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Chapter 752 - A Person Against a Sect!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 752 A Person Against a Sect!

    a woman flew out from the snow god palace with her sleeves fluttering in the wind. she looked younger than thirty years old and had flawless, fair skin. she was even more beautiful than qian yexue.

    the most terrifying thing was that her energy was even stronger than that of the sect master of the azure mystic sect. she seemed to have merged with the entire world.


    the earth level deities bowed and taihan fairy was relieved. she quickly said, "master, this man trespassed on snow god palace and killed elder rong. he's extremely powerful…"

    "this must be chen beixuan, exalted immortal chen!" the master of snow god palace said.

    "chen beixuan?"

    everyone was shocked.

    they were familiar with chen fan's name. after all, he had become a famous person in the realm of kunxu in the past month. but shouldn't he be fighting with the sect master of the azure mystic sect on kunwu mountain right then? why was he there in snow god palace…

    "exalted immortal chen has defeated the sect master of the azure mystic sect on kunwu mountain and has become the top cultivator in the world! of course you're no match for him," the master of snow god palace said.

    this time, not only the earth level deities, all the disciples of snow god palace gasped.

    he defeated the sect master of the azure mystic sect?

    he became the top cultivator in kunxu?

    this piece of news was like a bomb that shocked everyone; even taihan fairy was stunned. they knew how powerful the sect master of the azure mystic sect was. he was the top cultivator of kunxu and an invincible being over the last three centuries!

    wu hongyan was stunned and regretful.

    "exalted immortal chen, what did snow god palace do?" the master of snow god palace bowed and said.

    "the disciples of snow god palace took advantage of my good friend. do you think i'm dead?"

    chen fan grunted and stretched out his hand.

    his power pulled wu hongyan closer to him in the air.

    "master, i'm innocent. yuntian palace wanted to interrogate lu yanxue…!" wu hongyan shouted.


    chen fan chuckled and let out his qi energy, turning wu hongyan into blood mist. many earth level deities were enraged.

    even the master of snow god palace frowned and said coldly, "exalted immortal chen, we respect you as the top cultivator in kunxu, but that doesn't mean that you can kill someone in snow god palace. we're one of the seven exalted sects. if our disciples did something wrong, you should hand them over to the law enforcement hall."

    even though she looked pretty, she was fierce when she got angry.

    her power even made the clouds roll.

    when she smiled, there would be a gentle breeze. when she was angry, the ocean would rage!

    this was the power of a strong heavenly being. ordinary earth level deities could never do that.

    "haha, handing them over to the law enforcement hall? lu yanxue didn't do anything wrong. why would you send her to yuntian palace to look into her soul?" chen fan sneered with disdain in his eyes.

    "this is a decision made by the seven exalted sects to investigate the death of the heavenly thunder sect's master…" before the master of snow god palace finished talking, chen fan waved his hand to interrupt her.

    "stop! if you don't give me a proper explanation, i'll kill everyone in the palace!" chen fan said viciously.

    "do you really want to be the enemy of snow god palace?" the master of snow god palace was furious and her energy made everything shake.

    "so what?"

    chen fan burst into laughter and said with disdain, "do you think you can stop me with that spirit treasure? i might still be a bit more careful if you were the sect master of the azure mystic sect, but you're only a peak-stage connate being, not even close to the sect master of the heavenly thunder sect. i can take you down with one hand."

    chen fan's eyes were filled with arrogance.

    it was extremely difficult to enter the golden core level! there might not be one golden core cultivator among a hundred connate cultivators! not many people could enter even the core formation state. the sect master of the azure mystic sect was a peerless talent and could only form an essence core after a thousand years of cultivation. the master of snow god palace was the least powerful among the supreme figures, so there was no way she could enter the core formation state.

    her terrifying energy mostly came from the spirit treasure of the palace.

    "you're way too haughty!"

    the master of snow god palace grunted.

    the seven exalted sects were unbeatable because they had spirit treasures and arrays to protect them. having a spirit treasure was like having a core formation master. ordinary people could kill a connate being with a spirit treasure, let alone the master of snow god palace!


    chen fan didn't want to explain. he gathered the true essence and threw a punch.

    beams of golden light then formed a light wheel behind him that carried powerful energy. it was apparently the true martial divine fist.


    the master of snow god palace screamed.

    a moon seemed to have risen in her body and it let out rays of light. once it appeared, the temperature in the surroundings dropped immediately; everyone felt as if they were in the arctic.

    "this is?"

    many people looked up and saw the moon.

    "the moon wheel is the treasure of snow god palace. according to the legends, it's the strongest treasure made by the founder of our sect and has killed countless earth level deities in the last thousands of years," snow fairy mumbled.

    everyone's eyes were wide open as they saw a crescent-shaped weapon spinning in the moon. there were countless complex patterns carved on it and it sent out beams of moonlight. the moonlight seemed to be gorgeous, but it was actually the deadly icy divine light.

    "master has already initiated the moon wheel. chen beixuan is going to die!"

    taihan fairy cracked a smile.


    there came the sound of a bell. chen fan punched the moon wheel and it looked as if the golden sun were clashing with the moon on the outside. chen fan's fist and the moon wheel hit each other, creating countless clanging sounds.

    ding, ding, ding!

    the golden sun and the moon kept clashing and the sky was filled with a terrifying energy. each attack of the moon wheel was comparable to that of a peak-stage core formation overlord.

    but chen fan fought with it with only one hand.

    his hand was shining as if made with gold and it seemed to be strong enough to split the world. the moon wheel hit chen fan's fist and created some golden glitters but the fist didn't break at all.

    "not even the elephant god master would use his body to fight spirit treasures. what's his body made of? indestructible gold?"

    all the snow god palace members were dumbfounded.

    spirit treasures were regarded as invincible in the realm of kunxu and there hadn't been someone as powerful as chen fan in the last thousands of years.


    in the end, the crimson fire in chen fan's eyes turned into beams of light. his entire body was surrounded by golden flames and he struck the moon wheel heavily.

    the moon wheel was knocked out, crashing against an iceberg thousands of meters away, splitting it in half and cutting off its tip.


    this time, no one said a word.

    everyone gasped.

    he had won against a spirit treasure with his bare hands! who wouldn't be afraid of such a person?

    even the master of snow god palace looked serious; there was fright in her eyes.

    "do you still want to fight?" chen fan yelled furiously.

    the master of snow god palace took back the moon wheel and hesitated for a while. she then heaved a sigh and said, "you're indeed powerful and i know i'm no match to you. i just hope you can spare these disciples…"

    before she knew it, chen fan had already tapped the blade strengthening gourd to make a golden flying sword come out.

    chen fan already knew the names of the people who had bullied lu yanxue and he scanned through the entire snow god palace with his immortal will, beheading every one of them using the flying sword.

    on that day, snow god palace was enveloped in sword qi.

    thirty five disciples, nine inner circle disciples and two earth level deities were killed by chen fan, and one of them was even a mid-stage connate being. the entire snow god palace was drenched in blood.

    the master of snow god palace couldn't do anything while the other disciples dared not to say a word.

    "a person against a sect! there have been many years since such an invincible overlord showed up in kunxu."

    taihan fairy looked up and smiled wryly.

    the other earth level deities remained silent.

    "he's truly the most powerful person in the world!" qi qingwei yelled.

    she looked at the back of the man and knew that the realm of kunxu wouldn't be ruled by the seven exalted sects from then on. a more powerful being would dominate the realm! even the exalted sects had to acquiesce in front of chen fan!

    "unfortunately, that isn't me…"

    qi qingwei was feeling regretful.

    the news about chen fan defeating the sect master of the azure mystic sect and suppressing snow god palace swiftly circulated around the realm of kunxu.

    many people were startled and the other large sects were terrified. even snow god palace had yielded, meaning that chen fan really had the power to suppress the exalted sects!

    "ah, the realm of kunxu will enter the era of chen beixuan from now on!" countless people exclaimed.

    when the sect master of the azure mystic sect heard about it, he heaved a sigh and said that he wouldn't fight with chen fan anymore. the cloud heaven thearch even smashed an antique that had three thousand years of history. even the seven exalted sects were helpless against him and the others could only accept the truth.

    the world was astonished by the name of chen fan.

    when chen fan was becoming famous in kunxu.

    several guards were leaning on a stone wall in front of a towering stone door deep in mangcang mountain. this was where the gate of heaven in kunxu was located. everyone in the realm relied on this stone door to travel across the two worlds.

    but then, the stone door shone and vibrated violently.

    "i'm afraid it'll take a couple years more for the gate of heaven to stabilize. ever since the sect master of the heavenly thunder sect died, nobody can open a passage even with the treasures of the sects. yuntian palace tried everything a while back but they could only send the divine soul of a disciple there. it's impossible for a body to pass through now."

    an old guard yawned and said, "it's about time we receive a reply."

    as he spoke.

    the gate of heaven glittered and a tablet suddenly flew out of it.

    "any news? let's see who killed the sect master of the heavenly thunder sect in the mortal world."

    the leader of the guards took the tablet and found that there was an immortal will message with only five words. after reading it, all the guards were frightened, as if they had seen a ghost.

    the five words were:

    "the murderer is chen beixuan!"