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Chapter 111 - The Name Mad Southern Will Spread

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 111: The Name Mad Southern Will Spread

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    Yue Susu and the rest on the wooden boat were staring blankly. They could not get the image of the arrogant silhouette out of their mind.

    Yue Jiuchong stood there for a long time. His lips quivered a little when he snapped back to his senses. He loudly said.

    “From today onward, the name Mad Southern Ye will spread!”

    “Greetings, Master Ye!” Someone on the river shouted which initiated a series of loud and synchronized voices.

    “Greetings, Master Ye!”

    Everyone was looking at Ye Chen with fear, shock, respect, and admiration at that moment.

    The veteran master Yuan Bupo who had been silent for 20 years came back in an overbearing manner and Ye Chen broke his arm with a single attack. Even his senior brother who showed to stop Ye Chen ran away from his sword.

    Who would have expected this ending before all this incident occurred?

    He deserved to be called Mad Southern Ye. Just as his name suggested, he was not boasting when he said that he was mad. He realized his words of killing Yuan Bupo with a single hand.

    He was so mad that he did not even give face to elder Feng Kuohai of the Martial Alliance. He even took the initiative to attack him instead.

    He was madly capable.

    After all, he took the position of an overlord by killing a Martial Dao master. Other Martial Dao masters might not be able to do that.

    Someone could not help but take a deep breath and said, “He became a Martial Dao master at 30 and single-handedly killed Yuan Bupo. He’s indeed terrifying. From today onward, he’d be the Tiannan No.1. Nobody can mask his light in the entire Tiannan!”

    The others nodded one after another.

    The Southern Killer is dead!

    The Mad Southern is here!

    There would not be Eastern Superior, Western Overlord, Southern Killer, Northern Devil, and Unquestionable Sword from now on. It would be Eastern Superior, Western Overlord, Mad Southern, Northern Devil, and Unquestionable Sword now.

    Meanwhile, the Mad Southern Ye of Tiannan would be the No.1 among the younger generation. Even the other four aces could not do that at this age.

    On a speedboat, Lu Tong was dumbstruck as he watched. He felt his head ringing.

    Master Ye, Mad Southern Ye!

    So he was so powerful!

    He regretted that he acted mean to Ye Chen at the Gu residence using his power as Martial Alliance’s hall master. He even mocked Ye Chen saying him accepting Yuan Bupo’s challenge was purely seeking death.

    He jolted and urged his man to start the speedboat. He quietly left and dared not stay any longer.

    In a recreational car by the river, Gu Yingying stared at the silhouette on the computer screen. Her excitement was apparent on her pretty face. “Grandpa, Master Ye has won. He won!”

    “Master Ye is indeed a gem. Our family hit the jackpot this time!” Old Master Gu exclaimed as his cheeks flushed.

    The Gu family was indeed fortunate!

    At the Hongtai Private Luxury Club, Lin Tai laughed out loud as excitement filled his face. “My lord has won. I, Lin Tai, am right to be following him. From now on, I, Lin Tai, swear to follow my lord until my death!”

    In a traditional house in Beijing, an old man in Chinese tunic was indulging in calligraphy with a brush pen in his hand.

    Meanwhile, there was a young man in a suit standing next to him. The young man had thick brows and big eyes. He had a thin body and looked honest.

    A person walked in at that moment. He walked to the old man and whispered into his ear.

    The old man froze while shock flashed through his face. He subsequently lifted his eyes to look at the young man next to him and laughed. “Hahaha! I’ve won the bet between us, Xiaotian. That young man with the family name Ye has won. Not only that, but it was also a graceful win.”

    “Commander is great at judging, Xiaotian is nothing compared to you.” The young man in a suit smiled in an honest manner.

    The old man said not sure whether he was smiling, “What do you think of him?”


    The young man scratched his head and said in an honest manner, “But commander, I dislike fighting, nor can I fight.”


    The old man lost it and laughed out loud. “Since when have you become so fake? If you can’t fight, why would the three of them follow you like stray dogs back then?”

    “Get people to watch that young man. If he has great potential, directly get him into the Firearms Division.”


    An old farmer sat by the field in a remote little mountain village. He rolled up his pants filled with mud and took out a pipe from his pocket as he began smoking.

    The old man’s flip phone rang at that moment. ” 5 million yuan have been transferred to your Alipay account!”

    “Interesting. The Southern Killer is dead and now there’s this Mad Southern.”

    The old farmer puffed a smoke ring after hanging up the call.

    His expression changed as he seemed to have recalled something. “Eh, where’s my hoe? I need it to remove the cow dung. Now that Yuan Bupo is dead, I’ll need to spend 30 yuan to get a new one…”


    On the Surge River, Ye Chen glanced at Yuan Bupo’s body that was floating on the river.

    “You were a powerhouse when you were alive, it would be inappropriate to toss your body into the sea.”

    He then slammed his palm, the body turned into ashes and scattered in the river.

    He subsequently leaped back to the wooden boat that he was on before as everyone looked at him in a respectful manner.

    Yue Susu jolted. She thought Ye Chen was going to kill them, she almost screamed from the fright.

    “We didn’t know who you really were before, Master Ye. Please forgive us.” Yue Jiuchong bowed to Ye Chen and subsequently pulled the corner of Yue Susu’s shirt.

    Yue Susu stammered as if she had just woken up from a dream. “M-Master Ye…”

    She who had always been arrogant and condescending could not even speak properly before Ye Chen now.

    Ye Chen shook his head and said to Yue Jiuchong who was standing next to him, “Old Yue, I’d need to trouble you to bring me back.”

    “Sure, sure, sure!”

    Yue Jiuchong immediately nodded. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He wondered why Ye Chen must ride on a boat back and forth since he could walk on water. Moreover, it was this old boat of his.

    He had no idea that Ye Chen found it too troublesome to walk. Why would he waste his power when there was a boat?


    Liu Feng’s face turned pale and he directly kneeled before Ye Chen. “Ye Ch-Master Ye. This humble one was blind to be finding troubles with you. I hope that you would forgive me for the sake of Ye Wen.”

    He regretted that for his life. If he knew that Ye Chen was so powerful, he would have never challenged Ye Chen over and over again.

    Following him, Young Master Wang, Zhao Qian, Zhang Li, Zhou Kai, and the rest kneeled too.

    Young Master Wang began slapping himself as he cried. “Master Ye, I was condescending. I deserve to be punished, please ignore whatever I said before.”

    The Wang family was considered a wealthy family in Lin City.

    He was not so dumb to think that the Wang family could afford to offend a Martial Dao master.

    Yue Susu was secretly glad to see the bunch of people kneeling on the boat. She was glad that she only secretly despised Ye Chen since the start and did not do anything over the line.

    Ye Chen frowned. “Get up, all of you. Forget whatever you guys did in the past, just don’t offend me in the future.”

    Liu Feng and the rest began cursing themselves and making all sorts of promises.

    Ye Chen ignored them and secretly replenished the power that he had exhausted. He was silent and the rest dared not speak too.

    Yue Jiuchong was the only one who could not hold it back. “After the news of the battle today spreads, Master Ye will definitely be on the Heaven Leaderboard.”

    “Heaven Leaderboard?” Ye Chen was surprised.