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Chapter 754 - Enemies All Over the World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 754 Enemies All Over the WorldWhile the outside world was in a heated discussion, those in Snow God Palace were also anxious.

    Countless disciples of Snow God Palace glanced at Chen Fan. Compared to the people outside, they had many more doubts in mind. It was already unbelievable that Chen Fan went there to save Lu Yanxue. She was someone from the mortal world and had never gone out of the palace. How could she meet Chen Fan? The two of them even seemed quite close.

    When the news from Yuntian Palace came, the disciples of Snow God Palace were both confused and startled.

    "Master, they said you're from the mortal world. Is that true?"

    Qi Xiu'er ran in.

    Qi Qingwei, Bai Suxian and Taihan Fairy also followed her in with a troubled look.

    "They must be slandering you. The Cloud Heaven Thearch has grudges against you and he even asked you to give them an explanation in three days. This is ridiculous…" Qi Xiu'er said as she pouted.

    "I'm indeed from Earth, the mortal world you're talking about," Chen Fan said calmly.


    Qi Xiu'er stood there frozen.

    Qi Qingwei closed her eyes and felt like her fantasy had shattered. Before going there, they knew the news was probably true but they still had a hint of hope in their minds. Bai Suxian heaved a sigh while Taihan Fairy and the others looked over as if their enemy had materialized in front of them.

    "How is it possible? How would Master be someone from the mortal world?" Qi Xiu'er couldn't believe it at all.

    Many elites and Earth Level Deities had died on Earth.

    Mortals had already become demons in the eyes of the people in Kunxu and they were desperate to take revenge.

    "Do you remember the first time you met me? I was severely injured after passing through the Gate of Heaven, so I can't thank you enough for letting me rest in your mansion. You're a good kid and I don't want to lie to you."

    Chen Fan caressed the girl's black hair and gently, "Since I promised to train you, I'll always be your Master no matter who I am. It's up to you."

    Qi Xiu'er ran off as if her soul had left her; her sister quickly chased after her.

    Bai Suxian hesitated and asked, "Exalted Immortal, are you really someone from the mortal world? So, you killed the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect, Earth Level Deity Leixing and the Sect Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect?"

    "Yes," Chen Fan said.

    Everyone immediately went silent.

    This was different from killing the Thearch's Son and Exalted Immortal Lingxiao.

    Chen Fan was a participant on Lantai and it made sense to kill all his enemies. There had been more than one winner who had slaughtered all the competitors on the Gathering of Lantai throughout history. The Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect did the same to become the dominator of Kunxu.

    Besides, the eight powerful cultivators obviously took advantage of their number and they deserved to be killed by Chen Fan.

    However, the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect and the others were not the same. They died on Earth and should be avenged. Earth Level Deity Hanshi, the Sect Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, and all the members of the sect were dying to destroy the planet.

    "Xuan Luo and his friends were arrogant and they looked down on my planet. I had to show them what we were capable of," Chen Fan replied indifferently.

    All the people present in Snow God Palace remained silent, but Taihan Fairy and a few others seemed to be alert. They looked at Chen Fan as if they were looking at an alien.

    "I must ask you to leave Snow God Palace right away. We can't afford to take such a risk," Taihan Fairy lowered her head and said firmly. Bai Suxian and the others also voiced her concerns one after another.

    Lu Yanxue was enraged.

    Were they trying to kick Chen Fan out?

    "I'll leave but not today!" Chen Fan stopped Lu Yanxue. "The Cloud Heaven Thearch demanded an answer within three days, so I'll do what he wants.

    "Ten days later, I'll go to Yuntian Palace to meet him in person and see what he'll do to me!"

    Everyone was shocked.

    Was there going to be a battle?

    Soon, Chen Fan identity and his last words spread across the entire Realm of Kunxu like a hurricane. Everyone was astonished!

    Chen Fan really came from the mortal world!

    He had killed the Sect Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, Xuan Luo and many others.

    He was planning on going to the Yuntian Palace to question the Cloud Heaven Thearch. This was to completely suppress Kunxu!

    Countless people were furious.

    When they fought with one another, they would never hold back. However, when they were dealing with an outsider like Chen Fan, they would quickly become allies. A lot of Chen Fan's supporters had already changed their stance.

    Many family leaders who wanted Chen Fan to establish the eighth Exalted Sect even drew a line between them and Chen Fan and the young people who admired him burst into tears.

    After receiving the news, Qishan City was in silence.

    Qi Mufeng walked into the study with a pale face and shut himself in. Everyone understood how pained he felt.

    The Eastern River Sect was thrilled after knowing about it and many of their elders started to gather around Qishan City.

    In comparison, the Seven Exalted Sects were stunned and enraged.

    At the Heavenly Thunder Sect on Purple Lightning Mountain!

    Endless terrifying energy was shot to the sky and the Earth Level Deities yelled in rage, "Chen Beixuan killed our disciples, our Earth Level Deities and even our Sect Master. We must avenge them!"

    The Grand Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, Earth Level Deity Jiuming, was the loudest.

    His descendant, Wu Tengshan, had been killed by Chen Fan on Lantai but he dared not to do anything. Things were different; since Chen Fan had aroused everyone's anger, Earth Level Deity Jiuming immediately asked the entire sect to march and eliminate Chen Fan together.

    "Get the treasure of our sect and gather all the soldiers and disciples. We're going to kill Chen Beixuan!" Earth Level Deity Jiuming yelled.

    At the Azure Mystic Sect.

    The Sect Master was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed like a statue.

    Taiyin Fairy was knelt by his side with tears running over her face. "Xuanfeng, that was our only child so we can only put all our hopes on you. Chen Beixuan killed him in the mortal world. As his father, shouldn't you be doing something?"

    The hands of the Sect Master were shaking.

    "All right, if you're not going, I'll go alone," Taiyin Fairy said angrily and left. When she stepped out of the door, the Sect Master heaved a sigh.


    Other than the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Azure Mystic Sect…

    People of the large sects, including the Dashi Sect, the Mixed-Essence Sect and Mount Thunder, all of them were also planning to take revenge as some of their inner disciples had also died on Earth.

    Even though they weren't as superior as Tian Mingzi and the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect, they held grudges against Chen Fan after all.

    However, those sects were worried about Chen Fan's power, so they decided to observe the situation and see if they were going to do anything after someone powerful came out.

    They weren't dumb enough to fight with Chen Fan because of some small matters. This was the reason why the Heavenly Thunder Sect wasn't really doing anything, but if Chen Fan lost the battle, they didn't mind to go and kick him while he was down.

    While nobody in the Realm of Kunxu dared to step up…

    The voice of the Cloud Heaven Thearch came from Yuntian Palace.

    "All right."

    "Ten days later, I'll be at Yuntian Palace, waiting for you to come!"

    Kunxu was stirred by this.

    Many people were looking serious. They knew that if Yuntian Palace won the battle, Kunxu would be back in their control and the Cloud Heaven Thearch would also become the King of Kunxu.

    "The top sect of Kunxu against the top cultivator of Kunxu!"

    "This battle will definitely be wonderful and will be recorded in history. Whoever wins will be the king of the realm!" a former Sect Master said.

    Countless people went to Yuntian Palace from all directions. This battle was way more important than the one that took place on Kunwu Mountain. This was a battle between Kunxu and the mortal world, meaning that it would determine the fate of the two worlds!

    "We're witnessing a historical moment!" someone looked up and mumbled.

    The day of the battle was approaching.

    During those ten days, the Princess of the Southern Kingdom paid a visit to say goodbye.

    She followed Chen Fan to Snow God Palace before but the Fire Spirit King instantly asked her to go back. Chen Fan wasn't the so-called most powerful cultivator in Kunxu anymore. He was the enemy of the entire realm. Whoever stayed with him would also be counted as an enemy!

    Qi Qingwei also left.

    The Sect Master of the Mixed-Essence Sect commanded her to return immediately, or she would be punished for treason. So, Qi Qingwei had to leave. Qi Mufeng also made the trip to the palace to pick up Qi Xiu'er.

    Qi Xiu'er burst into tears and didn't want to leave at all.

    But Chen Fan comforted her and told her that he would always be her Master. After that, Qi Xiu'er finally left.

    Many of Chen Fan's friends in the Realm of Kunxu left him and the disciples of Snow God Palace regarded him as their biggest enemy. If they weren't scared of him, they would have already tried to kill him.

    In the end, only Lu Yanxue was there with Chen Fan.

    "Why do I feel like a plague?"

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    "But I quite enjoy this moment. The entire world against you. Everyone left and I'm the only one beside you. We only have each other in the world," Lu Yanxue said.

    "You have to know that my enemies are all over Kunxu now. It's really dangerous to stay with me. Once I get out of this door, people will try to assassinate, siege and attack me. I'm now an outsider and they'll do anything to eliminate me," Chen Fan said seriously.

    "I don't mind!" Lu Yanxue said firmly.

    Her eyes were filled with determination and she stared at Chen Fan as if she wouldn't change her mind no matter what.


    Chen Fan then replied, "Even if my enemies are all over the world, so what? I can crush a realm with one hand!"

    December 20th, 2012.

    Chen Fan went to the Yuntian Palace alone!