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Chapter 755 - Kneel or Die

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 755 Kneel or DieThe Yuntian Palace was built at the center of Kunxu, befitting its peerless status. The palace hovered above a metropolis called Heavenly Capital and it was the largest city in Kunxu.

    Meanwhile, many cultivators from all over Kunxu were gathering in the Heavenly Capital.

    The Heavenly Capital was filled to the brim with cultivators from all the exalted sects. The entire Heavenly Capital had turned into a sea of cultivators that was boiling over.

    "Will Chen Beixuan come as he promised?"

    "I heard from my friends from the Snow God Palace that Chen Beixuan is on his way on a white water dragon."

    "This is going to be the battle of the century. If Kunxu loses the battle, we would all be pinned under his boots."

    Many cultivators from Kunxu murmured to each other.

    "Can anyone explain to me how the Mortal World produced such a powerful man? I thought they were deprived of Spirit Qi and even an Immortal State was a rare sight there," some wondered.

    "Who knows? Maybe it's God's will. I am more concerned about Yuntian Palace's preparation," someone else lamented.

    Many people were worried about the coming battle.

    Chen Fan was too powerful. He had defeated the Azure Mystic Sect Master and countered a Spirit Treasure with his bare hands. He was a rare genius even by Kunxu's standards. Many people wondered if Yuntian Palace could hold out against Chen Fan.

    Someone snorted and said, "Hehe, the might of Yuntian Palace is beyond your imagination. They have three supreme overlords and extremely powerful treasures. Rumor has it that the Yuntian Palace is guarded by a sky immortal. If that's the case, I doubt Chen Beixuan could survive the fight."

    Some people were going to refute the speaker, but seeing the head of purple hair and the fire in his eyes, everyone grew silent.

    "Careful, that's a member of the Zi family of Fentian Valley. I didn't expect for them to be here. I wager they are pissed because of the death of their two elite heirs. " Many people lowered their heads and walked away.

    The Zi family was not the only one there.

    Soon, Many rays of light landed in the city from all directions.

    Overlords from Leiyin Mountain, the Mixed-Essence Sect, the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Dashi Sect had arrived. All the exalted sects, except for the Snow God Palace had all sent their most powerful warriors to the city. The Earth Level Deities from these sects were welcomed into the Yuntian Palace.

    "One, two, three… Heavens! There are over fifty Earth Level Deities paying a visit. Including those from Yuntian Palace, there are going to be more than seventy Earth Level Deities," an old man exclaimed.

    "This battle is the most momentous event in Kunxu. Even Earth Level Deities who were in seclusion came out to partake in the event."

    The sight of this many sages felt suffocating to many onlookers. Those who believed that Chen Fan would emerge victorious started having second thoughts.

    "Chen Beixuan is too cocky."

    "The combined might of the sect masters and the elders of seven exalted sects would even deter a Sky Immortal. What made him think that he could hold out against them on his own?" a disciple of the Heavenly Thunder Sect said.

    Of all the sects and factions in Kunxu, the Heavenly Thunder Sect was Chen Fan's largest victim.

    Brilliant lights flashed continuously over the sky, each representing the arrival of an Earth Level Deity. In the end, the number of Earth Level Deities had reached more than a hundred. Their halos illuminated the sky above the Yuntian Palace.

    "The gathering of a hundred sages. It's been ages since the last time such a momentous event happened," Many people exclaimed in their minds.

    A sense of pride rose from their hearts.

    Thus it was. Those Earth Level Deities were the backbone of Kunxu, and the realm's most intrepid defenders.

    Qi Mufeng arrived at Heavenly Capital with the Qi Family Sisters in tow. They stayed at a hotel since they weren't invited into the Yuntian Palace. Qi Xiu'er looked up at the Yuntian Palace thoughtfully.

    Qi Qingwei heaved a sigh and lamented in her mind.

    "Xiu'er, the odds are against Chen Beixuan this time. Father's decision to keep you away from him was for the best. If Chen Beixuan fails, the Qi Family would fall along with him."

    No one had too much faith in Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan was going to challenge all the overlords of the realm, a plain act of suicide.

    Meanwhile, inside the Yuntian Palace…

    The massive ceiling of the palace's grand hall was supported by countless large columns decorated with dragon's motifs. Many attractive servants bustled about, bringing desserts and drinks to over a hundred visiting sages.

    Energy flowed around those sages. Some were purple while others were golden. The heads of the table were occupied by ten sages with overbearing demeanors; all of them were surrounded by brilliant divine lights indicative of their world shattering power. They were the ten supreme overlords. The Azure Mystic Sect Master and the Taiyin Fairy were among them.

    "I appreciate that all of you came out of your way to support me."

    A stately middle-aged man sitting at the throne chair slowly rose to his feet. The golden silk dragon robe tumbled down to his feet. The Thearch's Son looked very similar to him, but his energy was vast and much more solid compared to his son. His appearance had a lordly demeanor, as if he governed the fate of both sages and demons.

    Cloud Heaven Thearch!

    He was the master of the Yuntian Palace, one of the strongest warriors in Kunxu.

    "My Lord, you are too humble. Chen Beixuan has trampled all over us, we need to hold him accountable," Earth Level Deity Jiuming spoke. His voice was a deep rumble of thunder that shook the beams on the ceiling.

    "Indeed. If we fight on our own, Chen Beixuan would pick us out one by one," an Earth Level Deity from the Mixed-Essence Sect put in.

    His remark was agreed upon by many others.

    The combined might of over a hundred Earth Level Deities could even topple a major sect with ease, much less Chen Fan. As long as Chen Fan's level of attainment remained below the Sky Immortal realm, he would never hold out against their deadly force.

    It had been a while since the sages of Kunxu had felt so confident about themselves.

    "Chen Beixuan, you've made too many enemies. You would never be able to defeat the combined might of all Kunxu's deadliest warriors."

    Cloud Heaven Thearch snorted in his mind and felt pretty good about the outlook of the fight.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master sat in silence, savoring the wine in his cup. A light in his eyes glowed brighter by the second. Meanwhile, Taihan Fairy's face was frosty and her glare was so sharp that it could cut through the air.

    Even as the sages padded each other's shoulders, they heard a wild gale rush from the exterior, then a wave of exclamations. They knew Chen Beixuan had arrived.

    Chen Fan had finally arrived.

    He stood on top of a hundred meter long white water dragon which carried him across the sky, trailing behind a streak of white turbulence. Lu Yanxue was standing beside him.

    When they arrived at Yuntian Palace, they realized the palace was massive.

    The palace hovered above the clouds, looking like the court of heaven. Magnificent buildings connected with each other and formed an extensive compound. Brilliant lights ran down from those building's gleaming roofs, giving away the deadly force that had gathered in the palace.

    Directly underneath the palace was a sprawling city that was at least ten times larger than any city in Kunxu.

    The appearance of the white water dragon had caught everyone's attention. Their shouts and cheers shot up into the sky, but Chen Fan barely spared a glance at the crowd. He looked into the distance and spoke, "I am Chen Beixuan from Earth, here to meet the Master of Yuntian Palace."

    Words came out of his mouth with blaring sounds that reverberated across the sky.

    The sound gained solidity as the soundwaves became shock waves. When the force slammed into the Yuntian Palace, it stirred up the energy shield, revealing many Daoist Inscriptions. The guards of the Yuntian Palace quickly turned on the Dharma Array to ward off the sound attack. However, the onlookers on the ground were less fortunate and many of them passed out after the assault.

    The shock wave pressed against the ground, cracking it in many places.

    Chen Fan's dramatic entry frightened many people.

    So powerful was Chen Fan that he could shake the ground without even using any divine powers.

    "Master is here!"

    Qi Xiu'er looked up, face lit up with glee.

    Qi Qingwei, Bai Suxian, and the Princess of the Southern Kingdom all looked to the young man as strong but complicated emotions rose inside of them.

    "Fellow cultivator Chen, welcome."

    A peaceful voice drifted out from the Yuntian Palace. The sound eased the pain of those who were attacked by Chen Fan's sound wave as a summer rain would to a scorched earth.

    Cloud Heaven Thearch showed everyone his ability.

    The spell he had just cast was not any less sophisticated than that of the Azure Mystic Sect Master.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the level of his opponent. He landed the dragon on a large plaza right in front of the Yuntian Palace where the Earth Level Deities had gathered. Those powerhouses were led by ten supreme overlords.

    Lu Yanxue's face changed after seeing the opposing forces as she squeezed Chen Fan's hand. Even the white water dragon was scared by the presence of so many powerful sages.

    "Chen Beixuan, you really shouldn't have come."

    An elder from the Heavenly Thunder Sect snickered.

    "Who are you anyways?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    Chen Beixuan's words angered the elder, turning his face red. Earth Level Deity Jiuming smirked and said, "You might not know him, but you must know me. You killed my sect master, and slaughtered my disciples, you will pay for those crimes today."

    Earth Level Deity Jiuming was the grand elder of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, so he could speak on behalf of the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

    "So, are you all in this with him?"

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and scanned the crowd.

    "If you surrender now and live in confinement inside the Leiyin Mountain for three hundred years after giving up your Dharma Body Art, I could vouch for you and make everyone spare your life," Elephant God Master said.

    "Sneaky monk! Chen Beixuan, I don't need your Body tempering art and neither will I keep you in jail. If you hand over your fire divine power, and promise never to enter Kunxu, I can vouch for you as well," the family lord of the Zi family said.

    The other sect masters also proposed their own solutions, some asked for Chen Fan's dharma treasure and some wanted Chen Fan's Kun Peng Divine painting.

    In those sect master's eyes, Chen Fan was a piece of meat on the chopping block.

    The Azure Mystic Sect Master and the Cloud Heaven Thearch remained silent as they fixed their gazes on Chen Fan like hungry beasts.

    "Are you all done?"

    Chen Fan finally broke his silence with a derisive smirk on his face. "I only ask for one thing.

    "I want the Realm of Kunxu to kneel before me, otherwise, I will slaughter everyone in Kunxu."

    A deadly silence fell over the plaza.

    Everyone looked at Chen Fan as if they were looking at a deranged man.