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Chapter 102 - He’s Here

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 102: He’s Here

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    An old man walked on the Surge River.

    The tourists standing by the river were blankly watching him. Ye Wen and Ou Lan were among the crowd too.

    Everyone could clearly see how the old man looked when he finally got closer.

    He wore in traditional attire and looked 60 to 70 years old as he stood with his arms behind his back. He looked a little old and hunched a bit. However, the majestic air around him was terrifying. It felt as if he could put an end to everything.

    The noise of cars braking came from behind people at that moment. They saw there were tens of cars parked by the street before the river when they turned their heads to look. They formed a long queue.

    Around 100 men wearing suits walked out of the cars as the car doors opened. A bald hunk was leading them.

    Everyone was walking to the river.

    Nobody dared to scream, they were anxious.

    The bald hunk led the people to the river. He clasped his fists and bowed at the old man who was walking on the river. “Greetings, Master Yuan!”

    “Greetings, Master Yuan!”

    The tens of people behind him clasped their fists and bowed at the same time. Their voices were synchronized and their faces were serious.

    The old man leaped as he took his last step on the river. He stood by the river with his hands behind his back and said with a smile, “Xiaofeng, you sure are thoughtful to be spending so much effort to welcome me.”

    The bald hunk jolted and immediately said, “You’re too kind, Master Yuan. Without you, I would’ve died back then.”

    The old man nodded and glanced through the terrified tourists. He expressionlessly said, “Any news for the thing that I asked you to investigate?”

    “Yes, Master Yuan. The person who killed Brother Gu is Ye Chen, he’s also called Master Ye. He’s a local in Lin City. He’s 30, his parents are still around, and he also has a daughter.”

    The bald hunk respectfully said, “This man vanished five years ago and nobody knew where he went. He has only returned over a month ago. Other than his stunning abilities, he’s close with the local boss Lin Tai and the wealthy Gu family…”

    What nobody noticed was that Ye Wen and Ou Lan who were far away had their expression change when they heard Ye Chen’s name.

    The old man frowned and seemed to be upset. “I’m not interested in all this stuff, I only want to know where this man is right now.”

    “This Master Ye isn’t in Lin City at the moment. I’ve sent my people to find him…”

    The bald hunk wiped his sweat and carefully said, “Master Yuan, do you think he ran away after knowing that you’re coming for him?”

    “Ran away?”

    The old man’s face turned grim, he seemed to be disappointed. “Get the Gu family to tell that man that I, Yuan Bupo, have come. Three days later, we’ll have a battle of life and death on this Surge River!

    “If he refuses to come, I don’t mind going into the city myself and taking his family’s blood to pray to my two disciples!”


    The hunk responded and asked with fear, “But Master Yuan, what if the Gu family helps him?”

    “Gu family?”

    The old man smirked in disdain. “Gu family doesn’t dare to do that. Don’t talk about the Gu family, even if the masters of Martial Alliance were to help, I, Yuan Bupo, am not afraid of them!”

    20 years, it’s been 20 years.

    He was already on the innate stage 20 years ago. He was the Martial Dao Master who was on top of China.

    He was one of the five aces, the Eastern Superior, Western Overlord, Southern Killer, Northern Devil, and Unquestionable Sword.

    However, he was chased by a farmer with a hoe for three days and three nights. Eventually, he had to hide in Shiwan Mountain. If he were to get off the mountain within the 20 years, the farmer with the hoe would go after him again.

    ‘It seems like people have forgotten about me, Yuan Bupo!

    ‘Forget it, I’ll use that Master Ye’s blood to prove to the people of the world when I get out of the mountain. Throughout the 20 years of hiding, this Southern Killer Yuan hasn’t dimmed as time went by.

    ‘And that farmer with the hoe back then, I hate you. I’ll find you sooner or later!’

    The old man stood as the wind blew and a terrifying majesty exuded from his body. The river water behind him was boiling. The bald hunk and the rest almost fell after witnessing it.


    Ye Wen and Ou Lan only dared to move when the old man and the rest left in the cars.

    Ye Wen took a deep breath. “Sister Ou Lan, did you hear that old man’s name?”

    “I’m not too sure.”

    Ou Lan tightly clenched her fists and stammered.

    ‘Ye Chen!’

    ‘So these people are looking for Mr. Ye!

    ‘And that old man, he can walk on water.

    ‘Mr. Ye, oh, Mr. Ye. What exactly have you done?!’

    Ye Wen hesitated for a moment and lightly clenched her teeth. “No, I must tell my cousin and ask him to run. Sister Ou Lan, go back first. This has nothing to do with you.”

    Without even waiting for Ou Lan to reply, Ye Wen turned around and headed home. She was worried.

    She could not do him wrong again.

    “Wenwen, wait. I’ll go with you.”

    Ou Lan took a deep breath and immediately caught up to her.


    At the same time, Gu Yingying and Old Master Gu at the Gu residence sat across each other. The old master had a grim face and concern was apparent all over his face.

    “Grandpa, what exactly happened?”

    Gu Yingying asked in puzzlement. She did not remember ever seeing her grandpa looking as worried as today.

    “That man is here.” The old master sighed.

    Gu Yingying was getting more and more confused. “Who? Who is making you so anxious?”

    The old master heavily enunciated a few words from his mouth. “Tiannan No. 1, Yuan Bupo!”


    Gu Yingying’s expression changed as she inhaled sharply. “The only Martial Dao master in the three provinces of Tiannan?”

    “That’s right.”

    The old master forced a smile. “I got an anonymous phone call earlier. The person said that Yuan Bupo is here to avenge his disciples. He says that he’s inviting Master Ye to a battle three days later at the Surge River. The battle won’t stop until one of them is dead!”

    Yuan Bupo was a popular veteran Martial Dao master since 20 years ago. How could Mr. Ye be his match?

    “Grandpa, can it be a prank?” Gu Yingying’s pretty face became grim as she asked.

    The old master shook his head. “Impossible! Not many know Yuan Bupo and even if they do, they don’t dare joke about the master. Moreover, Mr. Ye killed Yuan Bupo’s two disciples. Nobody can stand such actions, even if it’s Yuan Bupo.”

    “So what do we do now?”

    Gu Yingying got up and paced around the living room. She seemed to have figured something. “Why don’t we get Uncle Xiao from the city council to send the police force to search for him in the city? Get them to capture Yuan Bupo before the battle starts.”

    “Capture? How can they do that? You silly girl, you’re underestimating how terrifying a Martial Dao master can be.”

    The old master laughed from anxiety. “Those elites under your Uncle Xiao can fight ordinary people. However, a Martial Dao master can kill up to a hundred people with a slap alone. Unless there are heavy weapons or cannons, nothing can harm him.”

    He did not say it but Xiaoxiao could not cause chaos in the entire city for Yuan Bupo alone at all. The superiors would not allow it.

    The old master said with a deep voice as he thought to this point. “Little girl, call Master Ye and tell him what’s happening. I’ll try my best to contact the Martial Alliance. They must show up for matters like this!”