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Chapter 108 - Crushing Waves with A Finger

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 108: Crushing Waves with A Finger

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    As soon as Ye Chen was done talking, on the other side, Yue Susu’s pupils shrunk a little. She could not help but ask, “Grandpa, why do you think Master Ye drove himself into a dead-end as soon as he spoke? This is a battle of life or death after all. Shouldn’t he be discussing things with the opponent nicely?”

    “You’re naive to be thinking that!” Yue Jiuchong shook his head. “All powerhouses have their pride. No master should be humiliated. Since Yuan Bupo invited Master Ye to battle on the river, he’s prepared to die in this battle.”

    He paused and went on, “On the other hand, since Master Ye killed Yuan Bupo’s disciples, this means that he halted Yuan Bupo’s plans, so Yuan Bupo can’t just ignore it. Otherwise, it will affect his enlightened mind. Whether it’s for the people or for his personal good, only one will live.”

    Yue Susu nodded and looked at Ye Chen with her beautiful eyes.

    ‘Although I must admit that your ability isn’t too shabby, you’re just too arrogant. Don’t you know that you’ll fall easily when you think too highly of yourself? You can’t imagine how terrifying Yuan Bupo is.’

    Liu Feng, who was sitting aside, only asked when he finally accepted the reality, “Old Yue, who do you think will live today?” Naturally, he hoped that Ye Chen would die.

    “Why are you even asking that? Of course, it’s going to be Yuan Bupo,” Yuan Susu stated without even thinking about it.

    Yue Jiuchong said in his deep voice, “It’s hard to say. I think it’s a 50/50 chance. One is a veteran master while the other is an up and coming master. We’ll only find out when they begin fighting.”

    In reality, even he did not have confidence in Ye Chen. Just like what his granddaughter said, not everyone was like that young man who had injured him 20 years ago.

    Aside from defeating three people alone, he had killed two of his opponents and almost killed the last one.


    Old Master Gu and Gu Yingying, who were in a recreational car by the river, could not take their eyes away from the computer screen. They were watching Ye Chen and Yuan Bupo facing each other.

    Gu Yingying clenched her fists tightly. “Grandpa, what if Master Ye…loses?”

    The old master fell into silence for a few seconds before moving his lips softly, “If Master Ye loses, our family can only take care of his family for the rest of their lives.”

    At the same time, everyone’s expression changed when they heard what Ye Chen said.

    Master Ye was terribly arrogant. Forget the fact that he was not even fearful facing Yuan Bupo the veteran master, but he even dared to say something like that.

    He must be very determined to trigger Yuan Bupo.

    As expected, Yuan Bupo laughed in rage as if he heard something funny. “You’re pretty boastful for your young age. Forget it! Today I’ll teach you not to be so full of yourself!”

    He took a deep breath as his killing intent rose. “You must die today!”

    Everyone was taken aback.

    Yuan Bupo was finally enraged! The ferocious tiger that had been silent for 20 years was finally stirred by fury.

    However, Ye Chen looked at ease. He smiled coldly while playing with a ring on his finger.

    “I like what you said. Today, we’ll see who is more powerful. And we’ll see who’ll be the one that dies!”

    As soon as he said that, terrifying aura exploded from his body. He was like a divine sword that was slid out of its scabbard, ready to end the universe.

    The duo’s aura collided together. As they collided, the river water beneath everyone’s feet was stirred intensely.

    Many of them who watched at a close distance could not help but grunt as they felt the aura. They retreated over 3 meters away with fear revealed on their faces.

    They did not expect both of them to have such powerful abilities. Their aura alone was overbearing to them.

    “Die!” Yuan Bupo shouted. There was an explosion coming from the river water around him while the waves rose to over 30 meters tall.

    Countless wild waves rallied in the air before charging quickly at Ye Chen like a gigantic dragon. They contained a terrifying impact and majesty.

    “Is this Qi Mobilization?”

    Some of them inhaled sharply with shock written all over their faces. Yuan Bupo’s attack was the equivalent of pumping true energy into the waves. It contained tremendous compelling power.

    A person aside, the waves could even demolish a wall.

    Yue Susu’s chest was undulating as she watched the fight. Her pretty face was drained of blood as she finally witnessed how terrifying a Martial Dao master was.

    Meanwhile, Yue Jiuchong had his eyes fixated on the charging water dragon. He shook his head by instinct while sighing at his incapability. He could not do such a thing even during his peak back then.

    “Can Master Ye take it?”

    Apart from being shocked, everybody could not help but stare at Ye Chen. They seemed to be curious about how he would handle it. They held their breaths, afraid that they would miss out on any details.

    “Child’s play!” Ye Chen smirked, not showing any anxiety at all. Instead, he pointed a finger slowly. It was nothing fancy at all.


    Everyone suddenly sucked in a sharp breath.

    “Is he out of his mind? Is he using a finger to fight that?” someone exclaimed.

    Yuan Bupo scoffed, “You’re hitting a rock with an egg!”

    However, what happened next stunned them. As soon as Ye Chen’s finger touched the waves, it stopped mid-air and its momentum ceased entirely.

    “Explode!” Ye Chen ordered.

    The waves that were over 30 meters tall exploded directly. It turned into rain splattering everywhere. Most of the water landed on a speedboat, crushing countless holes in the speedboat directly.

    Lu Yong’s eyes went blank as he looked at the board that now looked like a sieve beneath his feet. He gulped.

    “How is that possible?!”

    The smile on Yuan Bupo’s face froze. Subsequently, disbelief was apparent on his face.

    One must understand that the waves contained 50% of his power. Even other Martial Dao masters dared not take that attack on forcefully.

    However, Ye Chen had crushed it with a finger alone!

    The entire river was silent. Everyone had their eyes opened wide, their expressions filled with disbelief.

    Although they already knew that Ye Chen had a powerful ability, it was impossible for him to be that powerful! How had a finger alone crushed Yuan Bupo’s attack that had been fully charged?

    Yue Susu screamed out loud. She sat down in the boat directly, and there was bewilderment on her pretty face.

    ‘Is h-he that powerful?’

    Yue Jiuchong exhaled a mouthful of air. His hands that were holding the paddle were shaking, and he could not hide his shock.

    This man was really a genius. If he did not die that day, he would definitely rank at the top of Martial Dao in China one day!

    Meanwhile, Young Master Wang, Liu Feng, and the rest watched on blankly. They looked like they had turned into rocks.

    As everyone was watching, Ye Chen lifted his eyes to look at Yuan Bupo who now had a great change of expression. He looked rather disappointed.

    “Yuan Bupo, I was excited about your ability before fighting you. I thought I’d finally found a match.

    “However, the truth has proven that I, Ye Chen, have looked too highly upon you. Your title of being Tiannan No. 1 is just all a brag!”

    Ye Chen shook his head while speaking, “I only need one hand to kill a useless thing like you!”