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Chapter 126 - Are You Really Mad Southern Ye?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 126: Are You Really Mad Southern Ye?

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    Xiao Ya’s body shook. She turned around and blankly looked at Ye Chen.

    “Since when did I, Ye Chen, need a woman to protect me?

    “I’ll kill him as if I’m killing a chicken within ten steps!”

    Those two short sentences were gentle, overbearing, and filled with disdain at the same time!

    She was stirring inside.

    It made her absentmindedly stare at him for a moment.

    “You sure are arrogant, you imbecile!”

    Wu Qu was enraged after hearing what Ye Chen said. He was so mad that his lungs were about to burst.

    He slammed hard, standing 15 steps away. The wind coming from his palm was terrifying. He charged with his palm like a hungry tiger coming after its prey.

    “Ye Chen, run!” Xiao Ya panicked at that moment.

    1Ye Chen shook his head as he took a step forward and protected Xiao Ya behind him.

    “It’s great. The Miao Village is ending, the tribe people are dying. I’m happy to die with you.”

    1Tears were rolling down Xiao Ya’s face. Melancholy filled her beautiful face as she took a deep breath.

    However, she saw Ye Chen extend his hand and grab hard in the air. A white light consolidated in his palm and took the shape of a sword.

    Xiao Ya could only see the white light flash before her eyes. She instinctively closed her eyes.

    When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to find Wu Xu standing still ten steps away staring at Ye Chen with his eyes wide open.

    A bloody cut was growing on his neck.

    Ye Chen coldly said, “I’ve said that I’ll kill you as if I’m killing a chicken within ten steps!”

    Wu Xu’s head fell onto the ground as soon as he was done talking. His remaining body soon followed.


    Xiao Ya exclaimed out loud. She softly covered her red lips as she watched that in disbelief.

    Grandpa Wu, who was the second most powerful in the village after granny, died just like that? Not only that, but he did not even come close to Ye Chen from the start until his death?

    H-How was that possible?

    She instantly kneeled toward Ye Chen after she snapped back to her senses. “Ye Chen, I’m begging you. Please save my granny, please save the people of my tribe!”

    She understood it now.

    Her granny and the rest had underestimated him!

    The tribe’s people underestimated him!

    Ye Chen was the real expert!

    Ye Chen lifted his eyes and looked around. He realized that half of the White Miao Village people were dead or hurt. Two of the three experts were killed. The old lady was the only one who was fighting alone.

    He was hesitating. He did not want to interfere in the Miao Village’s internal conflict. He only saved Xiao Ya because she was an old classmate.

    “Ye Chen, I’m begging you. My granny and the rest mistreated you, I’ll apologize to you for their behavior.” Xiao Ya thought he was unwilling to help them. She was kowtowing to him.

    Even Mengmeng could not bear to look at it. She pulled Ye Chen’s collar and said, “Daddy, please save them. I’m craving for that chicken stew.”

    “Alright then!”

    Ye Chen awkwardly chuckled and nodded. He extended his arm and shot Wu Xu’s head toward Li Chu who was fighting the old lady at the moment.

    Li Chu felt the wind whistle behind his back. He turned around and instantly threw a punch after slamming the old lady away with his palm.

    Wu Xu’s head exploded into a pile of bloody mush.

    Li Chu closely looked and saw Xiao Ya and a young man carrying a little girl standing on the village tower. The young man’s shirt was fluttering with the wind.

    “How are you guys still alive? Where’s Wu Xu?!”

    Li Chu instinctively asked. He seemed to have recalled something as he spoke. He immediately looked at the bloody mush on the ground and was shocked.

    The Illuminating Pulse expert Wu Xu was killed just like that?

    At the same time, everyone looked at the two people on the village tower hearing what Li Chu said.

    “Nini, why are you still here? Go now!” The old lady looked clumsy with her messy hair and a severed arm.

    Xiao Ya took a deep breath and loudly said, “Granny, Ye Chen killed Grandpa Wu!”

    “What? The traitor Wu Xu is dead?”

    Everyone was stunned. They were shocked and elated at the same time. They immediately looked at Ye Chen standing next to Xiao Ya.

    “I must be blind to have underestimated an expert!”

    The old lady was stunned at first. She subsequently laughed out loud while looking at Ye Chen. “Mr. Ye, my White Miao Village will never forget your grace of helping us eradicate the traitor. Please bring Nini with you, I’ll definitely pay you back in my next life!”

    “Leave? Where do you think you’re going?!”

    Li Chu grinned and looked at Ye Chen with a terrifying gaze. “Brat, I’m giving you a chance. Did you kill Wu Xu?”

    He could not believe that a young man could kill Wu Xu so easily.

    Surrounded by everyone’s gaze, Ye Chen coldly said while carrying the little girl, “So what if I did? Not only did I kill Wu Xu, but I’ve also killed your Black Miao Village’s Li Yuan. And now, I’m going to kill all of you!”

    Dead silence spread as soon as he said that.

    Everyone blankly looked at Ye Chen.

    So arrogant!

    Four experts from the Black Miao Village led 2,000 people to attack today and he said that he would kill everyone on his own!

    “Brat, who do you think you are? You sure know how to boast!” Li Chu laughed from the rage as killing intent flashed in his eyes.

    “My name is Ye Chen, I’m Xiao Ya’s friend!”

    Ye Chen looked at everyone and said in an extremely coldly voice, “Of course, I’ve another identity. I’m the Mad Southern Ye of Tiannan!”

    Mad Southern Ye of Tiannan?

    Everyone, including Xiao Ya and the old lady, was stunned. They could not recall such a person at all. Of course, that had something to do with them living in the mountain with no communication with the outside world.

    “I don’t care if you’re Mad Southern Ye or Mad Northern Ye. I must kill you today!” Li Chu yelled. Just when he was going to attack, someone suddenly stopped him.

    “Patriarch! we can’t afford to do that.”

    A middle-aged man with thick brows and big eyes showed himself behind Li Chu. The middle-aged man lifted his eyes to look at Ye Chen as his expression changed drastically. “A-Are you really Mad Southern Ye?”

    Ye Chen remained silent.

    The middle-aged man looked at him again. The shock on his face was growing. He mumbled as if he was talking to himself. “Yes, he looks exactly like what the rumor says!”

    “Li Feng, what are you mumbling about?” Li Chu said with a grim face.

    “Patriarch, let’s retreat. We can’t do it with this man here!” Cold sweat dripped down Li Feng’s forehead. He secretly glanced at Ye Chen as he was done speaking. His face was filled with respect.

    “Is he famous out there?” Li Chu could not help but ask.

    Black Miao Village had assigned Li Feng to run errands outside. He was also the one who was taking in new intel at the same time since he was always out there.

    “Not only is he famous, everybody knows him!”

    Li Feng gulped. “He’s a Tiannan legend, and also the Tiannan No.1. Rumor has it that he killed a Martial Dao master!”


    Li Chu felt his scalp go numb. He could not help but look at Ye Chen again. He was secretly shocked.

    A Martial Dao master was just a legend to them who was powerful just like the high priest in the village.

    If that brat was really what Li Feng described, more so if he was a Martial Dao master himself, would they be his match?

    Li Feng’s voice was of a normal volume but everyone heard him loud and clear.

    “Mr. Ye is a Martial Dao master?” the old lady was shocked.

    Xiao Ya opened her beautiful eyes wide as she looked at Ye Chen. She could not believe it.

    “What nonsense is this Mad Southern Ye?!”

    A scoff was heard as an old man in black robe from the Black Miao Village walked over.

    “Li Chu, I can’t believe that you took this nonsense seriously despite all the experiences that you have. Even if Mad Southern Ye is really just as Li Feng described, how are you so sure that this brat is Mad Southern Ye?”

    “I, Yin Shi, don’t believe it!”

    Li Chu reacted immediately after hearing that. He looked at Ye Chen with a grim face. “Brat, I don’t care whether you’re Mad Southern Ye or not. I’m giving you a chance to scram, otherwise…”

    “No need!”

    Li Chu was interrupted before he was done speaking.

    Ye Chen waved his hand.

    “Why would I, Ye Chen, be afraid of a few useless things like you guys? Come at me together!”