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Chapter 104 - The Martial Alliance’s Approach

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 104: The Martial Alliance’s Approach

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    That morning, Ye Chen took the helicopter that the Gu family sent back to Lin City.

    He then headed straight to the Gu residence.

    The old master had been waiting at the door. After putting Mengmeng under Gu Yingying’s care, Ye Chen walked into the house behind the old master.

    When they arrived in the living room, they saw a middle-aged man in a green robe sitting inside. The person did not look at them and was drinking tea on his own.

    Ye Chen could not help but take a glance at him.

    Illuminating Pulse!

    He could not believe that this man had the Illuminating Pulse Martial Dao cultivation base, which was the same as Gu Fan whom he had killed.

    When did the Gu family hire such a person?

    The old master introduced them while smiling after seeming to have sensed his doubt, “Master Ye, let me introduce you. This is Lu Tong, also known as Hall Master Lu. He’s the hall master who guards the Martial Alliance. Hall Master Lu, this is Master Ye whom I told you about.”

    Lu Tong only lifted his head upon hearing that. He glanced at Ye Chen calmly while his expression was cold.

    ‘Is this Master Ye? He has no cultivation base at all. Hmph, it seems like the people out there were exaggerating about him.’

    Ye Chen frowned. “The Martial Alliance?”

    “Master Ye, the Martial Alliance is the alliance of ancient martial artists. It belongs to the ancient martial artists’ civil organization, but it sits under the direct jurisdiction of the military,” the old master explained.

    In terms of position, the Martial Alliance dominated all ancient martial artists. It was an organization that the military used to manage the ancient martial artists. The Martial Alliance had the authority to interfere with anything that had anything to do with ancient martial artists.

    Ye Chen only came to a realization then.

    The old master proceeded to speak, “Master Ye, I believe you’re aware of the situation. Yuan Bupo traveled across the river to invite you to a duel. Therefore, I can only invite Hall Master Lu in hopes that he can deal with this.”

    What the old master was saying was simple. Yuan Bupo was the Tiannan No. 1 after all as well as a Martial Dao master who had been renowned for years. It was impossible for Ye Chen to be his match.

    Since that was the case, he could only get the Martial Alliance to interfere with this in the attempt to avoid this battle as much as possible. He believed that Yuan Bupo dared not go against the Martial Alliance’s order. After all, there were powerhouses who were stronger than him in the Martial Alliance.

    The old master could not help but gaze at Lu Tong as he spoke up to this point. “Hall Master Lu, since Master Ye is here, what do you think we should do?”

    “Master Ye has killed two of Yuan Bupo’s disciples. It’s a sure-death for him. Moreover, Yuan Bupo has already applied for the Martial Alliance Consent Form,” Lu Tong scoffed.

    The old master could not help but exclaim out loud, “What? The Martial Alliance Consent Form?”

    “That’s right, the Martial Alliance Consent Form,” Lu Tong nodded and said, “The so-called Martial Alliance Consent Form is exclusively for ancient martial artists. If the grudge between both parties is unsolvable, they can sign the Martial Alliance Consent Form. Then, who gets killed is up to them. Even the military has acquiesced to it.”

    “So, what do we do now?” The old master’s heart sank at that moment.

    Lu Tong took a good look at Ye Chen while squinting and said while looking arrogant, “There are only two options for you. The first is to accept Yuan Bupo’s invitation and sign the consent form. The second option would be rejecting him. Nothing will happen to you as long as you stay in the city.”

    Although he said that, he was secretly mocking Ye Chen, ‘What a junior who’s so full of himself! You offended Yuan Bupo just because you have some abilities. Even the masters in my Martial Alliance are terrified of Yuan Bupo, let alone you! Moreover, how can my Martial Alliance offend Yuan Bupo just for a reckless guy like you?’

    The old master asked in concern, “What if Yuan Bupo takes revenge on Master Ye’s family if he rejects him?”

    “Then, the police force will take over from there,” Lu Tong said expressionlessly, “Even if Yuan Bupo really attacks him, he would then naturally be breaking the law. The police will definitely do something about it while my Martial Alliance will collaborate with them to take him down.”

    Ye Chen smirked and enunciated word for word, “So, you mean the Martial Alliance will only interfere when something happens to my family?”

    “Of course.”

    Lu Tong was rather annoyed.

    “If that’s the case, I don’t deserve your Martial Alliance’s kindness. I’m a conservative person, so I think it’s only safe to get rid of the danger entirely,” Ye Chen said coldly.

    “Are you saying that you’re going to accept Yuan Bupo’s invitation? What makes you think that you can do that?” Lu Tong thought he heard it wrong, hence he smirked in disdain. “Young man, let me give you some advice. Run now. Run as far as you can. You can’t imagine how terrifying Yuan Bupo is.”

    Ye Chen said with a grin, “Really? I don’t think so.”

    “Since you’re seeking death, then so be it!” Lu Tong’s face turned entirely grim, and he left after flapping his sleeve once.

    Old Master Gu, who was sitting next to them, appeared troubled.

    “Old Master, you can quit trying to stop me!” Although Ye Chen sat where he was, the battle intent in him was boiling. He snickered as he played with the teacup in his hand. “A man kills to settle things. It’s just Yuan Bupo and I can defeat him single-handedly!”

    As soon as he said that, the teacup in his hand turned into dust.


    In the next two days, Ye Chen stayed at home to be with his family. He ignored whatever rumors that were going on out there.

    At the same time, the ancient martial world in China was stirred due to the battle.

    “What? That guy who was popular 20 years ago, Yuan Bupo, is coming out? And he’s asking Master Ye to fight him? Who is this Master Ye?”

    “Don’t you know him? I heard that Master Ye is an expert in methods. Someone saw him commanding lightning before. He killed Yuan Bupo’s disciple at the Tiannan Martial Arts Competition and was bestowed the title of Master of Tiannan since then.”

    “He can control lightning? You must be exaggerating!”

    “No matter who this Master Ye is, he’s in danger this time. One must know that Yuan Bupo is known as Southern Killer Yuan. Even the other four aces might not be able to defeat him.”

    “That’s right. Yuan Bupo was already a Martial Dao master 20 years ago. It’s been 20 years, so I’m sure his ability is much more terrifying than before.”

    “No matter who wins, I’ll definitely watch the battle in three days. It’s going to be a battle between masters that only happens in 20 years.”

    “I’m going too…”

    Everyone was shocked. They could not believe that the ancient Chinese martial world, which had been silent for 20 years, would be stirred up over and over again since a month ago.

    The first was the young man that came out of nowhere with the broken white Unparalleled Sword and challenged experts everywhere he went. He even challenged the Sword God, Unquestionable Jian, to a battle that would take place in three months.

    Later on, Yuan Bupo showed up in an overbearing manner.

    Such a scene could only be compared with the Zhongnan Ocean Madman, Qin Xiaotian, who showed up in a similarly high profile 20 years ago, whereby he defeated three foreign Martial Dao masters alone.


    On the morning of the third day, Ye Chen peeked at the little girl who was sleeping next to him. He snuggled closer and kissed her cheek.

    “My dear daughter, sleep well. The world will be at peace when you wake up. Everything that Daddy is doing, I’m doing it for all of you. Very soon, Daddy will bring you to see Mommy.”

    His daughter turned around and pouted slightly. Her fair, little legs were kicking subconsciously. “Beat that bad man up, Daddy.”

    Ye Chen smiled warmly and turned around to look at the Patriarch of Hell who was lying on the ground. He said in his deep voice, “Protect her.”

    “Of course, I will.”

    The Patriarch of Hell wagged his tail hard and smirked. “Err, Master, remember to bring me to the club when you get back.”

    Ye Chen’s expression turned grim and he left right after he changed, heading straight for the Surge River.

    “Yuan Bupo! I, Mad Southern Ye, am coming! Don’t disappoint me!”