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Chapter 756 - Fighting Again

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     756 Fighting Againfor chen fan, the realm of kunxu was of little concern.

    however, once he embarked on the path of heaven, he worried that the sages in kunxu might seek revenge on him by invading earth. the combined forces of kunxu were way beyond what the earth's nations could handle. therefore, he made up his mind to pin the totality of kunxu under his thumb, and force them into subjugation.

    "chen beixuan, ever since the realm of kunxu was created, not even the ancient immortal monarch dared to break the balance of power. what make you think that you can do that?"

    the sect master of the dashi sect smirked.

    he was surrounded by nine golden dragons and was floating in the air like an otherworldly immortal.

    "such impudence. do you think we are all dead?" earth level deity jiuming cast a derisive glare at chen fan and continued, "you are just a mortal who were lucky enough to be exposed to the dao. how dare you look down on kunxu? you are a barbaric mortal and would never grasp the true power wielded by us."

    despise toward earth was deeply rooted in his mind, making him forget that he, too, came from earth.

    "you are from earth as well. who would say that about his home land?" lu yanxue refuted hotly.

    she had been belittled and bullied by her fellow sect members because of her background, she was raring for an opportunity to release that anger.


    earth level deity jiuming laughed in reply.

    lu yanxue was so insignificant in his eyes that she wasn't even worthy to speak to him.

    "did you call me barbaric? i guess i will have to kill you in the most barbaric way then."

    chen fan stepped forward; his dark hair danced against the wind and a three-colored fire came up in his eyes. a strong gust blew past him, loosening his sleeves.

    "do you think i'm afraid of you?"

    earth level deity jiuming let out a snicker.

    flashes of dark lightning surrounded his body, his eyes were two portals to the abyss. earth level deity jiuming was the most powerful cultivator from the heavenly thunder sect and had been a contender for the seat of power in the sect. however, due to his brusque and brash manner, the former sect master had given the power to earth level deity hanshi. that being said, earth level deity jiuming was one of the top five warriors in kunxu.


    earth level deity jiuming folded his palms and summoned a black spear in his hand. the spear was made out of dark crystals that gleamed under the sunlight. its glinting tip was extremely deadly and sharp, and a morbid and sadistic quality loomed over the body of the spear.

    even a minor wound from the spear could kill immortal state warriors. many earth level deities backed away to watch the fight in safety.

    "dark yin spear, jiumin finally completed the art!" the sect master of the dashi sect exclaimed.

    the sect master of the mixed-essence sect narrowed his eyes and explained, "the dark yin spear was created by combining countless mortal's souls with the underground evil yin thunder qi. it took over a hundred years to forge and judging by its appearance, jiumin must have sacrificed over a million lives for this weapon. no wonder there had been rumor that cities under the heavenly thunder sect's control had been raided by a demonic cultivator. i think it was jiumin," elephant god master exclaimed and lowered his head.

    "what a hypocrite! aren't you on the side of righteousness? why don't you get rid of jiumin now?" the family lord of the zi family cast a sidelong glance at the monk.

    elephant god master pretended he didn't hear anything. chen fan was his biggest concern right then.


    chen fan and earth level deity jiuming exchanged blows.

    earth level deity jiuming charged at chen fan; his spearhead crackled with dark lightning energy. these energies were made out of the purest form of evil yin qi. it could turn a supreme overlord into a frozen statue in an instant.

    carrying a sizzling energy, the spear flew out and pierced the flow of time and tore apart the fabric of space, arriving right before chen fan. it was going to plunge right into chen fan's chest, to swoop him up and throw him off to the ground. proud of his perfect execution, earth level deity jiuming let out a smile. he was certain that this attack was powerful enough to bring the azure mystic sect master to heel.

    however, the smile on his face curdled right away.

    chen fan didn't evade the attack, instead, he lifted a hand and pointed a finger at the tip of the spear.

    "chen beixuan, you have walked right into my trap. the dark yin spear is too dangerous for you to handle."

    earth level deity jiuming was rejoiced in the development. the dark yin spear was filled with evil yin qi that could even kill a core formation cultivator.

    crack, crack.

    lo and behold, flashes of dark lightning latched onto chen fan's fingers and quickly made for his body. however, the golden glow around chen fan's body quickly deterred those vicious assaults. the yin thunder energy was completely unable to penetrate chen fan's defense.

    so powerful was chen fan's divine body that nothing could harm it.

    although chen fan had not reached phenomenal success, he was very close to it.


    chen fan shouted as the golden glow intensified, sending out an invisible force at his attacker. earth level deity jiuming suddenly felt a mountain pressing on top of him, making it difficult for him to breathe.

    the dark yin spear shattered to pieces. the force in chen fan's finger went on and landed on the chest of earth level deity jiuming, penetrating his four righteousness protection aura.


    earth level deity jiuming was forced to use a strange weapon in a pinch to save his life. otherwise, his chest would have been opened up.

    even with the protection, the force sent him flying; his body slammed against one of the supporting columns, breaking it from the middle.


    chen fan looked up and examined the weapon that countered his attack.

    upon close inspection, he realized that it wasn't a weapon at all, but a long and narrow badge. it's zigzag shape resembled a lightning bolt, and electric energy pulsed on its surface.

    "divine thunder plate of the nine heavens! this is the spirit treasure passed down by lord heavenly thunder," lu yanxue exclaimed.

    she had turned to ancient scrolls and books to ease the pain after being bullied. so she had recognized the famous spirit artifact right away.

    "damn you, chen beixuan!"

    earth level deity jiuming rose to the skies again and appeared right above chen fan. the energy inside the divine thunder plate bore down on chen fan with enough power to banish all evil from the world. its power was on par with the moon wheel and was capable of harming a core formation cultivator.

    earth level deity jiuming started an art; a pointy golden lightning began to form around the divine thunder plate. the lightning energy looked like the bolt wielded by zeus, one that could destroy anything in its path.

    "earth level deity jiuming brought out the most powerful dharma treasure in the heavenly thunder sect. he really wants that boy dead."

    the dashi sect's sect master smirked.

    "we must kill chen beixuan!"

    taiyin fairy snorted.


    a blaring thunder was heard as the lightning bolt was hurled across the sky, leaving a trail of golden light as it rushed toward chen fan. this attack would kill the azure mystic sect master in a blink.

    chen fan cracked a smile, letting go of the golden protection energy shield, and waiting for the attack to land on him.

    "that's suicide. that attack can injure a sky immortal."

    many people were perplexed by chen fan's actions while earth level deity jiuming's face lit up with glee.

    he watched as chen fan pushed an arm out right before the lightning bolt landed on him. the lightning bolt suddenly slowed down and turned into a docile pet that curled itself around chen fan's fingers.


    the earth level deities were shocked.

    they grappled with reality, trying to figure out how chen fan had done it.


    earth level deity jiuming was furious. the divine thunder plate was the most powerful spirit treasure of the heavenly thunder sect. over the course of thousands of years, it had only been used seven times and had never let the sect down. what happened to it?


    an extra pair of golden bolts came out of the divine thunder plate. they were even deadlier than the previous one. however, chen fan used the same trick, taming them with ease. it was as if chen fan were the god of lightning.


    chen fan smirked.

    he had completed the sky-shattering painting, gaining the thunder loch divine meridian. the thunder loch was a divine beast that could control lightning energy with ease. earth level deity jiuming's thunder art simply couldn't compare.

    "arise!" chen fan yelled and waved a hand.

    earth level deity jiuming was shocked to find that the divine thunder plate started to struggle in his grasp, trying to break free. panicked, he held onto it with both hands, but still failed to stop the spirit treasure from flying toward chen fan like a moth toward the flame.

    the divine thunder plate had flown out of earth level deity jiuming's hand and landed in chen fan's hand.

    "jiumin is in danger, let's attack now!"

    the other overlords noticed that the tide of the battle had changed. elephant god master bellowed as a mighty raw energy rose from the old scrawny monk. the energy felt as powerful as that of a core formation cultivator.

    a strange dharma treasure floated above elephant god master. it was the spirit treasure from the leiyin mountain:

    grand thunder drum!

    a deafening crack of thunder came from the clouds. the old monk struck the drum with his bare hand, sending out golden sound waves that were visible to naked eye. the sound wave pulverized everything in its path. many onlookers were dazed by the sound and felt they were in the presence of the mighty buddha, listening to his wisdom.

    "i will help!"

    the fentian valley master and the sect master of the mixed-essence sect both jumped into the fray.

    hovering above both of their heads were their own spirit treasures; one glowed purple, the other white.

    their faces were painted by the color of their spirit treasures, making them look like demon lords. the combined might of the three sect masters with the aid of their most powerful spirit treasures meant chen fan was fighting three core formation cultivations at the same time.

    suddenly, chen fan was besieged by cracks of thunder, deadly purple flames and sharp white energies. the tide of the battle had turned yet again.