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Chapter 125 - I’ll Kill Him As If I’m Killing A Chicken Within Ten Steps

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 125: I’ll Kill Him As If I’m Killing A Chicken Within Ten Steps

    On the next day before daybreak, someone knocked on the door of the room where Ye Chen and Mengmeng were staying.

    It was the old lady from yesterday. She stood upright at the door with her walking stick and expressionlessly said, “Mr. Ye, I think it’s time for you to leave. Forgive my Miao Village for not throwing you a feast.”

    The few old men from before stood behind her. Tashan and Xiao Ya were present too.

    Apart from Xiao Ya, the rest were not exactly friendly with the father and daughter. There was even some faint hostility and rejection towards them.

    “We’ll leave after we are done packing.”

    Ye Chen calmly smiled and subsequently closed the door. He did not plan to stay in the White Miao Village anyway. Moreover, he had already removed the gu in Xiao Ya’s body.

    He walked to the bed to wake Mengmeng up. The little girl rubbed her sleepy eyes and said, “Daddy, I’m so sleepy. I still want to sleep more.”

    “Wake up now. We’re going to see the grassland.” Ye Chen comforted.


    In the courtyard outside the room, Xiao Ya asked in confusion while biting her lip, “Granny, the sun is not even out yet, why do you have to chase Ye Chen out in such hurry?”

    “That guy came out of nowhere. It’s natural that we can’t let him stay any longer. We’ve already broken the rule for letting him stay overnight,” an old man said with his deep voice.

    Xiao Ya immediately said, “Grandpa Fang, I’ve already told you that he’s my classmate. How would he be coming out of nowhere?”

    “Can you explain how your classmate possesses the ability to kill Li Yuan?” the old man named Fang asked while maintaining his stance.

    Xiao Ya was speechless.

    “Nini, just let your classmate go.”

    The other old man said after toning it down. “He killed a man from the Black Miao Village. We can only protect him now, not for the rest of his life. Moreover, our village has different opinions about him. Some people even suggested sacrificing him to the Black Miao Village to solve the vengeance.”

    “Grandpa Wu, why are you guys doing this? Do you not know that Ye Chen saved me and Tashan.” Xiao Ya’s pretty face changed. She was rather mad.

    “Nini, how can you speak to Grandpa Wu like that?”

    The old lady scolded. “The Black Miao Village’s ability is more powerful than ours. The high priest aside, the four patriarchs Li, Yin, Zhao, and Ma are all Illuminating Pulse experts. We’re no match for them, the most we can do is protect ourselves.

    “That’s why it’s the best for us to get that guy to leave before the sun rises.”

    Xiao Ya felt troubled. She could only nod and accept that.

    “Nini, don’t tell me that you fell in love with that guy?” the old lady coughed and asked while pretending to be casual.

    “What are you talking about, granny? I don’t like him.” Xiao Ya’s pretty face flushed and could not stop stomping her feet.

    The old lady instinctively looked at the remaining patriarchs. Everyone’s face was turning grim.

    The women in the White Miao Village would never marry an outsider. It was a rule that was passed down since the beginning and was the iron law.

    Just when the few of them were talking, Ye Chen walked out of the room while carrying the little girl.

    Noticing that everyone was looking at him in an unkind manner, he casually said, “May I know where the exit is?”

    “Ye Chen, I’ll show you out,” Xiao Ya said out loud as she walked toward him.

    However, the old lady grabbed her hand. “Nini, there’s gu in your body so you shouldn’t tire yourself out. Let granny show your classmate out.”

    Two ladies held onto her as soon as the old lady was done.

    “Granny…” Xiao Ya began sobbing.

    The old lady ignored her and glanced at Ye Chen after turning her head, “Follow me, Mr. Ye. This old lady will send you out.”

    Ye Chen lightly smiled at Xiao Ya and caught up to the old lady. They were walking toward the White Miao Village’s entrance.

    The duo said nothing along the way.

    When they arrived at the village entrance, the old lady suddenly stopped walking. She turned around and expressionlessly looked at Ye Chen. “I don’t care about your relationship with Nini. I’m warning you, don’t ever come back after you leave. Don’t ever speak to Nini. Of course, we won’t let her out again.”

    “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.”

    Ye Chen frowned.

    “To put it simply, the women in our White Miao Village won’t marry outsiders, nor will they marry ordinary men. She’s destined to marry our White Miao Village’s future high priest.”

    The old lady paused for some time. She then scoffed and said, “Don’t get any funny ideas just because you saved Nini. Although you killed that useless Li Yuan, that little achievement of yours is nothing to us. I can kill you as easy as how you killed Li Yuan.”

    They discussed Ye Chen last night.

    Their conclusion was that not only did Ye Chen not know oriental black magic, but there was also no energy wave in his body.

    They could only conclude that Ye Chen was trained in some foreign martial art and he happened to kill Li Yuan by luck.

    “Don’t worry, I’ve never had any funny ideas about Xiao Ya. The only reason why I saved her was that I was in a good mood.”

    Ye Chen calmly smiled. He suddenly looked at the village entrance far away as if he had sensed something. He frowned and said, “They sure have good timing.”

    “What did you say?” The old lady was stunned.

    Sparks and shrieks were coming 100 meters outside the village exit at that moment.

    “Attack, attack…”

    The old lady’s face changed. She quickly ran to the entrance leaving Ye Chen behind.

    At the same time, everyone in the White Miao Village had also heard the commotion. Very soon, around 1,000 people were coming over with a shocked expression. The leaders were the few patriarchs.

    “What exactly happened?”

    “The people from Black Miao Village are attacking us!”

    “Everyone from the Black Miao Village is here. Apart from the high priest, all four patriarchs are here!”


    News that was getting more and more stirring exploded in the crowd’s ears. They were turning pale from the shock.

    The White Miao Village had always been obedient and strict which caused their ability to be weaker than the Black Miao Village. Now that everyone from the enemy’s side was here, they were worried about the White Miao Village’s fate.

    They quickly ran to the village entrance and saw a dense fire burning on the land beneath. Everyone wore black and they looked like a group of locusts.

    The leaders were four old men in black. They had long hair and wore a grim expression. Their majesty was stunning!

    The old lady went up to the village tower and looked at the four old men beneath with a grim face. “What are you doing, Li Chu? Are you declaring war with my White Miao Village?”

    “Xiao Xuan, you old thing. Your White Miao Village killed my Black Miao Village’s Li clan’s core disciple, Li Yuan. We must take revenge today. The high priest has ordered us to destroy your White Miao Village!”

    The person named Li Chu was an old man with gray hair. There was a giant snake that was as thick as a thigh next to him. It was showing its sharp fangs.

    “Nonsense, hasn’t your Black Miao Village been killing our White Miao Village’s people?” Someone on top of the village tower was enraged.

    Li Chu scoffed. “Open the door within a minute. Everyone kneel and surrender. Otherwise, it would mean chaos for this place today!”

    “Let’s fight, do you think my White Miao Village is afraid of you?!” Wu Tashan furiously said while holding an ax.

    Just when he was done speaking, an old man slapped him until he was unconscious.

    The old man carried him and directly leaped from the tower. He was killing the White Miao Village people that were guarding the village gate.

    “Stop it, Wu Xu. Do you know what you’re doing?” the old lady stomped her walking stick hard. She was enraged.

    Xiao ya softly covered her red lips. She lost it and exclaimed out loud, “Grandpa Wu, don’t do it. No…”

    Everyone was in disbelief.

    Wu Xu was the patriarch of White Miao Village’s Wu clan. He was also the second and last person in the village who was on Illuminating Pulse. Nobody expected him to betray the village!

    “Haha, you old thing, Xiao Xuan. I bet you didn’t see this coming? Your White Miao Village’s second expert has belonged to my Black Miao Village since the very beginning!”

    Li Chu beneath laughed out loud. “Let me tell you something. In reality, Wu Xu has always been our man. He was the one who captured and brought your granddaughter Nini to our high priest back then.”


    The old lady felt like she was struck by lightning. She looked at Wu Xu who was killing his own people in disbelief. She spat a mouthful of blood as she said, “How dare you, Wu Xu?!”

    “I’m sorry, Xiao Xuan. The high priest has powerful abilities, and I don’t want to be with you guys in the sinking ship. It is only wise to follow the high priest,” Wu Xu coldly said.

    Xiao Ya was dumbstruck.

    ‘So the Grandpa Wu that I’ve loved the most betrayed me.’


    Wu Xu opened the village’s gate!

    “Kill them! Destroy the White Miao Village, leave no man behind!”

    Li Chu waved as the thousands of Black Miao Village people rushed into the village. They were shooting arrows and casting gu. At that moment, there were snakes, rats, worms, and insects everywhere. Devastating shrieks could be heard.

    There were initially only two patriarchs in the White Miao Village who possessed Illuminating Pulse cultivation base while all four patriarchs from the Black Miao Village were on Illuminating Pulse. Both sides were imbalanced in terms of ability since the start.

    Now that Wu Xu betrayed them, it was undoubtedly a destructive blow to the White Miao Village.

    The old lady was fighting Wu Xu and another Illuminating Pulse expert from the Black Miao Village alone. Meanwhile, the other two Illuminating Pulse experts from the Black Miao Village were going into the crowd like a tiger among a flock of sheep.

    The old lady was distracted as she watched half of the White Miao Village people being hurt and killed. As she was surrounded by two experts, one of her arms was severed by Li Chu’s giant snake.

    Xiao Ya almost passed out. “Granny!”

    “Nini, leave. Leave right now. The farther you go, the better. Don’t ever come back!

    “My White Miao Village is dying, what exactly did we do wrong?!”

    The old lady kept spitting blood.

    The few disciples from the Xiao clan on the village tower grabbed onto Xiao Ya. Their eyes were bloodshot. “Nini, there’s no way of turning this around. Let’s go, we’ll get you out even if we end up being killed. As long as you’re alive, our White Miao Village will live on. Don’t waste your granny’s effort!”

    “Wu Xu, capture that bitch now. If she escapes, that would be the end of us!” Li Chu slammed his palm on the old lady as he screamed.

    Wu Xu, who was killing people in the crowd, nodded in acknowledgment. With his Illuminating Pulse cultivation base, he was moving as if there was nobody around. He arrived at the village tower after a few leaps.

    The Xiao clan disciples who were guarding by Xiao Ya’s side clenched their teeth and fearlessly charged.

    “You fools!”

    Wu Xu scoffed and killed all of them within the blink of an eye. He then slowly walked toward Xiao Ya.

    Xiao Ya instinctively took a step back toward Ye Chen as she looked at Wu Xu in pain. “Grandpa Wu, w-why?”

    “Self-preservation is the first law of nature!”

    Wu Xu looked cold and his gaze was no longer as gentle as before. He had his eyes on Ye Chen who was behind Xiao Ya. “You too, follow me. Don’t dare fight with me. I’m not as useless as that Li Yuan!”

    “I’ll go with you, let Ye Chen and his daughter go!” Xiao Ya’s beautiful body lightly shook. Despair was apparent on her face.

    “Do you think I’d allow it?”

    Wu Xu snickered.

    “Ye Chen, I’ll stop him. Just take your daughter and run. He doesn’t dare to kill me.” Xiao Ya clenched her teeth. Determination flashed through her pretty eyes.

    Just when she was ready to charge at Wu Xu, a big hand grabbed onto her shoulder. A cold voice subsequently came.

    “Since when did I, Ye Chen, need a woman to protect me?

    “Moreover, he’s just someone useless. I’ll kill him as if I’m killing a chicken within ten steps!”