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Chapter 129 - He Killed A Dragon with A Sword While Walking on Air

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 129: He Killed A Dragon with A Sword While Walking on Air


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    The old lady’s expression was replaced with fear when she led Xiao Ya and the rest to the Divine Dragon Pond.

    There was a ten meters tall black silhouette standing on the pond. It was as thick as a pail and looked like an erected building.

    There was a long horn on the silhouette’s head and its tail was still hiding in the water. Scales filled its body, there were sharp thorns on its back. Its sharp claws on its chest were sparkling with a chilly glow while its big brown eyes were condescendingly looking at the high priest and Ye Chen.

    It looked like a black dragon from far away.

    “It’s the Divine Dragon, it’s the Black Miao Village’s Divine Dragon!”

    The old lady’s voice appeared shaky. Under such an existence, she felt she was insignificant and instinctively kneeled onto the ground.

    She did not expect that there really was a Divine Dragon at the Black Miao Village’s Divine Dragon Pond.

    Once she kneeled, the rest followed too. Fear filled their eyes when they looked at the black dragon. They could not help but begin shivering.

    Xiao Ya covered her red lips, she was losing herself.

    In the entire place, Ye Chen was the only person standing proudly while carrying the little girl.

    “Daddy, there really is a dragon here. But this dragon is so ugly.” The little Mengmeng opened her eyes wide. She could not stop checking out the silhouette.

    The high priest was shocked too. He turned around and saw Ye Chen. Scared by Ye Chen’s appearance, he immediately said to the silhouette in a respectable manner, “Master Divine Dragon, please help me kill this imbecile!”


    The silhouette coldly glanced at Ye Chen and released a raging roar. It seemed to be asking Ye Chen to kneel.

    “Hmph! You’re just a demon, how dare you confuse the people by turning yourself into a dragon. You haven’t even seen a real dragon and you won’t look like one no matter how you try. You’re just a monkey with a hat on!”

    Ye Chen scoffed. His voice echoed through the whole place as he directly glared at the silhouette.

    He initially thought there would really be a Divine Dragon at the Black Miao Village’s Divine Dragon Pond. However, he was disappointed to find out that it was just an imposter.

    The old lady and the rest lifted their heads one after another. They were stunned. “It’s not a dragon?”

    They subsequently forced a smile.

    Even if it was not a dragon, it was still a ginormous monster. How was it different from a dragon? Eating a living person would probably not even take a bite for it.


    The silhouette roared again as panic flashed through its pupils. It shook its dragon’s head and directly charged at Ye Chen with its mouth wide open.

    “Ye Chen!”

    Xiao Ya screamed by instinct. She wanted to go over, but the old lady grabbed onto her. “Nini, don’t go!”

    1“Granny, Ye Chen is still there. I must help him.” Xiao Ya looked worried and could not stop struggling.

    The old lady shook her head in despair. She clearly felt hopeless for Ye Chen.

    To her, no matter how powerful Mr. Ye’s ability was, he was fighting a monster that was around ten meters tall. He was just like an ant before it.

    “Hahaha, this is the end of you, Mad Southern Ye!” The high priest could not hold himself back.

    He knew clearly of the Divine Dragon’s ability.

    Seeing the black dragon charging with its mouth wide open, the little girl in Ye Chen’s embrace had her face turn pale. She screamed out of fear, “Daddy, the dragon is going to eat us.”

    “Don’t be afraid, my darling.

    “Daddy will show you the Dragon Slaying Method!”

    Ye Chen comforted her as he stretched his right hand while carrying her with his left. An ancient sword suddenly appeared in his hand. Instead of retreating, he was walking toward the black dragon one step after another.

    Everyone presented was so shocked after witnessing the scene that they could not speak.

    “What are you doing, Ye Chen? Don’t go, come back!” Xiao Ya lost her cool.

    “I’m going to kill the dragon!”

    Ye Chen said without even turning his head.

    “Brat, you’re seeking death!”

    The high priest’s face was filled with hatred. He could almost see Ye Chen being eaten by Master Divine Dragon.

    The old lady’s lips quivered after hearing that. “He has gone insane, he has gone insane! Nini, let’s go!”

    He must be insane to be walking over to fight such a monster instead of running away.

    The old lady was scared!

    She forcefully grabbed Xiao Ya and was going to leave after turning around.

    However, just as she was about to turn, she suddenly saw Ye Chen leap into the air when he was less than 20 steps away from the monster at the corner of her vision.

    Ye Chen stood in the air. With the sword in his right hand, he walked in the air toward the black dragon. What was even more shocking was that with every step he took, he looked like he was climbing up on invisible stairs.

    “He’s walking on air!”

    The old lady was in disbelief and Xiao Ya also had a similar expression on her face. Meanwhile, the rest of the people from the White Miao Village were blankly staring at him.

    The high priest looked as if he had seen a ghost.

    Facing the dragon’s head that was less than two meters away from him, the sword Ye Chen held in his hand suddenly grew ten times bigger. It was like a gigantic sword that touched the sky.

    A terrifying sword intent was consolidating on the sword and, there was a chilly glow forming at the tip of it.


    At the very moment when the sword glow appeared, the black dragon felt an overwhelming killing intent coming from it. The scales on its body instantly stood up.

    2It moved its body and turned its head toward the pond. It swept the high priest with its tail. It was clearly making the high priest its shield while it would seize the chance to hide in the water.


    The high priest furiously growled as he was thrown toward Ye Chen at high speed.


    Ye Chen swung his sword as the long sword in his hand released a stunning sword qi. The sword qi was like a giant sword that made the wind whistle like it was going to tear apart the sky.

    The people instinctively closed their eyes and dared not look at it.

    The swing of the sword seemed like it could tear heaven and earth.

    In the very next second, the high priest was directly sliced into half as everyone watched in shock. Meanwhile, the black dragon that was getting into the pond was sliced into half as well. Blood with terrible smell splattered through the sky.

    The black dragon shrieked, it seemed to be unwilling. Its body fell hard into the pond while its boiling blood splashed into the pond causing the water to boil.

    The Black Miao Village’s holy beast, the black dragon that the high priest worshiped like a god, died just like that. Meanwhile, the high priest was eventually betrayed by the so-called holy beast and was killed by Ye Chen’s sword.

    He killed a dragon with a sword while walking on air!

    Everyone had that image etched in their head. They would never forget that for the rest of their lives.

    Many of them instantly kneeled and could not stop bowing to Ye Chen standing in the air.

    Xiao Ya slightly opened her little mouth in disbelief.

    A white light flashed through the dragon carcass on the pond. It subsequently turned into a black crocodile that was over three meters long. However, it had been sliced into half and was no longer moving.

    “T-That’s the so-called Divine Dragon?” The old lady was dumbstruck at the moment. She was in disbelief.

    The current crocodile carcass was too different from the black dragon earlier.

    However, Ye Chen was not surprised at all. He lifted his eyes and looked at the pond. A white bead the size of a pigeon egg flew out of the giant crocodile’s body as he waved.

    “Looks like it’s the beast core that this evil animal cultivated, but why is there a demonic snake’s aura inside?”

    Ye Chen secretly frowned and put it away. He looked at the pond again. He subsequently looked at the old lady who was staring blankly.

    “Get your people to remove the water from the pond!”