a dragon one day, you’ll take my daughter to travel across the universe.”

    Ye Chen nodded and leaped from the bottom of the pond.

    The little girl came to him immediately and looked at the snake that was on his hand curiously. “Daddy, this little snake is so cute.” She could not help but poke it with her finger as she spoke. The little black snake peered at her in a lazy manner, then ignored her.

    1“Daddy’s giving it to you as a gift. Do you want it?” Ye Chen caressed the little girl’s face.

    “Yes, Daddy. I like it.” Mengmeng could not stop nodding like she was a chick pecking away at rice.

    Ye Chen chuckled softly. “Give me your hand. It might be hurt a little. Are you scared?”

    “I’m not.” The little girl offered him her hand.

    When Ye Chen used his nail to slice her middle finger softly, a drop of blood landed on the tip of his finger. He stretched his hand out and tapped the little black snake as a drop of black blood integrated with the little girl’s blood.

    Ye Chen performed a hand seal to complete the blood contract between the master and servant.

    As soon as it was done, the little black snake’s tongue slithered out and it slinked into the little girl’s hand on its own. It could not stop licking her tiny hand, making an adorable sight. Mengmeng could not stop giggling in amusement.

    “My darling, give it a name,” Ye Chen said looking gentle.

    “Daddy, is it a boy or a girl?” The little girl seemed to struggle to come up with something.

    “It’s a boy.”

    Mengmeng nodded. “There’s already Cutie at home. Should we call it Cutie Pie then?”

    Ye Chen was speechless.

    At the same time in Qiannan that was hundreds of miles away, the Patriarch of Hell was lying outside a bathroom window of a house. He was peeping at a lady showering and could not stop drooling,

    He suddenly sneezed before he mumbled, “Did someone curse me? Could it be that devil?”


    “I’ll call you Xiaohei then!”

    The little girl watched the little black snake that was slithering in her hand. Eventually, she gave it a name that was not too shabby though it was not exactly pleasant.

    After they were done with all that, Ye Chen carried her and walked to the old lady and the rest.

    Just when he was going to speak, the old lady knelt onto the ground and bowed to him with all fours as she said respectfully, “I’m begging you to be enthroned as the Miao King, Mr. Ye!”

    1The hundreds of people present were stunned to hear that.

    The Miao King!

    As the name suggested, that would be the king of the Miao Tribe!

    The Miao Tribe had been passed down from Chiyou in ancient times. Since the beginning of time until now, legend had it that apart from the 12 ancestors that were on par with the Miao King, there had never been a real Miao King in the Miao Tribe!

    Throughout the thousands of years of inheritance, there were now close to ten million Miao people. As soon as a Miao King was born, it would mean that the entire Miao Tribe only had one voice, which was the Miao King’s!

    Xiao Ya snapped out of her senses for a moment. She soon reacted and became the second person to kneel onto the ground, mimicking the old lady.

    “As the White Miao Tribe’s 130th generation virgin, I, Xiao Ya, beg you to be enthroned as the Miao King, Mr. Ye!”


    The hundreds of White Miao Village people knelt together. They looked at the skinny silhouette with burning desire as they pleaded in a synchronized voice that contained high spirits, “We’re begging Mr. Ye to be enthroned as the Miao King!”

    “We’re begging Mr. Ye to be enthroned as the Miao King!”