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Chapter 103 - If He Wants to Fight, Let’s Fight!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 103: If He Wants to Fight, Let’s Fight!

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    The people escaped death and came out of the tomb alive due to Ye Chen’s help.

    The next morning at the Golden Capital Hotel in Ba County, the Shen father and son, Tang Ning, Master Yao, and the rest stood at the entrance. They seemed to be waiting for someone as they looked into the hotel every now and then.

    The county head Shen Chongshan was like an ant on a boiling pot and could not stop pacing.

    He puzzled the hotel staff from his behavior.

    ‘This guy not only got a Ferrari to wait at the entrance but even got the county head to pick him up. Who exactly checked into our hotel?’

    At that moment, Shen Jing said angrily, “Old man, can you stop walking around? You’re making me dizzy.”

    “How can I not pace?

    “Master Ye still hasn’t come out.”

    Shen Chongshan stopped pacing and sighed as he looked into the hotel. “You idiot, do you think he left because he’s mad at us?”

    He was terrified when he said that. The scene of Ye Chen killing the zombie with one swing of a sword at the Tang family’s tomb earlier had shocked him. It was not an exaggeration to call him a god.

    Only at that moment did he realize that this mediocre-looking classmate of his son was a real expert. He regretted being mean and cold when he talked to Ye Chen earlier.

    Cold sweat was dripping as he thought.

    Although he was the county head, he was nothing different than a village officer to the Tang family. Therefore, he could not stop trying to butter up Tang Ning earlier.

    Meanwhile, Tang Ning had to butter up Master Yao.

    However, Ye Chen was much more powerful than Master Yao. He could not eat nor sleep for offending such a person.

    Shen Jing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Old man, can you be any more shameless? You were cold to Ye Chen when he was at our home. You were using your county head power on him and now you regret it after finding out how powerful he is?”

    “No matter how shameless I am, I’m still your father.”

    Shen Chongshan’s cheeks instantly flushed as he fiercely glared at Shen Jing. “And stop calling Master Ye by his real name, you idiot. Don’t you know that he is an expert? Even though he was your classmate before, you can’t address him in that way.”

    He had been in politics for a long time. He was very well aware of the protocols that made it important to identify a person’s position.

    “I can’t do that, do you think Ye Chen is such a snob?” Shen Jing casually said.

    Although he said that, he was secretly anxious. Ye Chen had such a powerful ability, he was not sure if he would still treat him as a friend.

    Shen Chongshan sighed in regrets.

    Tang Ning and Master Yao were standing beside them when they heard the father and son talk. They had a complicated feeling in them.

    Especially Tang Ning.

    She could never forget the young man in the tomb who held the sword and looked at everything in a condescending manner. It was not an exaggeration to call him an immortal.

    “Since you’re so powerful, why didn’t you tell us in the beginning? Now two of my underlings are dead, even Xiaoliang is dead…”

    Tang Ning softly clenched her teeth as grievance and rage flashed through her beautiful eyes when she looked at the hotel.

    A young man walked out of the hotel entrance at the moment. There was a little girl holding a lollipop in his embrace.

    Shen Chongshan jolted and went to him while smiling. “Master Ye, you’re finally out.”

    “What’s this?” Ye Chen frowned. He could not get used to Shen Chongshan’s friendliness.

    Shen Chongshan immediately said, “I’d like to thank Master Ye for saving our lives in the tomb. If not for you, my son and I would’ve been dead. For your grace, I…”

    “That’d be unnecessary!”

    Shen Chongshan was interrupted before he could finish speaking.

    Ye Chen lifted his eyes and looked at Yang Ning and Master Yao who were standing by the side. He eventually had his eyes on Shen Jing and a smile appeared on his cold face. “Shen Jing, we’re going back.”

    He had obtained the Sky Stone and it was time to go back.

    Most importantly, he had a faint feeling that something was going to happen. It was the instinct of a cultivator.

    “Old Ye, you’re leaving so soon? It’s rare for us to bump into each other, why don’t you stay for a few more days?” Shen Jing did not want him to leave.

    Shen Chongshan secretly glared at his son after hearing him call Ye Chen with his real name.

    ‘Old Ye?

    ‘This idiot never listens to me.’

    Ye Chen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m in Lin City. You can come anytime and we can have a drink. Of course, you can look for me if you’ve any trouble.”

    Shen Chongshan took immediately over the conversation. “We’d like to thank Master Ye in advance. We’ll definitely go to you when the chance arises in the future.”

    Shen Jing was speechless.

    Ye Chen nodded.

    Master Yao took a step forward and looked at him with a complicated expression. He bowed to him in utmost respect. “This old man would like to thank Master Ye for saving my life. I’ll remember this forever.”

    His words directly came out of his heart. If Ye Chen did not fight with his overbearing power during that critical time in the tomb, everyone might have died there.

    He dared not flaunt his seniority to Ye Chen and could only secretly exclaim of such a talent in the world. With Ye Chen’s swing of sword alone, even his grandmaster would admire him.

    Such a genius was destined to rule the world. He regretted treating Ye Chen as an ordinary young man before.

    Ye Chen coldly nodded. “You’re too kind.”

    Tang Ning’s expression kept changing as she stood beside Master Yao. She suddenly said after biting her lip, “Let me ask you this, Ye. Why didn’t you fight from the start?”

    Master Yao and Shen Chongshan’s expression changed as soon as she spoke.

    Tang Ning did not notice that and pointed at Ye Chen’s nose as she condemned him. “Since you’re so powerful, why did you watch my underlings get themselves killed? You must give me a proper explanation today!”

    “Proper explanation?”

    Ye Chen expressionlessly said. “I wonder what kind of explanation are you looking for?”

    “You must explain everything to me. Don’t think that you can ignore me just because you’ve got some abilities!

    “I’m telling you that this asset of yours is nothing to my Tang family. My family has its own way of killing you!”

    Tang Ning fiercely glared at Ye Chen. She was getting angrier as she spoke and the rage that she had been pushing down exploded at the moment.

    Master Yao’s expression changed. ‘Oh no!

    ‘Ms. Tang, are you out of your mind? How can you say something like this? The worldly power and wealth are nothing to an expert like Master Ye.’

    The imposing manner on Ye Chen’s body changed as Tang Ning was done speaking. A ferocious gleam flashed through his eyes as he extended his arm and grabbed.

    Tang Ning who was a few steps away from him was taken closer to him. He directly picked her up by choking her neck.

    Tang Ning was attempting to struggle by instinct when she suddenly heard an extremely cold voice. “Do you dare to say that again?!”

    The voice was gravely cold and it felt as if the temperature had dropped by tens of degrees.

    Tang Ning finally panicked.

    She saw the killing intent in Ye Chen’s eyes. The killing intent that he did not even try to hide. She might really die here if she dared to say what she said again.


    Master Yao immediately kneeled before Ye Chen and kowtowed as if he was crushing garlic with his forehead. “Please have mercy, Master Ye. Please don’t mind what Ms. Tang said. She didn’t mean it and said that out of pure anger.”

    If Tang Ning was killed here, there would definitely be a devastating stir in Gang Province. It would be a serious matter.

    “That’s right, Old Ye. Forget it. I’ve seen through this lady and she’s the classic bimbo who has the body but no brain.” Shen Jing immediately stopped him.

    Shen Chongshan forced an ugly smile. “Master Ye, let’s discuss things. Please don’t do anything. Otherwise, I’d be in big trouble.”

    Master Yao’s forehead soon began bleeding from the kowtows but he kept begging.

    Ye Chen coldly glanced at Tang Ning and tossed her onto the ground. His voice was extremely cold.

    “If you’re upset about this, do get the Tang family to take revenge on me when you get back. But if that happens, I’ll definitely bring my sword to Gang Province and kill everyone in the Tang family!”

    After he said that, he walked towards the bus station while carrying the little girl and didn’t even look back.

    His phone rang at that moment. It was Gu Yingying who called.

    Ye Chen revealed a smirk at the corner of his lips after hearing her out. “He’s finally here? If he wants to fight, let’s fight!

    “Send a helicopter to get me!”