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Chapter 113 - All Hail the Lord

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 113: All Hail the Lord

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    It was in the middle of the night at the Auspicious Manor. Many people were sitting in an extraordinarily luxurious private room at the moment.

    If an outsider were to see this, he would definitely be shocked and speechless.

    The people present were the bosses of the wealthy families of Tiannan. That included Old Master Gu of Qiannan, Chao Tianba of Diannan, and Zhao Jinming.

    However, these bosses were barely sitting at the moment, only half of their butts were on the chairs. They were looking at the young man who was respectfully seated on the main seat.

    He carried a little girl of four or five years of age. As compared to the people’s cautious behavior, the little girl was much more casual. She was eating a hairy crab, and she had food all over her mouth.

    “Daddy, I want that.”

    The little girl did not bother wiping her mouth after eating the hair crab in her hand. She looked at the plate of sweet and sour pork ribs on the table as if she was starving.

    “Stop eating so much. You’re already so fat.”

    Ye Chen shook his head between laughter and tears. He extended his arm and waved as the plate of sweet and sour pork ribs automatically moved to the little girl.

    “But it’s really delicious.”

    The little girl wiped her hands and began eating again. She innocently looked at the people present and said, “Uncles, dig in. Mengmeng can’t finish all of them.”

    The people shook their heads to gesture that they were not hungry.

    Ye Chen grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth before looking up to look at the people. “Everyone, there’s something good that I want to give you guys today and that’s why I gathered all of you here.”

    Something good?

    The people were stunned at first and subsequently looked at each other. They saw the suspicion in each other’s eyes.

    “Please do tell, Master Ye.” Old Master Gu coughed and took the initiative to speak.

    Chao Tianba, who was sitting next to him, immediately nodded. “That’s right, Master Ye. Please order us if there’s something that you need from us.”

    Ye Chen nodded at Lin Tai who was standing next to him. Lin Tai took out a white jade bottle from his pocket. It was approximately the size of a baby’s fist.

    At that moment, everyone had their eyes on that white jade bottle. They were curious, confused, and doubtful.

    What was that?

    The old master was the only one who seemed to recall something. His cheeks flushed as he said, “Master Ye, can this be…”

    He recalled the medicinal pill that he consumed the last time as soon as he saw the jade bottle. It was that medicinal pill that made his gray hair black and healed the internal injuries that he had accumulated on the battlefield.

    Ye Chen nodded and Lin Tai to remove the cork. He poured over ten black, cherry-sized medicinal pills.

    The people were even more confused now.

    ‘Are these medicinal pills?’

    They could not help themselves and shock flashed their faces as they thought. They were wondering what Master Ye was planning.

    They were mortals after all and they went through high education. They thought medicinal pills were purely a hoax. However, they dared not say that out loud due to Ye Chen’s majesty.

    Zhao Jinming could not help himself and eventually asked, “Master Ye, are these medicinal pills?”

    “That’s right.”

    Ye Chen calmly smiled. “These are the Qi Cultivation Pills that I refined. Go ahead and try. Let me know how it tastes.”

    The people gasped.

    Master Ye could refine medicinal pills?

    However, they subsequently looked troubled.

    Who would dare to try those black pills?

    What if something happened to their bodies after they tried one?

    Old Master Gu got up after seemingly sensing the people’s disbelief. He said, “Everybody, the medicinal pills that Master Ye refined are really magical. I used to have a head full of gray hair but it turned black immediately after eating Master Ye’s medicinal pill last time.”

    Seeing that the people were still in disbelief, Ye Chen could not help but look at Lin Tai who was next to him.

    Lin Tai instantly picked up a Qi Cultivation Pill and swallowed it without hesitation.

    After Ye Chen became popular after the battle, he had the utmost trust for Ye Chen. Eating medicinal pills aside, he would not even blink if Ye Chen asked him to die.

    In the next second, Lin Tai’s body intensely shook as everyone watched in amazement. The wrinkles on his face were vanishing at the speed that was visible to naked eyes. He looked healthy as if he was ten years younger now.


    The people exclaimed out loud. They had disbelief on their faces as they looked at the medicinal pills with a burning desire in their eyes.

    Old Master Gu looked proud.

    ‘I already told you guys, do you believe me now?’

    “Master Ye, how much are you selling these medicinal pills for?” Chao Tianba gulped hard.

    The people hyperventilated and could not help but look at Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen calmly smiled. “It’s a gift for all of you. Of course, limited to one per person.”


    He was giving those out for free?

    The people were stunned, they thought they had misheard him.

    Zhao Jinming asked in a straightforward manner. “I wonder what’s the condition, Master Ye?”

    They knew very well that there would not be food falling from the sky.

    Let alone these medicinal pills before them.

    Ye Chen seemed impressed as he glanced at him and said, “I’m planning to remodel my cosmetic company to sell these things on the table exclusively.”

    “What did you say? These magical pills can be mass-produced?” Old Master Gu was also stunned.

    Ye Chen shook his head. “Not really a mass production but I can add some of these things in the products. The effect would be naturally up to 100 times better than other products.”

    The earth lacked spiritual energy and precious materials.

    Impossible mass production aside, he would have to add diluted medicinal pill recipes into the products. For example, producing cosmetics following the recipe of Youth Retaining Pill…

    Although the people heard that they could not be mass-produced, they were still excited. After all, everyone here was a boss of their own. They naturally had ideas and perspectives that were different than ordinary people. They could instantly see flowing business opportunities and profits.

    “Master Ye, what can we do?” An old man with gray hair held back his stirred emotion.

    Ye Chen smiled and said, “It’s simple. I want all of you to be my new company’s shareholders and run it by gathering all the resources in Tiannan. I’ll take 85% of the share while you guys will share the remaining 15%.”

    He had thought of that since the beginning.

    Cultivation required wealth, partner, method, and venue. Wealth was the very first condition, while his body lacked spiritual energy. As soon as he had spiritual pills that could elevate his cultivation base, it was possible for him to regain his immortal cultivation base overnight.

    Naturally, he would need many precious herbs for that as well as high-grade medicinal pills such as the real immortal pills.

    The people looked at each other, and they seemed to be hesitating. After all, Ye Chen would be taking too much share if they were to agree to it.

    “The Gu family is fine with it.” Old Master Gu was the first to speak. His family had been clinging to Ye Chen since much earlier.

    Chao Tianba took a deep breath and said, “My family is fine with it too.”

    With the two of them starting the momentum, the rest agreed to that one after another.

    “Sure, these medicinal pills now belong to all of you.” Ye Chen smiled and nodded.

    As soon as he was done speaking, the people before him fought to snatch up all of the Qi Cultivation Pills on the table. They were afraid that they would lose it to the rest. They then swallowed it without hesitation.

    Ye Chen quietly watched that and coldly said, “You guys must know that everything you guys own now came from me. As long as I desire, I can take everything back whenever I want!

    “There can only be one voice in Tiannan!”

    As soon as he said that, Lin Tai was the first to kneel onto the ground. He said with absolute respect, “All hail the lord!”

    “All hail the lord!” Everyone bowed and clasped their fists. Their voice was oddly synchronized.

    These people could only choose to obey him from the threat since Ye Chen killed Gu Fan and won the championship at the Tiannan Martial Art Competition.

    However, now that he had killed Yuan Bupo with a savage technique and they had witnessed the effect of the Qi Cultivation Pill before their very own eyes, all of the wealthy families of Tiannan surrendered themselves to him.

    Ye Chen had become the Tiannan No.1 that he well deserved!

    He had won the hearts of both the authorities and underground bosses!

    At that moment, the little girl who was eating wiped her hands and said with her eyes wide open. “Daddy, are these medicinal pills really that precious?”

    The people nodded by instinct.

    It was no joke.

    How could a medicinal pill that could turn gray hair black, reverse age, and even heal all sorts of illnesses not precious?

    A single medicinal pill would be priceless wherever it was sold.

    The little girl took out a red medicinal pill and tossed it into her mouth. She blurrily mumbled while munching. “But daddy is always asking Mengmeng to eat like candies.”

    The people were speechless hearing that.

    The little girl seemed to not have noticed their expressions and whispered while pouting, “It’s disgusting. I’d feed it to Cutie when daddy isn’t looking.”

    Ye Chen was speechless now.

    At the same time, there was some commotion going on outside. There seemed to be someone fighting outside.

    “I want to see Ye Chen!”