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Chapter 107 - Are You Master Ye?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 107: Are You Master Ye?

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    As soon as Yuan Bupo was done speaking, the entire river surface was boiling. His thick voice stirred the river water to the extent that it was rumbling.

    “What? Is Master Ye really here?”

    “Where’s he? How come I don’t see him?”

    “Master Ye is too mysterious. We haven’t seen him until now.”

    Countless people exclaimed as they looked around with their eyes opened wide. Young men who looked less than 30 years old became the targets.

    Rumor had it that Master Ye was less than 30 years of age, so there was a high chance that he was among these young people.

    At that moment, many young men’s expressions changed. They were afraid to be assumed as the so-called Master Ye.

    On the boat where Ye Chen was, Yue Jiuchong lowered his voice and said in utter seriousness, “Master Ye should be showing himself soon. Remember not to speak. You shouldn’t take photos and videos either. A master’s sensing ability is compelling, and the consequences will be serious if they find out that anyone is up to monkey business.”

    The people nodded immediately. They were as quiet as cicadas in winter. Although that was the case, that did not stop their curiosity whereby they lifted their eyes to look around.

    Just when Ye Chen was going to get off the boat, Young Master Wang, who was standing aside, could not help but ask, “Old Yue, where exactly is this Master Ye? We don’t see him.”

    “Grandpa, do you think that Master Ye is fearful of Yuan Bupo’s power, so he daren’t come for the battle?” Yue Susu frowned.

    Yue Jiuchong’s expression had a slight change. He said in his deep voice instantly, “Don’t speak nonsense. We’ll watch quietly.”

    Yue Susu showed her tongue and stopped speaking. However, there was an ignorant expression on her pretty face.

    At the same time on a speedboat, Lu Tong, who was the Martial Alliance hall master, stood on the boat with his arms clasped behind him. As he looked at everyone, he could not help but scoff.

    “As I expected, it seems like this Master Ye is a coward. Hmph, how does a useless thing like him deserve to be called a master?”


    In the middle of the river, Yuan Bupo glanced through the crowd with his ferocious eyes. He said again, “Master Ye, I know you’re here!

    “My two useless disciples died by your hand, so I can only blame them for being incapable.

    “However, since I’m their master, it makes sense for me to claim justice for them. Therefore I, Yuan Bupo, have crossed thousands of miles just to see what kind of abilities you possess to be daring enough to kill my disciples!”

    Seeing that Yuan Bupo was rather impatient, Ye Chen shook his head and stepped out. He was going to leap into the river.

    “What are you doing? He’s calling out to Master Ye, not you. Don’t move if you still value your life,” Yue Susu’s pretty face changed as she condemned him instantly.

    ‘What an idiot! Can’t he see what kind of situation this is? There are so many experts here who don’t even dare to move whilst you, an ordinary nobody, dare to move around. You must be seeking death!’

    Yue Jiuchong shook his head to advise him, “That’s right, little brother. Let’s just watch from here. Don’t go anymore closer.”

    He assumed that Ye Chen thought they were rather far from the middle of the river, so he wanted to get closer to watch. He had no idea that the battle impact would spread far away as soon as the battle began.

    Ye Chen rubbed his nose and said between tears and laughter, “The person that he’s calling is me.”

    “You’re Master Ye?”

    Yue Susu was stunned at first, but she proceeded to speak after a scoff, “Are you out of your mind? You must read the room even if you want to be pretentious. Although I don’t have confidence in that Master Ye, how can you possibly be him?”

    At that moment, she found Ye Chen more and more disgusting. She even thought that he was mentally ill.

    Apart from her, even Young Master Wang and the rest snickered out loud. Young Master Wang pointed at Ye Chen and guffawed. “You? Master Ye? You’re cracking me up.

    “Ye Chen, don’t assume that you’re Master Ye just became your family name is also Ye. You must know your place.”

    Liu Feng, Zhao Qian, and the rest could not stop laughing. “You don’t even deserve to pick Master Ye’s shoes up for him.”

    Facing the people’s criticisms, Ye Chen smiled lightly. He took a step out and leaped off the boat directly.

    The people exclaimed out loud instantly.

    “He really jumped!”

    “Is he out of his mind?”

    “Does he think that he’s Yue Susu whereby he can dance on the river too? That’s water. Any ordinary person would fall if they jumped.”

    Yue Jiuchong was stunned at the moment. He got up and walked to the side of the boat with the instinct of saving him.

    However, his expression froze in the next second.

    He saw a skinny silhouette standing quietly on the rumbling river. Neither swimming nor struggling in the water, he stood sturdily above the water.

    His feet were attached to the water. No matter how much the waves beneath him, rumbled, he remained as still as a mountain.

    At that moment, Yue Jiuchong and Yue Susu were stunned. Young Master Wang, Liu Feng, and the rest showed an expression as if they had seen a ghost.

    How was that possible?!

    Ye Chen shocked them in such a deadly manner.

    Fear flashed through Yue Jiuchong’s murky eyes. He looked at Ye Chen’s back and sobbed as he spoke, “I must be blind not to have recognized the legendary Master Ye standing right before me.”

    “I-is he really Master Ye?” Yue Susu covered her red lips with disbelief in her beautiful eyes.

    ‘He must be! No wonder he wasn’t shocked when he saw me stirring the river with my energy earlier. It was because he’s Master Ye, the Master Ye that Yuan Bupo pointed out to fight.’

    Ye Chen ignored what the people behind him were thinking. He walked towards the middle of the river step by step on the waves.

    To a cultivator, walking on waves was nothing. It was not Lightness Art. With Ye Chen’s body of an immortal, he could lift heavy things as if they were light and he possessed kindness that was like flowing water.

    At the same time, all eyes were on Ye Chen on the river. Everyone’s faces were filled with utter shock; there was no exception.

    There was a young man below 30 years old walking on waves as if he was taking a stroll. He was at ease.

    Everyone could not help but inhale sharply.

    “Is he Master Ye?”

    “He’s exactly like what the rumors describe. He’s really not even 30. This trip is worth it!”

    “This person is really a genius. He’s already a Martial Dao master when he’s so young. His imposing manner is no less than Yuan Bupo’s. I wonder who’s more powerful.”

    In the middle of the river, Yuan Bupo noticed Ye Chen too. He looked closely, and astonishment flashed across his wizened face.

    Ye Chen was just too young. He was so young that even Yuan Bupo was in disbelief!

    As Ye Chen walked over step by step, the aura from Yuan Bupo’s body rose. He shouted like a tiger’s roar, and everyone’s expression changed hearing that. “Are you Master Ye?”

    Ye Chen’s clothes were fluttering loudly as the wind blew, but he was not bothered. His rather skinny body stood proudly between heaven and earth.

    Meanwhile, he smiled calmly. A gravely cold voice subsequently came, and the words entered everyone’s ears loud and clear.

    “Yuan Bupo, both of your useless disciples deserve their death to be daring enough to offend me!

    “I knew you’d come for revenge. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Therefore, I came all the way here so that the three of you can meet in hell!”