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Chapter 119 - I’ve Already Said That They Can’t Handle Me

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 119: I’ve Already Said That They Can’t Handle Me

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    “There are so many people here, daddy!”

    Ye Chen squeezed among the crowd at the Guanghong Tempe’s entrance while carrying Mengmeng. The little girl looked curiously around with her eyes wide open. She was excited.

    Zhang Daniu followed close behind Ye Chen while carrying the urn. There was excitement on his face too. It must be his first time coming to a temple.

    Meanwhile, Wu Yan and Luo Qing walked behind them. Their eyes would fill with disdain and mockery when they occasionally looked at Ye Chen and Zhang Daniu.

    ‘Two hillbillies who have never seen the world.’

    Luo Qing looked around and did not see Xiao Ya.

    He could not help but feel rather disappointed. He subsequently walked to Ye Chen and asked, “Brother, where’s that beautiful lady who was beside you earlier?”

    He was sure that Xiao Ya was a beautiful lady. The more she ignored him, the more he wanted to talk to her.

    “No idea.”

    Ye Chen coldly said, he had no interest in speaking to him anymore. He walked into the temple with Zhang Daniu.

    Incense smoke was lingering around the vintage building. However, there were relatively fewer people inside and it seemed like most people were only interested in looking around outside.

    Luo Qing instantly caught up to them and pretended to be friendly. “I didn’t know that you’re a religious person too, brother. If you have the chance, you should go to Jiangzhe. I’ll bring you to the Lingyin Temple. It’s a temple that deserves to be called stylish and majestic.”

    “Brother, you’ve even been to the Lingyin Temple in the TV drama?” Zhang Daniu was stunned and asked before Ye Chen could speak.

    He enjoyed watching The Legend of Crazy Monk since he was young. He would be lying if he said he was not dreaming of going to the Lingyin Temple.

    Luo Qing proudly smiled. “That’s nothing, I’ve been to many places. Such as the Shaolin Temple in Mount Song, Hanshan Temple in Suzhou, and the White Horse Temple in Luoyang. There are just too many. I’ll need more than half an hour to list everything out.

    “The biggest feature of those places is burning the first incense. The incense price is charged according to its length. I once got the first incense that was 1.5 meters long and had to spend 5,000 yuan on that.”

    He was secretly checking out Ye Chen’s expression as he talked. However, Ye Chen looked normal as if he had not even heard what he said.

    The boasting Luo Qing suddenly felt upset and felt as if a fishbone had stuck in his throat.

    On the other hand, Zhang Daniu looked envious. “5,000 yuan for one incense? That’s worth my salary for two months.”

    “I heard that the Lingyin Temple blesses people in a relationship, is that true?” Wu Yan asked while walking.

    Luo Qing smiled and said, “Of course. There’s a Three-life Stone at the Lingyin Temple. Many couples go to the Lingyin Temple each year to make their wishes to the Three-Life Stone.”

    “I must go there when I get the chance.” Wu Yan was inspired by him.

    “This temple is pretty good too. The tour guide said earlier that it can make your dreams come true, especially in relationships and fertility.” Luo Qing tapped his chin as if he was an expert in this.

    “Let’s go and take a look.”

    Wu Yan urged them to quickly walk to the altar. There were some tourists standing at the entrance with their partners.

    An old monk in yellow robe walked over as soon as they arrived at the entrance. He pressed his palms together and asked, “I wonder if the few of you are here to pray or to get your fortune told?”

    “I’d like my fortune told,” Zhang Daniu said with his coarse voice.

    “Both.” Luo Qing waved and walked over following the old monk. There was a Buddha statue over four meters tall erected at the altar. It was adorned in sparkling golden color.

    “Daddy, is this a Bodhisattva?”

    The little girl in Ye Chen’s embrace kept talking like a lark.

    “You silly girl. This is a Buddha, not Bodhisattva.” Wu Yan snickered out loud as she mocked.

    Meanwhile, Luo Qing took out some money and bought a few long and big incense sticks from the old monk. It looked like he had done this many times. Wu Yan copied him. Zhang Daniu hesitated before taking out a stack of wrinkled cash to buy three incenses.

    It was just a front to say that the money was for the incense. Even temples could not avoid such customs.

    “Brother, are you not buying any?” Luo Qing could not help but ask when he saw Ye Chen standing still while carrying the girl.

    “I don’t worship nor pray to any gods. Moreover, they can’t handle me.”

    Ye Chen glanced at the golden statue before him with a cold expression. He did not bother showing any respect.

    “What did you say? They can’t handle you? Aren’t you too arrogant to be saying that?”

    Wu Yan could not help herself and said, “Everyone is praying but you can’t? Do you think you’re the Jade Emperor?”

    “Brother, I don’t want to nag you but you need to greet the host when you go to someone’s home, you need to pray when you go to a temple. Don’t you know the rule?”

    Luo Qing shook his head and said with a smile, “Do you not have money? If that’s the case, I’ll pay for the incense.”

    Seeing that he dressed ordinary and that he was close to Zhang Daniu, he assumed that Ye Chen was poor. Disdain was growing in him.

    ‘Just say it if you don’t have the money, why pretend to be high and mighty?”

    “No need. I’ve said it, they can’t handle me.” Ye Chen shook his head and declined.

    “Sir, if you’re not praying, please leave right now.” The old monk said while suppressing the rage in him.

    “Are you sure you want me to pray?” Ye Chen frowned.

    Wu Yan coldly said, “Why? Would you die if you pray to a Buddha?”

    “Sure, I will pray then!”

    Ye Chen put down the little girl, took three incenses that were already lit, and bowed to the statue.

    The very moment he bent forward, the people around heard a cracking sound as if something had broken.

    “What’s that noise?”

    The people were instantly stunned.

    “Look, you guys. The statue… it’s cracking!” A lady behind them suddenly pointed at the statue and screamed.

    The crowd immediately looked. The statue had many cracks open on it. They looked like a dense spider web.

    “What’s happening?”

    Everyone followed their instincts and immediately retreated.

    Ye Chen directly bowed with the incense as if he did not see that.


    The entire temple began to shake intensely. The people staggered. Just as they were about to speak, they heard a loud thud.

    The Buddha statue that was over four meters tall imploded. It crushed into a couple of pieces and slammed onto the ground.

    The old monk was stunned at that moment. Luo Qing and Wu Yan were shocked. Zhang Daniu watched in disbelief with his eyes wide open.

    ‘I’ve said that they can’t handle me!’

    The sentence was echoing in their heads like it was some curse. Luo Qing jolted and instinctively looked at Ye Chen as disbelief filled his face.

    ‘Can the cracking of the statue have something to do with him?

    ‘But how is that possible!’

    “What exactly is happening?”

    “I-Is it an earthquake?”


    The unforeseen event that came out of nowhere caused the people to scream. They were pushing each other as they ran outside.


    A loud thud came and the countless buildings in the entire temple started shaking as if there was an earthquake. They began to collapse.

    The monks were scared and ran outside one after another. They were afraid to be crushed by the collapsing buildings.

    Watching the mess before him, Ye Chen secretly shook his head while carrying the little girl.

    “I’ve already said that they can’t handle me!”