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Chapter 110 - The Ability to Boil the Sea Into Wine, The Sword that Shines Through Nine Provinces

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 110: The Ability to Boil the Sea Into Wine, The Sword that Shines Through Nine Provinces

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    As Ye Chen charged his palm, the river water within hundreds of meters with him as the center evaporated and soon turned into steam.

    The clouds instantly turned red from the palm, it looked as if the river and the sky were burned.

    The Burning Palm, a palm alone could burn the sky.

    Even though his current cultivation base was not his peak, the power that he could bring forth was still extraordinary.

    The people were sweating as they watched, they had the same thought popping into their minds.

    ‘He has the ability to boil the sea into wine!’

    That was right, only this term could describe their stunned expressions. They might not be able to forget what they had just witnessed for the rest of their lives.

    “Act of god, this is comparable with an act of god!” Yue Jiuchong stared with his eyes wide open while his lips quivered.

    Ye Chen’s image had risen once again, he was like a god to Yue Jiuchong now.

    The giant palm in the air was charging at Yuan Bupo at a high speed at the same time.

    “Get up!”

    Feeling the heat that was coming from behind him, Yuan Bupo punched towards the river beneath his feet. As a loud thud came as tens of over a hundred feet tall gigantic exploded around him.

    The gigantic waves were going after that palm print.

    However, the expression on Yuan Bupo’s face froze in the next instant.

    The tens of gigantic waves he sent evaporated into steam before they even got to the palm print.

    “No!” Yuan Bupo shrieked and had goosebumps all over his body at that moment.


    The palm print landed on his body as he spat a mouthful of blood and was thrown hundreds of meters away. He eventually smashed to the bottom of the river like a cannon.

    Meanwhile, the spot where he fell was boiling. Bubbles were gurgling as scorching white waves were created.

    There was dead silence on the surface of the river. Everyone had a deep fear and shock written all over their faces.


    Yuan Bupo has been defeated!

    No matter if he’s dead or alive now, he’s been defeated.

    That veteran master who has been known for years, the Martial Dao expert that everyone looked up to was defeated just like that. Moreover, he was defeated by Master Ye in a single hit.’

    Everyone had their eyes on Ye Chen at that moment.

    The silhouette stood with his hands behind his back on the boiling river as his clothes fluttered. He was like a glaring, proud sun and nobody dared to directly look at him.

    “H-He won?” Yue Susu bit her lip, there was utter shock on her pretty face.

    Liu Feng opened his eyes wide, he could not accept it. “Impossible, impossible!”

    Young Master Wang sat on the ground and was shaking.

    He felt as if the world around him was spinning as he recalled him calling Ye Chen a hillbilly and asking him to apologize to Liu Feng.

    “Cough, cough, cough!”

    At that moment, an intense coughing noise made everyone snap back to their senses. They looked towards the direction of the noise.

    They saw a burnt, naked silhouette revealing his head on the surface of the river. Half of the person’s body was burnt, it was devastating.

    ‘T-That’s Yuan Bupo?

    ‘He’s not dead?’

    Before the people could react, the silhouette started running towards the other side of the river. He leaped over a hundred feet away within a blink of an eye.

    Everyone was shocked.

    Yuan Bupo was escaping!

    They could not accept the fact that a Martial Dao master chose to escape.

    “Yuan Bupo, you won’t be able to run away. This Surge River will be the place of your burial today!”

    Ye Chen quickly moved and walked on the river surface to go after Yuan Bupo. His voice was very confident.

    Yuan Bupo felt like his organs were going to burst from the scare as he heard the noise of the whistling wind. He was running as fast as he could and didn’t even dare to turn his head around.

    Ye Chen appeared behind Yuan Bupo like a specter within the time of one short breath. Yuan Bupo hysterically turned his head around and threw a hard punch out.

    Ye Chen too threw a punch out. After the fists collided, Yuan Bupo’s right arm broke from the thud and Ye Chen had picked him up into the air before he could react.

    “Have mercy on me, Master Ye!”

    Yuan Bupo looked at him as fear covered his face. “It’s my fault for everything that happened today, please let me go. I won’t bother you about the death of my disciples. At the same time, I’ll give all of my life’s savings to you.”

    Gasps echoed on the river.

    A Martial Dao master who had been known all over China for more than 20 years ago said that. They were taken aback and they had the feeling of the fox mourned over the death of the hare.

    “I’ve told you that I would only need one hand to kill a useless thing like you!”

    Ye Chen shook his head with a cold expression. “When you get to the Palace of the King of Hell, please remember that the person who killed you is I, Mad Southern Ye!”

    Just as he was going to crush Yuan Bupo’s neck, an utterly anxious voice was heard.

    “Please stop!”

    The voice was coming from far away.

    The people could not help but turn their heads to look.

    They saw a silhouette far away on the river that was running fast. It was getting closer and finally appeared in everyone’s eyes.

    It was an old man in black and he looked rather grim. Most importantly, there was an image of a golden saber and sword intersecting embroidered on his chest.

    “He’s from the Martial Alliance!”

    Someone instantly recognized him and had his expression change.

    At the same time, Lu Tong who was on the speedboat was over the moon. “It’s Elder Feng, Elder Feng is here!”

    The old man said nothing facing everyone’s respectful stare. He ran towards Ye Chen at a high speed and stopped when he was less than 50 meters away from Ye Chen. He could not help but look at Yuan Bupo whom Ye Chen lifted into the air.

    “Senior brother, help me. I don’t want to die!” Yuan Bupo seemed to be grabbing onto his last hope.

    The old man scoffed and looked at Ye Chen as he said with his deep voice. “Master Ye, my name’s Feng Kuohai. I’m the Martial Alliance’s elder. Yuan Bupo is my junior brother. I hope that you can give me some face and let him go.”

    1Everyone exclaimed out loud after hearing him. Firstly, they were shocked that the old man was Martial Alliance’s elder and secondly, the person was Yuan Bupo’s senior brother.

    Two masters in one sect?

    It was terrifying.

    One would believe that Master Ye no longer dared to kill Yuan Bupo now?

    However, Ye Chen smiled. “Give you face?”

    “That’s right, as long as you…” Feng Kuohai nodded. Just when he was going to speak further, he suddenly heard a sound. It was the sound of bones cracking.

    He immediately looked and realized that Ye Chen had directly crushed Yuan Bupo’s neck.

    Feng Kuohai was enraged. “You…”

    He had already told his identity and Ye Chen still dared to kill his junior brother. This man was too much!

    Everyone went blank at the moment. They rubbed their eyes one after another and thought they were hallucinating.

    Ye Chen tossed Yuan Bupo’s body and grinned while playing with the ring on his finger. “So what if I killed him?”

    “You… you…” Feng Kuohai’s face turned grim. His killing intent was rising.

    Ye Chen lightly nodded. “Since you want to stick your nose in, take a swing of my sword!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, an ancient sword suddenly appeared on his right hand. It was the ancient sword that he obtained from the Tang family’s ancestral tomb.

    He swung the sword and electricity like sword glow charged.

    A golden sword glow pierced through the air while everyone watched in a blur. It divided the entire river into two.

    The roaring sword intent was like a shark that was showing its head on the water. It was coming at Feng Kuohai like strong wind accompanying giant waves.

    “I won’t meddle any longer!”

    Feng Kuohai’s expression changed as he ran away after inhaling sharply. He was dying to have a pair of extra legs.

    Everyone held their breath at that moment. Their eyes were looking at the skinny silhouette that was standing on the water. Their expressions varied but they had the same thought popping into their heads.

    ‘The ability to boil the sea into wine, the sword that shines through nine provinces!’

    Ye Chen recalled the ancient sword and glanced through everyone as his extremely cold voice echoed through the entire river.

    “Southern Killer is dead!

    “From now on, my name will be Mad Southern Ye!”