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Chapter 114 - Ye Wen’s Apology

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 114: Ye Wen’s Apology

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    At the Auspicious Manor’s entrance, Ye Wen bit her lip a complicated expression as she looked at the security guard blocking her. “Please tell them that I want to see Ye Chen. He’s my cousin.”

    “You’re saying that Master Ye is your cousin?”

    The security guard could not help but laugh out loud. He shook his head and said, “Lady, please leave. Master Ye isn’t someone that you can meet as you wish.”

    Since the incident when Ye Chen was stopped at the hotel entrance, fatty Feng who was the hotel’s person in charge hired a new batch of staff members of a higher standard.

    He even sent Ye Chen’s photo to all staff, asking them to remember that face no matter what to prevent all sorts of misunderstandings.

    Even if they had no idea who the mayor was, everyone at the Auspicious Manor must know Master Ye.

    Seeing that the security guard did not believe her, Ye Wen helplessly repeated herself. “Master Ye really is my cousin. He’ll know if you tell him my name.”

    Ye Wen had not seen Ye Chen since the last time they met at his home. He had never been home every time she visited since then.

    She was eager to apologize. She wanted to apologize to Ye Chen herself.

    However, she had no opportunity at all.

    “I’m sorry.”

    The security guard persistently said, “I’ve already said that Master Ye is our hotel’s VIP. Nobody can meet him as they wished. If he really is your cousin, you can call him yourself.”

    Ye Wen was stunned at that moment.

    She did not have Ye Chen’s phone number. Although they spent some time together, she used to despise him back then. Why would she have his phone number in such a case?

    “Forget it.”

    She forced a smile and turned around to leave after staring at the hotel.

    Since when did the cousin that she looked down on became a five-star hotel’s VIP? Even the security guard at the door knew him.

    Meanwhile, she could not even go in.

    It was such an irony.

    The moment when Ye Wen turned around, Ye Chen’s voice rang in the security guard’s head. “Bring her in.”

    ‘I-Is that Master Ye’s voice?’

    The security guard was stunned. He was shocked and looked around as if he had seen a ghost.

    ‘Master Ye isn’t around, why am I hearing his voice?’

    However, he dared not delay Ye Chen’s order. He suppressed the shock in him and called out to Ye Wen. “Wait, Master Ye wants to see you.”

    Ye Wen was over the moon. She followed him into the hotel and headed straight to Ye Chen’s private room.

    Her expression changed when she saw the private room filled with bosses of the entire Tiannan. She immediately held her head down and clenched her fists. She was shocked.

    There were so many bosses who were always on TV here. Not only that, but they also seemed to respect her cousin.

    After the security guard shut the door and left, Ye Chen expressionlessly looked at her. “Is there something you want from me?”

    His tone was neutral and it felt as if he was talking to a stranger.

    Ye Wen mustered her courage to look at the people present. She was hesitating to speak.

    Old Master Gu smiled after coming to a realization. “Master Ye, since we’re almost done with our discussion, we’ll make a move first.”

    The rest of the bosses followed him and quickly left. They vacated the space for Ye Chen and Ye Wen.

    “Go ahead,” Ye Chen coldly said.

    Ye Wen had a complicated expression as she lifted her head to look at Ye Chen with her beautiful eyes and slowly asked, “Brother, was it you who saved me at the alley the other night?”

    “Is it important whether it was me?” Ye Chen said with his deep voice without answering the question. Instead, he was somewhat surprised by how she addressed him.

    “I know it now…”

    Ye Wen forced a smile and suddenly sat on the floor while hugging her legs. Tears were pouring down her face. “Brother Ye Chen, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have treated you like how I used to…”

    She was crying hard.

    She and Ye Chen had not spent any time together since young as her mother could not stop complaining about Ye Chen’s family. Naturally, she despised Ye Chen’s family from the influence.

    Therefore, she thought Ye Chen’s family came to borrow money from her family when Ye Chen and Ye Hai came to visit. She was disgusted.

    Her father Ye Ming got her to get Ye Chen a job out of kindness. She encouraged Liu Feng and her other colleagues to gang up on Ye Chen. She felt like Ye Chen was embarrassing her everywhere she went.

    Even when Liu Feng wanted to fire Ye Chen, not only did she not pity him, she was even happy for the revenge.

    Eventually, Ye Chen became the company director. She could not accept that and asked Ye Chen to fire her out of anger. She hated Ye Chen for a long time.

    Ye Chen got her that precious bracelet as a birthday gift but she hated it. She even complained that this cousin of hers was stingy.

    If not for the bracelet that showed its power the other day, she might have been dead.

    Who would have thought that the life savior that she had been thinking of was the cousin that she used to hate?

    Later on, her cousin not only won the championship at the Tiannan Martial Art Competition, becoming the Master Ye that all wealthy families were eager to be friends with, but he was also an ancient martial artist with powerful abilities and killed Yuan Bupo.

    She released all of the emotions that she hid deep inside of her as she thought to herself.

    “Daddy, why is aunty crying?”

    The little girl buried herself into Ye Chen’s embrace. She looked at Ye Wen with red eyes. “Aunty, can you stop crying? Seeing you cry, Mengmeng wants to cry too. Tell my daddy if someone is bullying you, my daddy is powerful.”

    Ye Wen cried even more now.

    The little girl began crying too. She was like a barrel filled with gunpowder that had been ignited. She wiped her tears while holding Ye Chen’s neck. “Daddy, I miss mommy. I miss mommy…”

    It was like two monkey kings were stirring the place up at that moment.

    Ye Chen had a headache from it. He got a piece of napkin and wiped the little girl’s tears. He lifted his head and said to Ye Wen, “Alright, stop crying. Leave everything in the past.”


    In a luxurious manor in Beijing, two young men sat across each other. They had a game of black and white chess before them.

    The young man holding a black game piece stared at the chess and said, “I heard there’s this Mad Southern Ye that appeared in Tiannan recently. He killed Yuan Bupo.”

    “What’s your concern?” The young man holding a white game piece put it down and said without even lifting his head.

    “I’m not worried, it’s just that I’m having bad omen lately. It feels like something is going to happen.”

    The young man holding a black game piece said in a deep voice. “I think that the useless thing that I tossed into the river like a dead dog has the family name of Ye too. I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence.”

    “You’re overthinking it. If it’s really him, he would have come here since the beginning. However, it’s been chaotic in China. First there’s the Unparalleled Sword stirring things up things in the northwest, and now there’s this Mad Southern Ye creating chaos in Tiannan.” The young man holding a white game piece frowned.

    “I’m still worried, it seems like I must get someone to find out about this Mad Southern Ye.”

    “Also, check how the little bastard is doing. It’s almost been three months now, everything must go as planned.”