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Chapter 101 - I’ve A Sword that Can Kill Millions of Demons

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 101: I’ve A Sword that Can Kill Millions of Demons

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    “Daddy, please save them, now!”

    The innocent voice was heard again.

    People instinctively turned their heads to look. They saw Mengmeng who was in Ye Chen’s embrace tightly grab onto the corner of Ye Chen’s shirt as she begged. Her long lashes could not stop fluttering.

    This kid was pretty cute. It’s a pity that she would soon end up becoming the zombie’s food.

    Tang Ning secretly shook her head.

    Shen Jing forced a smile, he was eager to slap himself.

    ‘I jinxed it!’

    He was joking with little Mengmeng before coming in and asked her whether she was scared of zombies. The little thing said that she was not and even said that her daddy would protect her. Never had they expected that there would really be a zombie here.

    Ye Chen slowly put down Mengmeng and patted her head. He smiled and said, “Alright, daddy will save them.”

    “Save us? Are you out of your mind?”

    Tang Ning scoffed by instinct. However, she quickly swallowed her next words.

    She saw Ye Chen slowly walk towards the zombie after putting down the little girl. He looked at ease as if he was taking a stroll in some garden.

    “What is he doing?”

    The people were instantly stunned.

    Shen Jing who was the first to react had his expression change. He immediately said, “Old Ye, come back. Don’t go there!”

    He wanted to get up to stop Ye Chen but was held onto by Shen Chongshan who was next to him. “Don’t go!”

    Shen Jing was almost crying from the panic.

    Shen Chongshan shook his head. ‘This guy must be insane…’

    “Uncle Shen, don’t worry. My daddy is very powerful, he will definitely kill that monster.”

    On the other hand, little Mengmeng began comforting him while fluttering her long lashes. She even swung her fist.

    If it was some other kid, it would have been crying from fright.

    However, this little girl had seen what her daddy was capable of doing. Therefore, her daddy was the most powerful person in the world for her.

    Shen Jing was not listening and kept stomping his foot.

    Tang Ning was feeling pity.

    She almost called Ye Chen an idiot.

    ‘Didn’t you see that even Master Yao isn’t a match for that zombie before us? You’re just an ordinary person. I suppose you’re not even a match for Xiaoliang and you dare to get over there?’

    Master Yao who had fallen onto the ground forcefully lifted his spirit. He sighed lightly.

    Ye Chen was protecting his daughter under such a situation, he was a great father.

    However, courage alone was not enough.

    He would need the ability.

    Just when the few of them were having their own thoughts, Ye Chen had arrived less than three meters away from the zombie.

    “Theoretically, throughout 200 years of development, you’d need exceptional conditions for a successful zombification. Moreover, you’re one step away from being able to refine the Corpse Pill.

    “If you have the ideal cultivation qualification, you might be able to cultivate yourself into Hanba, the god of drought.

    “Your flesh is powerful, even bullets can’t go through. Your claws are sharp too, cutting rocks would be like cutting tofu for you.

    “Unfortunately, you bumped into me.”

    Ye Chen shook his head as he walked. The zombie across him seemed to understand what he said and roared. It charged toward Ye Chen with its long nails.

    “Oh, no. Oh, no!”

    Shen Jing could not look at it. He could not see Ye Chen having his blood sucked dry by the zombie.

    Ye Chen coldly smiled as he lifted his arm and slapped. His action was simple and clean.


    The zombie was directly thrown out from that slap. It damaged many stone horses and stone figures along the way.

    “H-How is that possible?” Master Yao who fell onto the ground lost his composure and exclaimed.

    Tang Ning’s red lips opened slightly while her beautiful eyes were opened wide. She blankly looked at the scene before here while her breast undulated.

    He threw out the zombie with a slap?

    Was that an illusion?

    Shen Chongshan’s face froze. His face looked as if he had seen a ghost.

    “Holy sh*t. Old man, quick, slap my face. Am I dreaming?” Shen Jing immediately closed his eyes hearing the slap. He could not help but cuss.

    Shen Chongshan gave a hard slap onto Shen Jing’s face without hesitation. Shen Jing pouted from the pain. “It hurts, this isn’t a dream!”

    Everyone was shocked by Ye Chen’s slap.

    Little Mengmeng was the only one who was clapping while her face flushed. “Daddy is so powerful! Beat him good, daddy!”

    The little girl scoffed at everyone’s disbelief. She said with pride, “I’ve told you that my daddy is powerful. You guys must trust me now.”

    At the same time, the zombie roared from the pain after being slapped away. People noticed there were many cracks on its body when it stood up from the ground.

    Even one of its fangs was broken…

    “You really have a thick skin, don’t you?”

    Ye Chen snickered and waved at an ancient sword hanging on the wall. “Come here, sword!”


    The sword directly flew out of its scabbard as soon as it received the orders.

    It eventually flew into Ye Chen’s hand. The sword was shaking slightly and there was a faint humming sound coming out of it.

    Ye Chen held lightly to the sword, a golden sword glow of ten feet long exploded out of the ancient sword in his hand instantly. A stunning sword intent consolidated on it, it sliced the air as if it was tearing the place apart.

    The zombie seemed to have sensed some danger, which it roared and took the lead to attack again. This time, its speed was over a fold faster than before.

    Everyone could not help but exclaim out loud.

    Ye Chen did not panic at all. He coldly spat a few words while holding the sword.

    “This sword’s name is Mortality!

    “I have a sword that can kill everyone in the world!

    “I have a sword that can put an end to heaven and earth!

    “I have a sword that can kill Buddhas of 10,000 years!

    “I have a sword that can kill millions of demons!

    “With this sword, I’ll put the world back in peace!”

    He swung the sword as he was done speaking!

    Everyone present had their pupils shrunk. Whatever was present before their eyes seemed to have changed and there was only a glaring sword glow left now.

    The sword glow was as bright as a proud sun. It exuded an arrogant, unyielding, and condescending imposing manner.

    The sword glow sliced the air with a loud whistling sound and penetrated straight through the zombie’s head.


    A crisp sound was heard as the zombie’s head fell straight onto the ground. Meanwhile, the body below its head was still charging like it was before.

    However, it too fell after taking a few steps out. Within the blink of an eye, it crashed onto the ground and vanished into the air.

    The tiger-shaped pendant was the only thing that was left on the ground.

    Everyone blankly watched as if they had turned into stones at that very moment.

    He killed the zombie with a mere swing of a sword!

    The zombie that bit anyone it saw, the zombie that even Master Yao could do nothing about was killed just like that.

    Master Yao’s lips were shaking intensely as he stuttered. “Wha…What…”

    “Damn, did you have the God of Sword Ximen Chuixue’s soul attached to your body?”

    Shen Jing’s eyeballs almost came out.

    Shen Chongshan’s lips twitched hard and he could not deal with the shock inside of him. ‘I-Is he really Shen Jing’s classmate? Not an immortal on earth?’

    Tang Ning had the most complicated emotion among them. Her pretty face looked like it was a dye house whereby different colors were changing over and over again.

    Disdain, despise, scorn, despair, shock, stun, joy, regret…

    She spat a mouthful of blood from the many emotions rushing in her.