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Chapter 753 - Kunxu Was Shocked

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 753 Kunxu Was ShockedThe murderer was Chen Beixuan!

    If the guards had read those five words a month before, they would be confused. What would it mean? They wouldn't know who Chen Beixuan was.

    But then.

    Everyone had heard of his name. He was the top cultivator of Kunxu who had suppressed a sect on his own! Countless people were startled!

    That was why everyone was so stunned!

    "It… it must be a coincidence. There might be… another Chen Beixuan in the mortal world," a guard said after a while.

    But everyone around him remained silent and frozen like statues.

    There was a Chen Beixuan who had killed the Sect Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect! And there was another Chen Beixuan who had defeated the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect! The latter one seemed to have jumped out of the crack of a rock, since no one knew about his past.

    "It makes sense. The Exalted Sects had no information about his past because he's from the mortal world. And we still think we can go there to take revenge…" an old guard said with his trembling hands.

    All of them shook and felt like they had discovered an astonishing secret. Once the secret was revealed, it would make everyone's eyes pop out.

    "This is huge. I must go to see the Sect Master of the Yuntian Sect right away."

    The leader of the guards stored away the Immortal Will tablet, then turned into a beam of light and left.

    The others looked at one another and knew a storm was headed toward Kunxu.

    Chen Fan stayed in Snow God Palace after saving Lu Yanxue. The fairies couldn't do anything about this, even though they wanted him to leave quickly.

    They were indeed startled by Chen Fan's ability to stop a Spirit Treasure with his bare hands.

    "Are all the books of Snow God Palace here?"

    Chen Fan stood in front of an enormous library which was about the size of ten soccer fields. There were rows of bookshelves storing millions of books. Some of them were made with paper, some with bamboo, jade and gold.

    "All the books that aren't about cultivation arts are hidden in this secret room. There are books about the history and secrets of the Realm of Kunxu and many disciples have accidentally found the treasures of their seniors in the books," the Master of Snow God Palace said.

    She stood ten feet away from Chen Fan and a crescent-shaped light wheel floated above her head, sending down beams of moonlight to protect her.

    "Don't worry, your Spirit Treasure is of high quality but I don't care about it. As for your cultivation arts, they're not even half as important as the books," Chen Fan said indifferently.

    The Master of Snow God Palace was immediately enraged.

    But she couldn't say anything. She forced a smile and hoped Chen Fan would leave soon.


    Chen Fan cast a spell and a golden line appeared on his forehead. A ray of golden light then shot out of the line and Chen Fan scanned through the bookshelves with it.

    The golden light ray was formed with the purest Immortal Will.

    It scanned through the content of all books on every bookshelves and Chen Fan's speed of reading was more than a thousand times faster than that of humans.

    This was the advantage of being a cultivator. The stronger his Immortal Will, the faster he read and processed information. A Soul Formation Cultivator could deal with billions of things at the same time. Even though Chen Fan hadn't reached that level, reading a hundred books at once wasn't a difficult thing.

    "Medieval times, philosophy, leisure…"

    The content of the books flashed in Chen Fan's mind and he started to have an understanding of the Realm of Kunxu's history. He then found out the origins of the Exalted Sects, their development in the last thousands of years, and the rise and death of countless elites.

    "This isn't what I'm looking for."

    Chen Fan frowned.

    He scanned through half of the books and still hadn't found what he wanted.

    "Only one of the three things I have to do in Kunxu remains to be done… To find the Path of Heaven and leave the Earth!" Chen Fan's eyes glittered and the golden light ray scanning sped up.

    He thought the Master of Snow God Palace would know something about the Path of Heaven.

    However, she looked really confused and had only a little more understanding about the Path of Heaven. Apparently, the Realm of Kunxu had forgotten about the path since there hadn't been a Golden Core Cultivator for thousands of years.

    "Not even the Sect Masters know about it. I guess I can only look for some clues in the old books. If I can't find anything in Snow God Palace, I'll visit the Exalted Sects one by one. Looks like they wouldn't try to resist anymore," Chen Fan thought.


    He stopped and turned around. There was a book on the third row of a bookshelf covered in dust; it had apparently been left there for many years.

    This was a journal written by an elder of the first generation of Snow God Palace. She recorded everything she had encountered in her entire life and the content of the journal appeared in Chen Fan's mind. There was one sentence in particular that surprised him.

    "…After the ancient Deities left for the Path of Heaven, we stayed in Yuntian Palace to guard the door and settle things in Kunxu…"

    This sentence was written within the messy records and most people would have skimmed through it, but it was like a lighthouse in the dark for Chen Fan.

    "Yuntian Palace is responsible for guarding the door to the Path of Heaven?

    "So, the Path of Heaven is in Yuntian Palace?"

    Chen Fan's eyes brightened.

    A few minutes later, another passage confirmed Chen Fan's guess.

    "When the Deities of the Heavenly Courts left, Lord Yuntian stayed outside of the Path of Heaven and built a palace to protect the path, so that their enemies wouldn't be able to pass through the passage and chase after them! The Path of Heaven can be destroyed when necessary."

    This was something a Deputy Master of Yuntian Palace told a former Master of Snow God Palace.

    Apparently, the Path of Heaven was in Yuntian Palace! Yuntian Palace had been built to guard the Path of Heaven but the alien races never came over the last thousands of years. That was why Yuntian Palace eventually forgot its original purpose, to later become the top sect and dominator of Kunxu.

    "Looks like I need to go to Yuntian Palace," Chen Fan withdrew his Immortal Will and thought.

    And yet, he wasn't in a hurry. The last two years had been tough for Lu Yanxue and she missed him dearly. When she saw Chen Fan, she hugged him like a koala and didn't let go.

    Chen Fan felt sorry for her so he stayed with her for a bit longer in Snow God Palace.

    Snow God Palace was filled with Spirit Qi and had Treasure Medicines like the Ice Lotus, which made it a good place for cultivation. Besides, A'Xiu also needed his guidance. The fairies in the palace immediately noticed that Chen Fan wasn't planning to go anytime soon.

    While Chen Fan was staying in Snow God Palace peacefully.

    An earth-shattering news came.

    "Chen Fan came from the mortal world. He's here to destroy the Realm of Kunxu!"

    Most people didn't think it was true at first, but many of them started to believe it as the news circulated around the realm.

    After all, Chen Fan was suspicious.

    He seemed to have come out from the crack of a rock. Qi Mufeng and Qi Xiu'er were the first two persons to meet him and there were no records of him to be found in Kunxu before that. He seemed to have been born with his power and nobody believed that he could defeat the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect just by cultivating for decades.

    Many wondered if Chen Fan was the reincarnation of some Sky Immortal who had just awoken recently.

    This piece of news caused a great furor in the Realm of Kunxu. People were divided into two parties, one that supported Chen Fan and one that was against him. They attacked each other and none of them could convince the others.

    But then, an elder of Yuntian Palace revealed the truth.

    They had sent an inner circle disciple to the mortal world and the last message from him had five words, "The murderer is Chen Beixuan!"

    And when he went to the mortal world, Chen Fan was still a nameless cultivator; there wasn't much information about him yet.

    After hearing what the elder said, all of Kunxu was stunned.

    The Seven Exalted Sects had proven that the news wasn't fake. After that, other sects also confirmed the news as the guards were from the Exalted Sects.

    Countless people were shocked.

    Was Chen Fan really someone from the mortal world?

    Even those who supported Chen Fan hesitated. There might be a possibility that some sects wanted to frame Chen Fan, but the Exalted Sects seemed to have concrete evidence.

    Then, the Heavenly Thunder Sect spoke.

    "Exalted Immortal Chen has to explain himself. This is about the safety of Kunxu and we must investigate the death of the Sect Master of the Heavenly Thunder Sect! If he can prove that he has nothing to do with it, the Heavenly Thunder Sect will apologize and offer him compensation."


    The Mixed-Essence Sect, the Dashi Sect, Fentian Valley… Many Sect Masters and Grand Elders of the large sects requested a clear explanation from Chen Fan.

    Even the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect said, "Exalted Immortal Chen, if you can tell us where you come from, you'll be able to get rid of all the accusations."

    In the end, the Cloud Heaven Thearch issued an ultimatum.

    Chen Fan had to reply in three days, or he would be punished for treason.

    In a blink, people focused all their attention on Snow God Palace and Chen Fan. The entire Realm of Kunxu was on tenterhooks, waiting for Chen Fan's answer.