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Chapter 120 - Xiao Ya is Acting Weird

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 120: Xiao Ya is Acting Weird

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    When the people ran to the square outside the temple, they could not help but be dumbstruck.

    The sophisticated and majestic vintage temple turned into ruin within the blink of an eye. There were broken walls everywhere.

    Meanwhile, the monks also ran out of the temple. They were in pain as they looked at the mess.

    “What exactly happened?”

    “Was it an earthquake?”

    Everyone was shocked. Fortunately, apart from a few of them who suffered minor injuries, nobody was killed.

    “Brother, are you alright?” Zhang Daniu looked at Ye Chen while panting hard. He was still holding onto the urn.

    Ye Chen calmly smiled. “I’m alright.”

    Luo Qing was among the crowd too. His face turned extremely pale as he looked at Ye Chen with a bit of fear in his eyes. “Did you cause the Buddha statue to break and the temple to collapse?”

    There were no signs of an earthquake outside the temple while the inside had collapsed. It was clearly not an earthquake.

    Also, nothing was going on with the temple when they entered. However, the statue crashed and the temple collapsed as soon as Ye Chen prayed.

    His instinct told him that it had something to do with Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen smiled in an ignorant manner.

    “Luo Qing, what are you talking about? How can it be possible for him to have something to do with the crashing of the temple? It should be a coincidence.” Wu Yan said with a shocked face. She was almost hit by a pillar when she was running out earlier.

    Zhang Daniu scratched his head. “That’s right. I guess that it was an earthquake.”

    The few of them did not connect everything that had happened with Ye Chen. After all, it sounded ridiculous when they thought about it.

    Luo Qing took a good look at Ye Chen and said nothing more. However, he no longer dared to linger around Ye Chen. He walked far away to avoid him.

    “Daddy, how come the Buddha broke?” On the other hand, the little girl was disappointed and curious. She was not done looking at it.

    “Daddy has no idea,” Ye Chen said while smiling.

    At that moment, Xiao Ya walked over from the other side. However, her bodyguard who was following her earlier was nowhere to be seen.

    Xiao Ya walked over and smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, Ye Chen. I had something to handle.”

    Meanwhile, she had two bottles of sports drinks in her hand.

    “Don’t worry about it.”

    Ye Chen calmly smiled and asked while raising his brows, “Where’s that bodyguard of yours?”


    Xiao Ya paused and said in a rather unnatural manner, “Something happened at home, so I asked him to go back.”

    Ye Chen said nothing else after her short response.

    “Oh yeah, are you guys thirsty? I passed by a supermarket on my way, so I bought drinks for you and your daughter,” Xiao Ya shook the two bottles of sports drinks in her hand and passionately said.

    The little girl who was in Ye Chen’s embrace immediately nodded before he could speak. She obediently said, “Aunty Xiao, I’m very thirsty. Thank you so much.”

    “D-Don’t worry about it, aunty likes you very much.” Xiao Ya smiled and handed over the two bottles to Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen took one bottle and calmly said, “Thanks. I’m not very thirsty, we’ll share a bottle. You can have the other one yourself.”

    “I-It’s alright, I’m not thirsty.” Xiao Ya immediately waved.

    “I happened to be thirsty, you can give it to me.”

    At that moment, nobody knew where Luo Qing came from but he took the remaining bottle from Xiao Ya’s hand. He opened the cap and drank a few sips.

    Luo Qing wiped his mouth after drinking it. He looked at Xiao Ya and shamelessly smiled as he said, “Drinks from a beautiful lady are different indeed, it’s so satisfying.”

    “W-Who told you that you can drink it?” Xiao Ya angrily glared at him. She instinctively raised her pitch much higher.

    Luo Qing was instantly scared. “Don’t be mad, it’s just a bottle of drink. I’ll buy you a bottle later.”

    He walked away right after saying that. He finished the bottle of drink while walking.

    “Daddy, Mengmeng is thirsty. I want to drink that.” The little girl coquettishly complained in Ye Chen’s embrace.

    A strange expression flashed through Ye Chen’s face when he opened the bottle. He was going to take a sip after opening his mouth.

    “Ye Chen!”

    Xiao Ya suddenly screamed at that moment.

    “What’s the matter?” Ye Chen looked at her in confusion.

    Xiao Ya immediately waved. “N-Nothing!”

    Ye Chen nodded. He picked up the bottle and lifted his head to drink it.


    Xiao Ya staggered and suddenly fell on him. She hit the bottle of drink and it directly fell down. The drinks spilled all over the ground.

    “I-I’m sorry, my legs are sore so I was wobbly.” Xiao Ya immediately retreated a few steps back. Her behavior seemed weird.

    The little girl looked upset and was about to cry. “Daddy, no more drinks for me.”

    “Don’t worry, daddy will buy some drinks for you later. I’ll get you anything you want to drink.” Ye Chen comforted her with a smile.

    He lifted his eyes to look at Xiao Ya. “Is there anything that you’d like to tell me?”


    Panic flashed through Xiao Ya’s eyes. She was shaking her head at first and then nodded. “Ye Chen, c-can you guys go home?”

    “Go home?” Ye Chen frowned.

    “That’s right, go home right now. Don’t go to Wumeng Grassland, don’t ever come here again.”

    Ye Chen asked, “Why?”

    “Ye Chen, please stop asking. I won’t hurt you.” Xiao Ya suddenly covered her mouth and buried her head. She was rather anxious.

    Ye Chen looked at her for a while and said after shaking his head, “I’m sorry, I’m here to fulfill my daughter’s dream. I won’t go home until I go to the grassland.”

    After he was done speaking, Ye Chen carried the little girl and walked over to the supermarket at the corner of the square. He bought a lot of food and drinks for her.

    “We’ve filled up the bus. Get on now, everyone. We’ll depart right away.” The tour guide Huang Lin spoke through the megaphone.

    Ye Chen got onto the bus while carrying the little girl. Xiao Ya had already taken her seat much earlier. Her pretty face had a slight change when she saw him, her fair and smooth hands were clenched tight.

    She seemed to be hesitating to say something.

    “Brother, the tour guide says that we’ll arrive at the grassland in 20 minutes,” Zhang Daniu approached him and said rather emotionally. He was instinctively hugging the urn in his arms even tighter.

    “Yes, we’re arriving soon.”

    Ye Chen smiled lightly and looked at Luo Qing sitting before him.

    Luo Qing could not stop scratching his body at that moment. He was continuously scratching his arms and occasionally scratched his back as he complained. “What’s this stupid place? My body is itching so bad.”

    Xiao Ya who was sitting next to Ye Chen lightly shivered as soon as he said that. She said, “Sir, please stop the bus. I want to get off.”

    The bus was instantly stopped.

    The tour guide Huang Lin walked over and asked in confusion, “Miss, we haven’t got to Wumeng Grassland yet. Are you sure you want to get off?”


    Xiao Ya nodded and glanced at Ye Chen and his daughter with a complicated expression while carrying her bag. “Ye Chen, something came up. I’m leaving.”

    She got off the bus and didn’t even wait for Ye Chen to respond.

    The bus moved again, Ye Chen looked at the direction where Xiao Ya got off in deep thought.

    After the bus moved a kilometer away, he lifted his head and said to the driver, “Sir, please stop the bus. We’re getting off too!”