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Chapter 106 - I’ve Been Waiting for You for A Long Time

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 106: I’ve Been Waiting for You for A Long Time

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    Yue Susu had leaped tens of feet away on the river surface with her body as light as a swallow as everyone watched in shock. She did not fall into the water at all and was leaping as if she was on flat land.

    When she returned to the boat, she shouted and threw a punch at the river. A loud thud was heard as the river surface exploded creating a giant wave.

    It was terrifyingly silent on the boat at that moment.

    Everyone watched that in disbelief with their eyes wide open. What they saw earlier was nothing different than some mysterious fantasy novel. However, they witnessed it with their very own eyes.

    Ye Chen was the only person who looked normal. He was not at all surprised by it.

    Young Master Wang and Liu Feng withdrew their necks when they snapped back to their senses. They dared not look at her in a lecherous manner again.

    The consequence would be serious if they were to trigger her and that punch earlier was thrown on them.

    Yue Susu saw everyone’s expressions. There was disdain in her beautiful eyes. “So? Do you guys believe in what my grandpa said now?”

    ‘A bunch of frogs in the well.

    Meeting me and my grandpa today would be the most fortunate thing that you guys have ever experienced in your life.’

    Her pretty face could not help but turn grim when she glanced at Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen not only was not shocked, but he looked rather unimpressed.

    That made Yue Susu who was intentionally boasting earlier feel as terrible as having a fishbone stuck in her throat.

    “Susu, that technique of yours using energy onto the river is not too shabby.”

    Yue Jiuchong said to Yue Susu with a smile as he looked at her with a kind gaze. “You should be able to step into Internal Energy within three months.”

    “I’m nothing compared to grandpa.”

    Yue Susu smiled again and glanced through the people with utter disdain on her face. She focused on Ye Chen when she arrogantly said, “What I did was just a small trick. My grandpa is the real expert, I can’t even take one attack from him. He used to be…”

    “Cough, cough, cough!”

    Yue Jiuchong instantly coughed.

    Yue Susu stopped what she was about to say and then proceeded with pride. “No matter what, this world is beyond your imagination. Don’t assume that it doesn’t exist just because you’ve never seen it before. It only shows how unknowledgeable you are.”

    As soon as she was done speaking, the people looked at Yue Jiuchong again. They were stunned as they initially thought Yue Jiuchong was just an old man, never had they thought he was an expert.

    Young Master Wang’s eyes lit up and he tried to butter him up. “Old Yue, are you accepting disciples? What about me?”

    “That’s right, Old Yue. Do you need a nanny who can help you do laundry, cook, and make your bed?” Zhao Qian and Zhang Li crowded Yue Jiuchong and threw themselves at him.

    Yue Susu scoffed, she was filled with disdain.

    “Please stop. You guys have missed the best age to learn martial arts. You guys can stop that now.” Yue Jiuchong shook his head and was between laughter and tears. He was straightforward with his rejection.

    The people could not help but felt disappointed.

    Young Master Wang changed the topic since that did not work. “Old Yue, you said there’ll be two Martial Dao experts fighting on this river later. How are they like when compared to you?”

    “How can an old man like me compare with them?”

    Yue Jiuchong shook his head in all seriousness. “One of them is a Martial Dao master who’s been known for years while another is the Master Ye who is well versed in methods.”

    Yue Susu could not help but pout when she heard him. “Grandpa, you’re belittling yourself again. To me, that Yuan Bupo is the real expert. Meanwhile, that Master Ye is just an exaggeration. He might not even be my match.”

    Ye Chen looked surprised when he heard her.

    “Stop it.”

    Yue Jiuchong glared at her and condemned her. “Since Master Ye dares to accept Yuan Bupo’s battle of life and death, he must possess unpredictable abilities. How can you be so disrespectful to him?!”

    Yue Susu unwillingly shut her mouth.

    Young Master Wang was even more curious now. “Beautiful lady, so the two experts that are battling today are Yuan Bupo and Master Ye?”

    “That’s right.”

    Yue Susu played with her chin. “Yuan Bupo was already a Martial Dao master 20 years ago. You guys won’t understand what a Martial Dao master is anyway. No matter what, he returned this time to take revenge on this Master Ye.”

    She paused for a moment before speaking again. “This Master Ye must be crazy. He killed Yuan Bupo’s disciple for nothing. He killed both of his disciples so it’d be strange if Yuan Bupo didn’t come for him.”

    “So you’re saying this Master Ye isn’t a match for Yuan Bupo?” Liu Feng got the gist now.

    “Of course.”

    Yue Susu nodded and continued. “This Master Ye seems to be a newbie in the ancient martial world. I heard he’s not even 30. Even if he started cultivating in his mother’s tummy, he’s no match for Yuan Bupo. After all, Yuan Bupo is 30 years older than him. Therefore, he’s definitely going to die!”

    Ye Chen who was sitting aside could not help himself and snickered out loud as he listened.

    “What are you laughing at?”

    Yue Susu’s face turned grim and did not look friendly. “You seem to disagree with what I said?”

    “Ye, what are you laughing at when you know nothing?” Liu Feng seized the opportunity to mock him. “If you made the beautiful lady mad, she can kill you with a single slap.”

    “Nothing. Please go ahead.” Ye Chen smiled while waving, there was a strange smirk on his lips.

    Yue Jiuchong sighed at that time. “Susu, did you forget what I told you? We don’t talk about age in the ancient martial world, we address the powerful one as master. Did you forget about the person that I met 20 years ago?”

    “Grandpa, not everybody is as ridiculously powerful as that person,” Yue Susu said with a serious expression on her pretty face.

    Yue Jiuchong was a Martial Dao master 20 years ago. He was invited by his friend to a battle and it was a three versus one. The three experts from their side fought a young man who was 24 or 25.

    The result was that two experts from their side were killed while one was injured. Yue Jiuchong was lucky to have escaped death. Although that was the case, his cultivation base dropped and his injury still has not healed.

    Yue Jiuchong heavily sighed and stopped speaking.

    Young Master Wang scoffed. “That means that Master Ye is definitely going to die. He killed Yuan Bupo’s disciples with the little ability of his and the disciples died with injustice. Master Ye deserves to be killed.”

    “That’s right. But this has nothing to do with us, we’ll just watch quietly.” Liu Feng rode on the wave.

    They did not notice that Ye Chen looked stunned. The battle had yet to start, how could they assume that he would definitely be killed?

    Just when they were chatting, a water spatters noise came from behind. They instantly turned their heads to look.

    They saw a man wearing a felt hat and holding a bamboo staff agilely walking on the water. He was heading to the middle of the river.

    There was a middle-aged man clad in green who stood on a plank with his arms behind his back as the plank moved swiftly.

    People were stunned to witness that.

    “Oh my god, that guy wearing a hat is running on the water. Wouldn’t he fall?”

    “And the one stepping on a plank, the plank can take his weight? Moreover, it’s moving on its own without any external force.”

    “That’s right, it’s like there’s an engine attached to it.”


    Young Master Wang and the rest watched that in disbelief with their eyes wide open. They felt like their views of the world had been crushed completely.

    Yue Susu who was extremely arrogant earlier could not help but reveal admiration on her face.

    People exclaimed as the two men made their way towards the middle of the river. They felt like they had entered a world that they did not know about.

    Yue Jiuchong soon rowed the wooden boat to the middle of the river. All of the boats had made a circle as he looked over. There were many people standing on the boats, there were people of all walks.

    Meanwhile, a circle of 1,000 feet was vacated in the middle.

    An old man in traditional attire stood in the middle. His feet were on the water as he stood proudly.

    His eyes were closed and he seemed to be resting. He did not care about whatever was going on around him.

    Countless passionate eyes were looking at the old man at the moment. “He’s Yuan Bupo. I can’t believe that his aura is even more terrifying now than 20 years ago.”

    “After this battle, Yuan Bupo’s reputation would definitely suppress the other four aces.” Someone exclaimed.


    Young Master Wang, Liu Feng, and the rest were speechless from the shock. Their eyeballs almost fell out.

    After Yue Jiuchong parked his boat, he looked at the old man in the middle of the river with a grim expression. He said with a deep voice, “That’s Yuan Bupo.”

    “He’s like a god. I’ve made up my mind, I must make him my master no matter what,” Young Master Wang said with respect and admiration on his face.

    Liu Feng and the rest were shocked too.

    Yue Susu scoffed and said, “Make him your master? Stop dreaming. Don’t talk nonsense if you want to get out of here alive. Also, don’t take out your phones to take photos.”

    Ye Chen squinted while he looked at the old man. An intense battle intent was rising in him.

    ‘So he’s Yuan Bupo?

    ‘Great, he’s pretty powerful!’

    At the same time, Yuan Bupo who was in the middle of the river seemed to have sensed something as he suddenly opened his eyes. He glanced through the entire river like a falcon.

    His voice was as loud as a bell.

    “Master Ye, show yourself since you’re already here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”