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Chapter 105 - Waves on the Surge River

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 105: Waves on the Surge River

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    Over half an hour later, Ye Chen made it to the Surge River.

    He saw many people gathered by the river at that moment. Meanwhile, there were many boats on the river. There were a total of 20 to 30 yachts, speedboats, wooden boats, and dragon boats.

    Some of the yachts were filled with people who were looking out at the middle of the river.

    The wind would blow occasionally, stirring the river water and creating waves.

    ‘Why are there so many people here?’ Ye Chen frowned. Just when he was trying to figure things out secretly, he heard a familiar voice suddenly come from behind.

    “Wow, there are so many people and boats!”

    He turned around to look and saw a few young men and women walking towards his direction.

    The leading individual was a young man in a suit. He was remarkably handsome and wore designer clothes while the people behind him were practically clinging to him.

    Ye Chen was surprised when he saw the person behind that young man.

    It was Liu Feng.

    Meanwhile, the people behind Liu Feng were familiar faces such as Zhang Li, Zhao Qian, and Zhou Kai.

    Liu Feng was smiling at the young man who was walking in front of him. However, the smile on his face froze when he saw Ye Chen. “Why are you here?”

    As soon as he said that, Zhao Qian and the rest behind him noticed Ye Chen. The few of them kept changing their expressions. Clearly, they did not expect to see him there.

    It was just like the saying ‘enemies are bound to meet’.

    “Why can’t I be here?” Ye Chen retorted coldly. His mood remained the same despite the appearance of these people.

    “Who is he?” the leading young man asked.

    Liu Feng smirked. “Young Master Wang, this is the person that I told you about.”

    Liu Feng was resentful that Ye Chen had fired him, but he was fearful of Ye Chen’s identity at the same time. However, it was different now. He was under Young Master Wang since he left Ye Chen’s company.

    ‘Young Master Wang is from the Wang family and he holds an honorable position. So what if you are the company director, Ye Chen? You’re nothing in Young Master Wang’s eyes.’

    “Is he that ex-boss of yours?” Young Master Wang took a good look at Ye Chen as disdain filled his eyes. “He dresses like a hillbilly. I’m sure his company is worthless. Liu Feng and you guys are wise to be following me.”

    “That’s right. The most fortunate thing that has ever happened to me is having met you, Young Master Wang,” Liu Feng buttered him up while smiling immediately.

    Zhao Qian and the rest began riding on the wave of flattery. “Young Master Wang, this guy is so far away compared to you. He doesn’t even deserve to lick your shoes.”

    Young Master Wang was getting more and more arrogant as the people sucked up to him. He waved at Ye Chen. “Hey, Liu Feng is under me now. Since you’ve offended him before, I’m giving you a chance now. Roll over here and apologize now.”

    “Get out!” Ye Chen glared at him with extreme coldness.

    Young Master Wang could not help but be startled by his shout. Just when he was going to speak, a burst of laughter came. “Aren’t you guys here to watch the battle?”

    The people turned toward where the voice came from. They saw a wooden boat docked by the river. There was an old man in a Chinese tunic and a lady without makeup standing on the wooden boat.

    The lady was dressed in black martial arts attire, appearing extremely pure. Meanwhile, although the old man looked rather old, his body seemed strong.

    Ye Chen looked solemn when he sensed a powerful energy coming from the old man’s body. It was even more powerful than Lu Tong’s. Meanwhile, the girl was much weaker.

    Clearly, both of them were martial artists.

    “Why are these people here? Could they have come all the way here to watch me fight Yuan Bupo?” Ye Chen’s eyes lit up.

    The rage within Young Master Wang faded dramatically as soon as he saw the makeup-free lady. He walked a few steps forward closer to the boat to ask in a honeyed tone, “Uncle, what battle were you talking about?”

    Although he said that, he had his eyes on the makeup-free lady next to the old man.

    However, she glared at him in disdain and turned her head around after a scoff.

    “That’s right, Uncle. What battle were you talking about? Also, why are there so many people here today?” Liu Feng and the rest were curious too.

    The old man in the Chinese tunic eyed them and shook his head lightly. “It seems like you guys aren’t from the ancient martial arts world. You guys won’t understand even if I told you. Aren’t you guys curious about the battle? I can bring you guys there if you dare.” Then, he pointed to the middle of the river.

    Young Master Wang was hesitant. He was up to something else after all. However, seeing that Liu Feng and the rest were excited, he agreed to it. “Sure, we’ll go with you.”

    He then gestured to the few of them to board the old man’s boat. The old man lifted his eyes to look at Ye Chen who was the only one left behind. “Little brother, are you going?”

    “I don’t think he dares to go. Uncle, let’s go without him,” Liu Feng said with a titter.

    “Sure, why not?” Ye Chen said coldly. After all, that’s what he came all the way here for. He boarded the old man’s boat as soon as he was done speaking.

    As the old man yelled, he rowed the boat towards the middle of the river. With a smile, he said as he rowed, “You guys don’t have to call me ‘uncle’. My name is Yue Jiuchong. This is my granddaughter, Yue Susu.”

    As they were getting closer to the middle of the river. They noticed more boats as if there was a floating market.

    Liu Feng could no longer hold back his curiosity, so he asked, “Old Yue, what exactly is happening? Why are there so many people here? It’s not the Dragon Boat Festival today.”

    Yue Jiuchong looked towards the middle of the river while his cheeks were flushing. “There will be two Martial Dao experts having a life or death battle on Surge River today. These people are here to watch the grand event that’s hard to come by.”

    “Martial Dao experts? Life or death battle?”

    Young Master Wang sniggered out loud. “Old Yue, are you sure you haven’t watched too many movies?”

    ‘This old man is crazy.’

    “Do you mean those martial artists in novels?” Liu Feng said while holding back his laughter as mockery filled his face.

    Yue Jiuchong nodded. “Something like that.”

    “Alright, Old Yue. How can there possibly be such a thing as a Martial Dao expert in this world?” Young Master Wang scoffed and showed off his knowledge. “If there really are Martial Dao experts, they must be combat masters like taekwondo masters.”

    “You idiot!” Yue Jiuchong scoffed, “Are you comparing our Chinese Martial Dao inheritance with some foreign barbaric martial arts? That so-called taekwondo is just some fancy art. Our Chinese Martial Dao is the real killer skill. If one has reached the master level, he can harm a person with just a flower or a leaf!”

    Young Master Wang, Liu Feng, and the rest chuckled. They looked ignorant as they thought he was just exaggerating.

    ‘Harming a person with a flower or a leaf? That’s just pure trickery. The real thing will still be taekwondo whereby a taekwondo master can break three bricks with a single kick.

    As Yue Jiuchong frowned and was going to speak sensing their disbelief, the pure lady Yue Susu who had been quiet spoke suddenly, “My grandpa is right.”

    “Breaking a rock aside, snapping a metal rod will be a piece of cake for a real Martial Dao expert. The reason you guys don’t believe it is because you’re too naive.”

    “You’re saying as if you’ve seen it before,” Zhang Li teased her sarcastically. There was no other reason for her to have said that other than Liu Feng and Young Master Wang watching her in a lecherous manner as soon as they got onto the boat.

    Yue Susu chuckled. She hesitated and leaped into the river from the boat directly in front of them.

    They thought she was upset. Just when they were going to comfort her, the expression on their faces froze immediately.

    Yue Susu had not gone that deep into the water as they imagined after leaping into the river.

    Instead, the tip of her toes pointed lightly above the surface of the water. She leaped ten feet away. As she landed on both feet, she leaped lightly again and sauntered another ten feet away.

    Everyone stared blankly at her in bewilderment.