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Chapter 127 - Killing A Thousand People Like A Piece of Cake

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 127: Killing A Thousand People Like A Piece of Cake

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    Everyone could not help but inhale sharply as soon as they heard what Ye Chen said.

    He wants to fight four people on his own?

    One must know that Li Chu and the rest were the four experts of the Black Miao Village apart from the high priest.

    “Mr. Ye, don’t be hasty. These four old dogs have powerful abilities. Not only that, but they’re also well versed in casting gu.”

    The old lady’s expression immediately changed and she said, “I’ll fight the two of them with my life alongside Mr. Ye!”

    “No need!”

    Ye Chen coldly said, “I’ve already said that I’ll kill these four useless things like killing dogs!”

    “You imbecile!

    “I, Yin Shi, will teach you a lesson today!”

    Yin Shi, who was standing beneath the tower, was furious. He leaped following the wooden brace of the village tower. He arrived at the tower as if he was walking on the walls.


    A palm print was consolidating in the air as Yin Shi charged his palm. It was charging at Ye Chen in a terrifying manner.

    Xiao Ya screamed from the scare.

    Ye Chen casually charged with a single hand.

    Yin Shi’s head exploded in the next second. His body instantly fell onto the ground even before he could manage to shriek.

    Dead silence filled the village at that moment. Everyone looked petrified as they blankly stared at Ye Chen.

    A hit alone killed the Black Miao Village’s top expert Yin Shi! A top expert died just like that!

    The three Black Miao Village patriarchs had a shock on their faces. They could not accept it.

    Ye Chen lifted his eyes to look at the three of them as killing intent flashed in his eyes. He leaped from the village tower while carrying the little girl.

    He slowly walked toward the three of them as his icy voice echoed.

    “He’s the first, the three of you will be next!”

    The three of them instinctively took a step back. They had been overwhelmed by fear.

    They would take a step back whenever Ye Chen took a step forward.

    A domino effect ensued as around 1,000 people that the Black Miao Village brought were stepping back together.

    “Zhao Zilong in history fought 10,000 men and now Mr. Ye is killing 1,000 on his own. He’s the man!”

    The old lady was secretly shocked.

    Li Chu gulped in fear as Ye Chen was getting close to them. “This person is too powerful. Let’s retreat first and discuss the strategy again!”

    “Did you forget what the high priest said? If we failed to destroy the White Miao Village today, he’d toss all of us into the Divine Dragon Pond!” the other old man said.

    The three of them jolted hearing him.

    Li Chu clenched his teeth and said, “Since that’s the case, let’s kill him. We’ll fight him together!

    “Set up the formation!”

    He shouted and leaped into the air.

    The aura of the remaining two old men changed. They stood left and right as Li Chu leaped and stood on their shoulders. They were forming a herringbone shape.

    The aura on the three of them skyrocketed at the same time. A green light was shining on their bodies and they looked like a giant scorpion from faraway.

    “Mr. Ye, that’s the Black Miao Village’s Ultimate Evil Gu Formation.”

    The old lady’s expression changed and she immediately reminded. “The power of the three combined is on par with six people. There’s poison in their energy and regular people would die as soon as they touched it!”

    “Brat, we don’t care whether you’re Mad Southern Ye or not. I’m warning you one last time, don’t interfere with our Miao Village’s business.”

    Li Chu shouted and many people were spitting blood from the impact.

    “Since you know that I’m Mad Southern Ye, you guys should kneel down and accept your death now!”

    Ye Chen scoffed. “Power on par with six people? Don’t talk about six, I’d kill everyone even if there were 60 or even 600 people!

    “None of you will live today!”

    Ye Chen moved and charged at the three of them as soon as he was done speaking.


    Li Chu furiously growled.

    The giant scorpion on the three of them immediately turned into a shadow. It opened its gigantic mouth at Ye Chen!

    “Child’s play!

    “Divine Punch created in 33 days. The eight style, Dragon Claw!”

    Ye Chen snickered in disdain. While carrying his daughter in one hand, he grabbed onto the scorpion shadow that was charging at him with the other.

    A huge golden hand erected high. The powerful and majestic hand accurately grabbed onto the scorpion shadow.

    The shadow was instantly crushed. It seemed to have no strength to fight back and was destroyed just like that.


    The three of them spat a mouthful of blood and fell onto the ground as fear filled their faces.

    Never had they thought that their Ultimate Evil Gu Formation would be torn apart by Ye Chen like a piece of paper.

    “Go, let’s go. We’ll split!”

    Li Chu panicked. He had finally lost his will to battle as he turned around and ran away.

    As soon as he left, the other two no longer cared. They were running in different directions.

    “Mr. Ye, we mustn’t let them go. Otherwise, they would definitely bring the high priest here.” The old lady had a drastic change of expression. She was going after them.

    “Whoever I, Ye Chen, want to kill won’t be able to run!”

    Ye Chen slightly squinted. Instead of going after them, he slowly lifted his right hand as a fireball the size of an adult’s head consolidated.

    Everyone was shocked witnessing that and they could not speak anymore. They had respect in their eyes when they looked at him.

    At that moment, Ye Chen was like the reincarnation of the god of fire Zhurong to them.

    “Wow, daddy knows magic.” The little girl Mengmeng was the only excited person.


    Ye Chen thought to himself and the fireball in his palm divided into three. Each of them was going after the three who were running in different directions.

    The three of them who had run hundreds of meters away instinctively turned their heads. They saw something that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

    2They saw a fireball the size of a fist coming at them like a ghost fire. It slammed hard onto them and quickly began burning.

    Before they could even scream, they were burnt into dust within the blink of an eye.

    The scene was filled with dead silence at that moment.

    Ye Chen was the only one standing with the wind as his shirt fluttered loud.

    1Everyone had their eyes on him. Shock lingered on their faces.

    The Black Miao Village’s experts that came in an overbearing way were killed by him alone!

    Such a person was like a god!

    “Ye Chen, are you alright?” Xiao Ya, who was the first one to snap back to her senses, walked down from the village tower. She anxiously checked up on Ye Chen and his daughter.

    “I’m alright.”

    Ye Chen shook his head and lifted his eyes to look at the people from the Black Miao Village. They retreated many steps back from his stare.

    “We won’t kill those who surrender!” The old lady shouted after snapping back to her senses.

    Everyone from the Black Miao Village put down their weapons and kneeled onto the ground as soon as she spoke. Their movements were synchronized.

    “Mr. Ye, please accept my bow!”

    The old lady walked over and kneeled before Ye Chen. She said with utter gratitude, “If not for you, my White Miao Village might’ve been eradicated today. Your grace…”


    A brazier beneath the village tower suddenly exploded at that moment. The fire was over three meters high.

    A man in black robe slowly appeared in the fire.

    The man looked like he was bathing in the fire as he stared at Ye Chen with his head hiding under the black hoodie. He was as insidious as a demon.

    “Mad Southern Ye, you interfered in my business and killed the people of my tribe. I’ll be waiting for you at the Black Miao Village.

    “If you don’t come to me, I’ll send people from the village to go into Qiannan and kill everyone related to you, especially your family!”