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Chapter 115 - Don’t Mind Us

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 115: Don’t Mind Us

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    Ye Chen sorted out everything at the company in the next few days and went on a vacation with his daughter.

    He still remembered the time when he had just returned to earth, and Ou Lan told him that his daughter’s dream was to go painting at a field. She thought she could see the stars at a close distance.

    The little girl heard that the people who disappeared from earth would turn into stars in the sky. She would be able to see her father if she looked at the stars at a close distance.

    Although Ye Chen had returned now, he thought he should fulfill her dream since it was the little girl’s school holiday now.

    Considering that his parents would be worried if they went too far, Ye Chen could only go to the Wumeng Grassland, which was known to be a sloppy grassland in Qiannan.

    This place was known to be 2,000 meters above sea-level. One could see a rumbling sea of clouds and faint buddha’s light there.

    The father and daughter headed out in casual clothes. They would drop by when they reached a city on the train. It was a chance to let the little girl learn the cultures of each city.

    The little girl carried the drawing board that was even taller than her. She would carefully draw everything that she found interesting.

    The sky had turned dark when the father and daughter arrived at Pan City. They decided to spend the night there.

    The little girl kept urging Ye Chen to bring her out after hearing that there were many famous foods in Pan City.

    As they were walking by a vermicelli stall on the flyover, the little girl pulled the corner of Ye Chen’s shirt and said with anticipation on her face, “Daddy, I want to eat that.”

    The little girl was drooling as she talked. She took a stance as if she would stay if Ye Chen said no.

    Ye Chen could only unwillingly bring her to sit down. He ordered two bowls of vermicelli.

    The stall owner was an old man with a bandana on his head. He looked kind and said while chuckling, “Little brother, do you two like coriander?”

    Stalls such as this cared about the customers’ preference. Some people disliked ginger, while some disliked coriander. Some liked a heavy taste, while some liked spicy. Therefore, he would always ask for the customer’s preference.

    Ye Chen nodded and said, “We eat everything.”

    “Grandpa, I’d like a herbal egg. No, please make it two herbal eggs. Remove the shells for me,” The little girl showed two fingers and said with her small voice.

    “Sure, I’ll do that for you right away.” The stall owner returned to the stall and began cooking while smiling.

    Ye Chen felt helpless. Since the silly girl consumed the medicinal pills, she had a great digestive system. Not only that, but Mengmeng also had a big appetite. She was already hungry despite just having eaten two hours ago.

    Just when he was thinking to himself, he saw a young lady walking over while holding an old man.

    The old man looked 50 years of age and seemed rather determined in his traditional attire. Meanwhile, the lady was in green cheongsam that showed the curves of her body.

    “Zixuan, let’s eat some vermicelli here.” The old man directly took a seat at the table next to Ye Chen while looking at the lady in a begging manner.

    “Grandpa, let’s go to some other place.”

    The lady named Zixuan frowned and looked at the small stall in disgust. “Let’s go to Mr. Li’s place. What if something happened to your body after eating here.”

    “Lady, although this is just a small stall, I’ve been running this business for five years. I can guarantee that I use the best ingredients and it’s clean.”

    The stall owner cooking vermicelli was rather upset. “I’ll take responsibility if something happens.”

    “Can you?”

    Zixuan scoffed hearing that. The old man waved when she was about to speak further. “Alright, grandpa has decided to eat here. I’ve been eating vegetables and all sorts of herbs back at the nursing home. I’m so sick of them. Can’t you just let me eat whatever I want for once?”

    Zixuan hesitated and lifted her head to say to the owner. “One bowl of vermicelli, no chili.”


    The owner responded and served the two bowls of vermicelli that he made on Ye Chen’s table. He said with a smile, “There are vinegar and soy sauce on the table, add as you wish.”

    “Thank you, grandpa.”

    The little girl courteously thanked him. She then used a pair of chopsticks to pick up the herbal egg, and she began eating it.

    “Eat slowly, don’t burn your mouth. Nobody is taking your food away.” Ye Chen reminded her with concern.

    At the same time, Zixuan who took her seat saw Ye Chen and his daughter sitting across her. She secretly shook her head after seeing little Mengmeng eating clumsily.

    ‘Why is she eating so clumsily?

    ‘Is she the reincarnation of a hungry ghost?’

    She then took a good look at Ye Chen. Realizing how he dressed, Zixuan instinctively assumed that the father and daughter were poor. She looked away after shaking her head.

    Soon, the old man’s vermicelli was served.

    “It’s delicious.” The old man had a reminiscing look on his face as he ate. “It’s been over 30 years since I’ve tasted something like this.”

    A person of his position was sick of expensive food. He would rather eat the home-cooked food that he was familiar with.

    Zixuan could not help but roll her eyes.

    ‘It’s just a bowl of vermicelli, can you not exaggerate?’

    Seeing that the little girl was done with an herbal egg, Ye Chen gabbed a napkin to wipe her mouth. He suddenly lifted his head to look far into the night as he felt something.


    A rock of the size of a fist was flying over with a whistling noise. To be precise, it was flying in the direction of the granddaughter and old man who was eating the bowl of vermicelli.

    The old man sensed it too. His expression changed and he got up to grab it. Although he managed to grab it, he retreated many steps back.

    Zixuan’s pretty face changed. “Grandpa, what’s wrong?”

    The old man said nothing while he seriously looked far into the night. Very soon, three men in black martial arts attire were walking over with a grim expression.

    The three of them looked exactly the same, they were triplets.

    The stall owner instantly welcomed them and said with a smile, “Are you guys here for my vermicelli?”

    The leading middle-aged man kicked the owner away. It crushed many tables. The other customers got up and ran away from the scare. They did not even bother to pay.

    The old man said with his deep voice, “Who are you guys?”

    “Xiang Minglou, it’s been over 30 years since we last met. Don’t you recognize us three brothers?” The leading man coldly grinned.

    The old man took in a deep breath. “Are you guys the Lingnan Evil Trio?”

    “Grandpa, what’s the Lingnan Evil Trio?” Zixuan’s pretty face slightly changed and she whispered.

    The old man stuttered a little. “They’re the ancient martial artists who moved around Lingnan. They have rather powerful abilities and gathered a bunch of hooligans to challenge the local government.”

    The second brother among the three said as he smiled in rage. “Xiang Minglou, you got your army to surround my father 30 years ago. When that failed, you held my mother hostage to lure my father out.

    “Eventually, my father was killed by gunshots while my mother has been a widow ever since. Oh, fate sure is funny. I can’t believe that we bumped into you here.”

    “Your father took over the mountain and did evil things including murder. He definitely deserves it.”

    The old man was enraged and spoke further. “It was your mother who willingly went into the mountain to speak to your father. However, your father wanted to escape by taking me hostage. Who can he blame when my officer shot him?”

    There were many robberies going on in Lingnan 30 years ago. The biggest robber was a man named Chen Bao. At that time, Xiang Minglou led a battalion to capture his gang. Chen Bao caused severe casualties to them by seizing the advantage of the mountain region.

    During the critical moment, the battalion chief promoted psychological offense and they used the robbers’ family members below the mountain to talk to them. Chen Bao was one of them. He attempted to run away by taking Xiang Minglou his hostage but was eventually killed in gunfire.

    “We must avenge our father. Since us three brothers bumped into you, leave your life here for us.”

    The eldest Chen brother licked his lips with killing intent on his face. He charged with his palm as soon as he was done speaking. He ran towards Xiang Minglou with his compelling stance.

    “Scoot, Zixuan!”

    Xiang Minglou pushed his granddaughter away and immediately took the eldest Chen brother’s attack. The eldest Chen brother retreated two steps back after the exchange.

    The two brothers who stood behind him noticed that their brother was at a loss and attacked Xiang Minglou from left and right.

    Xiang Minglou was thrown out a couple meters away and spat a mouthful of blood.

    “Grandpa, are you alright?” Zixuan immediately ran to him and helped him up. Her pretty face was filled with concern.

    Xiang Minglou stood up straight and looked at the three Chen brothers. His eyes were filled with shock. “I can’t believe that you guys have broken through to Internal Energy.”

    He had an Internal Energy cultivation base too. He could definitely fight a fair match if he were to fight any of them alone. However, he would be helpless if he had to fight all three of them at once.

    His heart sank at that moment. His granddaughter might die with him here today.

    Zixuan instinctively blocked before Xiang Minglou and said with rage, “Kill me, but let my grandpa go.”

    Although she said that, she was secretly looking around. She was thinking if there was any way for them to escape.

    She eventually noticed that the father and daughter sitting on the next table were indulging in the vermicelli. They seemed to not have seen the current deadly situation.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the people had run away from the very start.

    Zixuan secretly frowned.

    ‘What an idiot. You’re not running at such a time and still have the mood to eat?”

    Xiang Minglou noticed the father and daughter too. He forced a smile and subsequently looked at the three Chen brothers. “I surrender to you today. Your father’s death is only related to me. As long as you’re willing to let my granddaughter and this father and daughter pair go, you can do whatever you want to me.”

    The three Chen brothers scoffed. When they were going to reject his suggestion, Ye Chen blurrily said after eating a mouthful of vermicelli. “You guys go ahead with your fight, don’t mind us.”