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Chapter 112 - The Martial Alliance’s Revenge

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 112: The Martial Alliance’s Revenge

    “That’s right, the Heaven Leaderboard.”

    Yue Jiuchong nodded vigorously. “The Heaven Leaderboard is a leaderboard that the Martial Alliance created. It includes all of the Martial Dao masters in China. The ranking is arranged based on their abilities.”

    Ye Chen came to a realization.

    However, he could not care about it. Why would a cultivator care about the ancient martial artist leaderboard?

    Yue Susu, on the other hand, was curious. She asked, “Grandpa, which place do you think Master Ye will rank after this battle? Do you think he will rank among the top 20?”

    She was much more relaxed now since she had apologized earlier.

    “The top 20?”

    Yue Jiuchong was a little stunned, so he then said in between tears and laughter, “You silly girl, you must’ve underestimated Master Ye. Yuan Bupo was already in the 18th place 20 years ago. He must’ve improved his ability after 20 years, but now Master Ye has killed him”

    He paused before speaking again, “I speculate that Master Ye will be ranked at least among the top 15 on the Heaven Leaderboard.”

    “Top 15?”

    Yue Susu’s red lips parted slightly in shock. She was secretly checking Ye Chen out with her beautiful eyes.

    Ye Chen had a mediocre appearance, which she had not cared about before. However, at the moment, she found that he exuded a matured imposing manner.

    To be exact, it was charming.

    Her cheeks were blushing as she thought to herself, ‘This guy is actually quite handsome.’

    To her disappointment, Ye Chen had never even peeked at her since getting onto the boat until now.

    Yue Susu could not help but begin doubting her beauty. She could not help but mumble, “Why does this guy look so cold and intimidating?”

    Women were a strange species. When they hated someone, they would not look at the person even if the person was wearing the trendiest clothes. When they were in love with someone, they would think that they were tasteful even if the person wore cheap clothes.

    Soon, Yue Jiuchong rowed the boat to the shore. Ye Chen rushed home right after thanking him.

    Nevertheless, Young Master Wang and the rest ambled slower than him on purpose because they dared not walk with him.

    After the bunch of them parted, two silhouettes ran over while panting just when Liu Feng was bringing the rest home.

    They were Ye Wen and Ou Lan.

    Ye Wen was stunned the very moment she saw Liu Feng. Subsequently, she asked as anxiety filled her face, “Liu Feng, are you guys here to watch that battle?”

    Liu Feng nodded with a complicated expression on his face.

    “Then, did you guys see Ye Chen? How is he?” Ou Lan looked around and asked, failing to hold her eagerness back.

    They had been planning to go over earlier that morning, but Ye Wen’s mother, Yang Hui, suddenly fell and was admitted to the hospital. Therefore, they missed the battle due to the delay.

    “He left,” Liu Feng said with an unnatural expression.

    “Left?” Ye Wen’s face turned extremely pale hearing that. She retreated many steps back failing to control herself.

    ‘My cousin is dead?’

    The expression on Ou Lan’s pretty face changed too. “Do you mean Ye Chen died in that battle?”

    “No, I mean Master Ye went home after he was done fighting,” Liu Feng explained immediately realizing that they had misunderstood.

    Ye Wen was stunned slightly and she said while crying tears of joy, “So, you mean…my cousin is alright?”

    “That’s right. The person who isn’t alright is that person named Yuan. Even his body is gone. Liu Feng was irritated. His ex-girlfriend was asking about another man before him although that man was her cousin.

    The two ladies were clearly relieved. Ou Lan stared at him angrily. “Why are you speaking like that? Why did you say that he left? We would’ve thought that he left the world if we didn’t ask further.”

    Liu Feng was so mad that he almost spat a mouthful of blood out. ‘It was you guys who have trouble understanding what I say. I sure hope that Ye is the one who’s dead.’

    Ye Wen took a deep breath in and asked in confusion, “What exactly happened? Can you guys tell us?”

    Liu Feng hesitated for a moment and decided to tell him everything that happened in the great battle between Ye Chen and Yuan Bupo. Because he used to do sales, it was only natural for him to be eloquent with his words.

    From his exaggerated narration, Ye Chen became a godly figure. Ye Wen and Ou Lan were shocked to hear that. Meanwhile, naturally, Liu Feng had fun boasting.

    Ye Wen suppressed her shock forcefully after she was done listening. She turned around and ran towards Ye Chen’s home.

    She was now certain that it was Ye Chen who had saved her in the alley earlier. She regretted feeling disgusted and despising him before.


    At the same time, as if the news of the battle between Ye Chen and Yuan Bupo on the river, as well as Yuan Bupo being defeated, grew wings, it spread all over China.

    Suddenly, the entire ancient martial world in China was stirred. The name Mad Southern Ye became a hot search topic for many.

    Disbelief aside, everyone was curious about who Ye Chen was and how the battle had been like.

    They felt helpless because there were no surveillance cameras around since the battle had taken place on a river. Meanwhile, the people who watched the battle dared not take photos or videos with their phones. Naturally, none of the battle scenes went out to the public.

    Apart from the ancient martial world being stirred, another insane piece of news was spread. The Heaven Leaderboard had been updated.

    The Heaven Leaderboard was created by the Martial Alliance. Most of the people who knew about it were ancient martial artists with extraordinary abilities. Meanwhile, those who held rankings on the leaderboard were all Martial Dao masters. There were only 50 rankings on the leaderboard.

    There were tens of thousands of ancient martial artists in China, thus one could imagine how compelling those who ranked on the leaderboard were.

    It had been close to 20 years since the Heaven Leaderboard was last updated, and it would create a stir every time it was updated.

    When many ancient martial artists turned on their computers and logged onto the ancient martial world forum with their encrypted security password, they saw a few bold golden words hanging on top of the forum’s main page: “The Heaven Leaderboard from China!”

    Everyone gulped instinctively while burning desire coursed through their eyes. They clicked on the leaderboard with shaky hands.

    “No. 50 on the Heaven Leaderboard: Gesan Dawa from Tibet; Age: 53; Level: Martial Dao master. He’s been kept in a cage to fight Tibetan Mastiffs since he was young. He killed a Tibetan Mastiff with his bare hands when he was 16. He’s been training with a Tantric living Buddha and is well versed in the Lion’s Roar…

    “No. 49 on the Heaven Leaderboard: The Mongolian Swordsman Guan Zhaoyuan; Age: 48; Level: Martial Dao master. He shocked the world with a compelling sword skill 20 years ago. His sword skill is agile, flexible and swift. He was then defeated by Yuan Bupo.

    “No. 48 on the Heaven Leaderboard: Xiao Yanqing from Nanjing…

    “No. 18 on the Heaven Leaderboard: Yuan Bupo from Tiannan; Age: 59; Level: Martial Dao master. He challenged the five experts on the Heaven Leaderboard consecutively 20 years ago and went all the way up to 18th place. He’s been killed by Mad Southern Ye recently, so his name is now been removed!

    “No. 12 on the Heaven Leaderboard: the Sword Lunatic, the Unparalleled Sword; Age: Unknown, suspected to be 16; Level: Unknown. This person appeared suddenly a month ago. He’s been challenging the experts on the Heaven Leaderboard who use swords. He’s been defeating all of them without fail. He has challenged the Sword God Unquestionable Jian, and the duel will happen in two months.

    “No. 11 on the Heaven Leaderboard: Mad Southern Ye from Tiannan; Age: 30; Level: Unknown, suspected to be a Sword Dao expert. This person also appeared suddenly and fought Yuan Bupo on the Surge River. He killed Yuan Bupo singlehandedly in the shocking battle and called himself Mad Southern Ye!”

    That was the end of the leaderboard. Following the Martial Alliance’s tradition, the names of No. 1 to No. 10 were hidden from the public.

    Everyone was shocked after they finished looking at the leaderboard. They did not expect Mad Southern Ye to be ranked No. 11 after merely one battle.

    “How is that possible?”

    “Although Mad Southern Ye killed Yuan Bupo, it’s impossible for him to be ranked No. 11 just for that!”

    “I think it makes sense. Don’t you guys remember how Yuan Bupo died? Mad Southern Ye killed him with a single palm. He clearly didn’t even give all that he had.”

    “That’s interesting. Didn’t you guys realize that the Sword Lunatic was ranked No. 11 before this? Mad Southern Ye has pushed him to No. 12 now.”

    Apart from the shock, the people noticed something amiss. What the Martial Alliance did was the same thing as instigating hatred towards Mad Southern Ye.

    One must know that the Sword Lunatic’s battle result was much more colorful than Mad Southern Ye’s. He had yet to be defeated even once since he appeared.

    Meanwhile, a portion of them was laughing.

    Rumor had it that Mad Southern Ye made the Martial Alliance’s elder Feng Kuohai run away with a sword alone.

    Connecting that with the current leaderboard, one could easily tell that the Martial Alliance was taking revenge on Mad Southern Ye by causing everyone to hate him.

    Rumor had it that Mad Southern Ye used a sword too.

    Since the Unparalleled Sword challenged sword experts exclusively, it was only natural for him to challenge Mad Southern Ye then.

    It would be something interesting to watch.