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Chapter 123 - I Killed Him With A Slap

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 123: I Killed Him With A Slap

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    “What if I refuse to?”

    Everyone present was dumbstruck as soon as Ye Chen talked with a serious expression.

    Wu Tashan groaned as he lay on the ground. Rage was building up in him.

    ‘You idiot, can’t you read the atmosphere? Even I’m no match for Li Yuan, so what’s the use of an ordinary person like you refusing him?’

    “Ye Chen…” Xiao Ya could not help but call out to him.

    She did not want Ye Chen to go with Li Yuan, nor did she want Ye Chen to fight. After all, he might be killed on the spot.

    Uncle Li was stunned. He then scoffed and said, “Brat, though I admire your guts, I admire your naivety even more.”

    Ordinary people would be scared if they saw so many gu when he broke Wu Tashan’s attack with his oriental black magic earlier.

    However, this guy before him did not. He assumed that Ye Chen was just dumb. A young man who was fearless of death and wanted to save the damsel in distress.

    “However, there’s a price to pay for your naivety!”

    Uncle Li stared at Ye Chen with a ferocious gleam in his eyes. “I’ll show you what it feels like being tortured so much that you’d rather want death!”

    A black smoke flashed as soon as he was done speaking, and countless venomous snakes appeared on the ground within the blink of an eye.

    The venomous snakes tangled together. They moved their small and pointy heads and charged toward Ye Chen with their bloody tongues.

    Wu Tashan, who had seen gu since he was young, could not help but feel numb in his scalp as fear filled his eyes.

    ‘That’s the end of this brat!’

    Xiao Ya directly fell onto the ground and her pretty face turned pale. “N-No. Ye Chen, run! run right now!”

    “Daddy, I’m scared of snakes.” Mengmeng’s tiny body shook while she buried her head into Ye Chen’s embrace. She dared not look at the snakes directly.

    “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

    Ye Chen patted her shoulder and lifted his eyes to look at the snakes that were charging at him from all directions. An electric gleam flashed through his eyes.

    The snakes suddenly stopped. As if they had encountered something terrifying, they turned around and charged at Uncle Li instead.

    “Go back, go back!” Uncle Li’s expression changed. He could not stop ordering them.

    However, the snakes kept charging at him as if they had gone berserk. Soon, they arrived beneath his legs and began biting him insanely.

    Wu Tashan and Xiao Ya were stunned and thought they were hallucinating.

    Uncle Li groaned in pain. He flicked his fingers and one snake with a bigger triangular head exploded among them.

    The remaining snakes died at the same time.

    That was the gu king. The person who controlled the gu would tame a gu king and get it to lead the other gu.

    Li Yuan instantly took out a white bottle and swallowed whatever was inside it. He looked at Ye Chen with disbelief in his eyes. “Brat, who exactly at you? How do you know the Gu Control Method?”

    He had his guard up against Ye Chen at that moment. He thought the latter was just an ordinary person and had never expected his own gu to go against himself.


    A palm came slapping him.

    Uncle Li’s face froze.

    His head was like a spinning top, whereby it spun in circles a few times. His face eventually turned to his back and he fell hard on the ground.

    Ye Chen clapped his hands and coldly said, “You talk too much!”

    His action and expression seemed as if he had just killed a mosquito.

    There was dead silence at the scene.

    Xiao Ya was stunned.

    Wu Tashan’s eyes were wide open as he stared. He looked like he had seen a ghost.

    As an Internal Energy expert and a master who controlled gu, Li Yuan died just like that?

    Not only that, but he was killed by a single slap.

    How was that possible?

    Ye Chen walked to Xiao Ya while carrying the little girl. He lightly smiled at her and said, “I told you nobody can hurt you while I’m here.”

    Xiao Ya blankly stared at him. Her chest was undulating and she felt like she was dreaming.

    W-Was this really her mediocre-looking high school classmate?

    Wu Tashan forcefully stood up from the ground and looked at Ye Chen with his guard up. “Who exactly are you? What’s your intention behind following Nini?”

    He had underestimated Ye Chen!

    How would a person with such power be ordinary? It was even more impossible for him to be Nini’s classmate.

    “My name is Ye Chen, I’m Xiao Ya’s old classmate.” Ye Chen patted the little girl’s head and calmly smiled as if nothing had happened.

    At the same time, quick footsteps were heard coming from the jungle far away.

    Xiao Ya was shocked.

    “Don’t worry, the patriarchs are here.” Wu Tashan’s expression changed and joy surfaced on his face.

    Four silhouettes got out of the jungle within a few breaths of time. There were three men and one woman. They looked rather old. They were around 50 to 60 years of age and were all wearing Miao Tribe’s attire.

    The leading one was an old lady holding a walking stick.

    Ye Chen looked serious.

    The aura on these few people was more powerful than Li Yuan. The leading old lady had an Illuminating Pulse cultivation base while one of the three remaining old men also had an Illuminating Pulse cultivation base.

    The remaining two were on peak Internal Energy.

    The old lady saw Xiao Ya as soon as she arrived. She was elated and instantly went to her.



    Xiao Ya fell into her embrace like a bird returning to its nest. She was emotional.

    “I’ve finally met you again. It’s great that you’re home, it’s great that you’re home.” The old lady tightly held onto her. Both of them could not stop crying.

    One of the old men quickly walked to Wu Tashan and held him up. “Tashan, are you alright?”

    “I’m fine, Ah Pu. Li Yuan’s gu bit me.” Wu Tashan held his head down, feeling embarrassed. He looked like a child that had made some mistake.

    The old man’s face turned grim. “Where’s Li Yuan?”

    “He’s over there.” Wu Tashan turned around and pointed at the place where Li Yuan was lying.

    The few old men quickly walked over there. They were shocked when they saw Li Yuan’s body.

    The old man looked at Wu Tashan and said in shock, “Tashan, were you the one to kill him?”

    “Tashan is so powerful to be able to kill Li Yuan.” The other old man was over the moon.

    “That’s right, Tashan is even more powerful than his father back then.”


    The few old men started complimenting him.

    Wu Tashan’s cheeks flushed and he shook his head in an unnatural manner. He then looked at Ye Chen who was standing aside and said, “He is the one who killed Li Yuan.”

    Everyone had their eyes on Ye Chen at that moment, including the old lady.

    The old lady took a good look at Ye Chen in an unfriendly manner. She realized that he was an outsider judging by his attire and asked while holding her walking stick upright, “Nini, who is he?”

    At the same time, the other three old men walked towards Ye Chen one after another. There were faint discrimination and ill-intention in them.

    Xiao Ya immediately blocked in front of Ye Chen and explained. “Ah Pu, Ah Na, granny, Ye Chen is Nini’s classmate from the outside. He’s also our savior, he is the one who killed Li Yuan earlier.”

    The few old men looked at each other. They saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

    The old lady nodded and looked at Ye Chen with a terrifying gaze. “How did you kill him?”

    The rest glared at Ye Chen. They were ready to attack Ye Chen if he was dishonest with his answer.

    Surrounded by everybody’s stare, Ye Chen calmly said, “It’s simple, I killed him with a slap.”

    Everyone present was left dumbstruck as soon as they heard his answer.

    “You killed him with a slap?” The old lady asked again.

    Ye Chen nodded with a calm expression. “That’s right. He talked away too much, I couldn’t take it.”

    “You’re lying. Li Yuan was an Internal Energy ancient martial artist and an expert in controlling gu. How is it possible that for a man like you to kill him with a slap?” The old man standing next to Wu Tashan scoffed.

    The other Internal Energy old man nodded. “That’s right. Although Li Yuan’s ability is under me, even I can’t kill him with a slap.”

    “Whatever you guys say.” Ye Chen coldly shook his head.

    He did not bother to talk to this bunch of old people, nor did he bother to explain himself.

    Xiao Ya panicked seeing them doubt Ye Chen and said, “Ah Pu, Ah Na, granny, it was really Ye Chen who killed Li Yuan. Please don’t trouble him.”

    “Alright, alright. I won’t trouble him.”

    The old lady patted her hand with a kind look on her face. She said to the old men with her, “Li Yuan is dead, the Black Miao Village will find out sooner or later. We shouldn’t stay, let’s return to the village.”

    The few of them nodded and were leaving with the old lady.

    Ye Chen turned around while carrying the little girl. He was planning to walk the other way.

    “Ye Chen!”

    Xiao Ya’s voice came from behind.

    He turned around. Xiao Ya ran over and said with a complicated expression on her face, “Ye Chen, can you follow us? You killed Li Yuan and have offended the Black Miao Village. I’m worried that they’d come for revenge.”

    “Nini, have you forgotten about our White Miao Village’s rule? No outsiders allowed!” the old lady condemned her from far away.

    Xiao Ya begged. “Granny, Ye Chen only offended the Black Miao Village to save us. We can’t be ungrateful. Could you break the rule for this one time?”

    “Ah Pu, can we bring him along? The situation is critical…”

    Even Wu Tashan could not help but speak. Although he did not like Ye Chen, he was not an ungrateful person.

    The few old men looked at the old lady and were clearly waiting for her to decide.

    The old lady looked at Xiao Ya and then she looked at Ye Chen. She said with a deep voice, “Sure, bring him with us.”


    Ye Chen could not help but interrupt. “I don’t think I agreed to go back with you guys? Shouldn’t you guys ask for my opinion?”