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Chapter 121 - Battle Between Black and White

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 121: Battle Between Black and White

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    After Xiao Ya got off the bus, she turned her head to look for a few times before running up the hill. She entered a bamboo loft on top of the hill over 20 meters away.

    The bamboo loft was approximately a hundred square meters wide, and it was quiet and peaceful. There were all sorts of strange plants at the entrance. A bird was resting on a purple flower.

    The purple flower opened suddenly and swallowed the bird. As a series of crunching sounds were heard, a bunch of feathers were left on the ground.

    Meanwhile, there were many snakes in various colors slithering around those flowers with their bloody tongues out.

    The strange thing was that the snakes and flowers would open a path for Xiao Ya when she approached them. She did not stay as she walked directly into the bamboo loft.

    There was a man in a black robe with his hands behind his back. There was a green, long snake slithering on each side of his shoulders.

    Xiao Ya called out in fear, “Uncle Li!”

    Uncle Li remained still.

    The two long snakes on his shoulders charged and pounced towards Xiao Ya’s face directly. They revealed their long and sharp teeth, causing her to fall, and her pretty face turned pale.

    As Uncle Li waved, both snakes retreated back to his shoulders. He said without turning his head, “I asked you to put gu into the father and daughter’s bodies. Why haven’t you done that?”

    He could sense where his gu was.

    “Uncle Li, Ye Chen and his daughter are innocent. I-I can’t do it,” Xiao Ya cried while covering her mouth.


    A long snake attacked and slapped Xiao Ya’s face directly, so she was beaten to the ground.

    Uncle Li turned his head instantly and said while looking at her with his grim expression, “You can’t do it or you’re unwilling to do it for some other reason? Don’t tell me that you’re having an affair with him?”

    “I-I don’t.” Xiao Ya bit her lip hard while covering the blood on her face. Her exquisite beauty made her looked extra pitiful.

    “If it wasn’t the high priest who asked me to bring you back, I’d have killed you for going against my order.” Uncle Li scoffed and glared at her coldly. “Since you can’t do it, I’ll capture the father and daughter myself.”

    He flapped his sleeve and walked to the door after saying that.

    “N-no, Uncle Li. I’m begging you!” Xiao Ya’s pretty face changed. However, one of the snakes was strangling her.

    At that moment, the snake that was around her neck suddenly caught on fire. It fell to the ground and turned into dust.

    Uncle Li, who had just walked to the door, turned his head quickly. “Who’s that?”

    “Hmph, Li Yuan, you’re just the high priest’s dog. What makes you think that you have the right to do this to Nini?” A condescending scoff came.

    A fist broke the bamboo window of the room all of a sudden. Subsequently, a young man in black walked in.

    The young man had long, slightly wavy hair that reached his shoulders. He looked rather handsome, and there was a hoop ring on his nose. He seemed to have a Westernized vibe.

    “Tashan!” Xiao Ya exclaimed out loud.

    Tashan’s eyes were filled with love when he gazed at her. “Nini, I’m here. I’m here to save you!”

    Uncle Li was stunned at first, but then he scoffed after seeing who that was. “I was wondering who it was. So, it’s you, Wu Tashan from the White Miao Village. How dare you come to me instead of waiting for death to come to you in the White Miao Village?”

    “Why wouldn’t I dare? Nini is from our White Miao Village, and she’s my fiance. Even if she’s returning to Miao Village, she’s going back to the White Miao Village with me!” Wu Tashan fought back fearlessly.

    Uncle Li smirked instead of being mad. “Who are you people from the White Miao Village anyway? We, from the Black Miao, have been suppressing you guys over a century. You guys don’t even dare to breathe loudly in our presence. So what if Xiao Ya is your fiance? She belongs to the high priest now.”

    “Bullsh*t!” Enraged, Wu Tashan seemed to be triggered. “Our Miao Village was initially peaceful where we minded our own business. It was divided because of traitors like you guys who have nothing better to do. Otherwise, why would we be separated into White Miao and Black Miao?

    “The high priest of the few generations from you guys especially went for some Immortality Method. Not only did you guys cultivate gu and are addicted to killing, but you have even gotten your hands on our White Miao Village.”

    Wu Tashan was getting angrier as he spoke, “I have a marriage arrangement with Nini since young. If not for her being kidnapped by your guys back then, we might’ve been married now!”

    Xiao Ya’s heart ached when she heard him.

    15 years ago, she was the famous beauty of the White Miao Village. Nicknamed Nini, with her unique body that was a match for gu, she was eventually labeled as the White Miao Village Virgin.

    Back then, Wu Tashan was the young master of the Wu family. Both of them fell in love and were engaged since the very beginning. Nobody would have expected that she would be kidnapped by the people from the Black Miao Village while picking herbs in the mountain.

    Because of her unique body, the Black Miao Village’s high priest planted gu in her.

    To prevent the people from White Miao Village from finding out about this, the Black Miao Village got Li Yuan to bring her out of the Miao Village quietly.

    “So what? How dare a brat like you come here to save this b*tch? Don’t you know your limit?” Uncle Li snickered with sarcasm. Disdain filled his eyes when he glared at Wu Tashan. “There’s a path to heaven, but you chose to venture into this hell that you can’t handle.

    “Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. I’ll just capture you and toss you into the Ten-thousand Snake Cave to be bitten by 10,000 snakes. I’ll then get the high priest to destroy the White Miao Village!”

    He could not help but looked at Wu Tashan coldly after saying that. He thought that the young man would be scared to hear his threat.

    “You old fart, do you really think that I’m the same Wu Tashan from 15 years ago?!”

    Never had he thought that Wu Tashan would be grinning instead. “Let me tell you this. I’ve already contacted people in the village along the way here. The reason why I’m talking at length to you is to buy time for my White Miao Village’s Patriarch Wu, Patriarch Fang, Patriarch Deng, and Patriarch Xiao here!”

    “You b*stard!”

    Uncle Li was infuriated. He moved and charged towards Wu Tashan with a slap, planning to end this right away.

    However, immediately after he took two steps out, white smoke appeared before him. There was an odd smell in the air.

    “Oh, no. It’s toxic smoke!” Uncle Li’s expression changed as he stopped and covered his mouth and nose.

    “Let’s go!”

    At the same time, Wu Tashan broke the window and ran away while carrying Xiao Ya. He moved swiftly.

    Xiao Ya urged while being in his embrace, “Tashan, leave now. Don’t mind me. It’s useless even if I return home since the high priest’s gu is inside me.”

    “Don’t worry, Nini. I’ll get the patriarch to remove the gu from your body,” Wu Tashan said while running and panting, “Don’t speak. It was just an illusion smoke that I released earlier. Li will come after us after he realizes that.”

    “D-didn’t you say that all of the four patriarchs are here?” Stunned, Xiao Ya said suddenly with her eyes wide open, “Did you lie to him?”

    “That’s right. If I didn’t lie to him, how would I be able to appear fearless and how would he be stirred?” Wu Tashan nodded strenuously, but he dared not slow down at all.

    The mountain unexpectedly became foggy and the road was blurry now.

    At that moment, a silhouette slowly materialized in the fog.

    Wu Tashan stopped walking and looked at the silhouette with his guard up. His expression looked serious.

    ‘Can it be someone from the Black Miao Village?’

    It was a skinny, young man carrying a little girl of four or five years old.

    After they saw how the person in the fog looked like, Xiao Ya, who was in Wu Tashan’s embrace, had disbelief written on her pretty face. “Ye Chen, why are you guys here?”