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Chapter 751 - No Mercy

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 751 No Mercy

    although lu yanxue was just an old friend to chen fan, he had promised to protect her. seeing her being subjugated to such torture made him furious.

    "you are courting death!"

    elder rong fumed and charged up her energy, filling the room with deadly tension. she raised the dragon staff in her hand and was going to strike at chen fan.

    chen fan didn't say a word.


    deadly fire shot out from chen fan's eyes and turned into a crimson heavenly sword. the sword flew into the sky and then plunged into elder rong.

    by then, chen fan had used three kinds of fire.

    the golden divine flame, kylin fire, and crimson fire. the crimson fire originated from the blood sea and it had been tainted by chen fan's anger. its presence filled the room with deadly and suffocating energy. it was as if the sword came right out of the deepest level of hell.

    "show mercy."

    snow fairy's face paled.

    she knew firsthand about chen fan's unimaginable power. not even the seven overlords could hold out against him, much less elder rong.

    however, the sense of danger had escaped elder rong. she snorted after seeing chen fan's seemingly foolish act and struck the ground with her staff, summoning lightning in the sky. it rumbled across the space and sounded as if a train had just passed by.

    endless essence qi was gathered toward elder rong and formed a crystalline dragon. the dragon's ten meter long body was blue and translucent. it gleamed under the sunlight, revealing the deadly ice element qi within its bowels. when it raced across the sky, it froze the air and left a white trail in the sky.

    supreme ice spirit force!

    this was one of the most renowned arts from the snow god palace. rumor had it that elder rong used it to freeze an earth level deity to death.

    "kiddo, i don't care who you are and where you're from. you shouldn't mess with snow god palace."

    elder rong's voice was as cold as ice.

    even as wu hongyan was going to rejoice due to chen fan's impending defeat, they heard a noise.


    the crimson heavenly swords hacked the dragon into two as a knife would cut a piece of tofu. the heavenly swords went through and charged at elder rong. elder rong panicked and started a four righteousness protection aura, trying to protect herself.

    however, the power of chen fan's divine powers was beyond her imagination.


    the crimson heavenly swords hacked into elder rong's head and severed it from her shoulders. the shocked expression lingered on elder rong's face even as the old woman's head fell to the ground. she couldn't believe that an elder of the snow god palace would be killed by a young man.

    when the crimson fire reduced elder rong's divine soul into ashes, a heart wrenching cry reverberated across the room.

    an earth level deity had been killed!

    wu hongyan and the snow god palace disciples couldn't believe their eyes.

    elder rong was a formidable force to be reckoned with, yet she was killed by chen fan with ease. this was an outcome they would never have imagined.

    "leader of the snow god palace, come out!"

    chen fan killed elder rong and didn't spare her dead body a second look. he held lu yanxue with one arm and flew into the sky. his voice reverberated inside the thousand year old castle, reaching each and every corner.

    countless disciples of the snow god palace looked up into the sky, and saw the young man glowing in gold.

    "what is going on?"

    everyone was taken aback.

    "bang, bang, bang!"

    coutless rays of light came up from all corners of the snow god palace, each representing a powerful earth level deity in kunxu.

    one, two, three…

    twelve lights came up, meaning that twelve earth level deities had risen against chen fan.

    other than taiyin fairy who went to kunwu and the palace lord who was in secluded cultivation, nearly all the earth level deities of the snow god palace had shown up. snow god palace was one of the seven exalted sects and other smaller sects such as the eastern river sect couldn't compare.

    "heavens! there are more elders than in the sect gathering every ten years," many disciples exclaimed.

    "who are you? why did you storm the snow god palace and take on our disciples?" a beautiful woman wearing a courteous dress asked. her powers were on par with earth level deity leixing and she was the strongest among the earth level deities: the second in command, taihan fairy.

    "lu yanxue is my friend. snow god palace took her away from her home, and instead of educating her, you allowed your disciples to torture and bully her. you even planned to hand her over to the yuntian palace so they could subjugate her with the soul searching procedure," chen fan admonished.

    taihan fairy looked embarrassed.

    handing over one of her disciples to another sect and subjecting her to the soul searching procedure was not something the snow god palace could feel proud of.

    however, taihan fairy quickly registered that something was amiss. lu yanxue was from the mortal world, how did she get to know someone as powerful as chen fan?

    even as she was going to put up some excuses, she heard wu hongyan shout in a saddening voice, "milady, he has killed elder rong!"


    all the earth level deities of the snow god palace were shocked. they looked down and saw the headless body of elder rong. taihan fairy furrowed her brow and fumed hotly.

    "so you are here to stir trouble!"

    "snow god palace needs to give me an explanation. otherwise, i will kill everyone here," chen fan replied calmly.

    "very well."

    his words didn't sit well with the earth level deities.

    it was suicide to challenge any one of the seven exalted sects in kunxu. they had been powerful forces for thousands of years and no one, not even the azure mystic sect master, could face them alone.

    "start the array. we will show him the power of snow god palace," taihan fairy ordered.

    she was a level-headed elder and didn't allow her anger to get the better of her. elder rong was one of the top five most powerful cultivators, yet, she had been slaughtered by chen fan without much struggle. it told taihan fairy that chen fan was an extremely dangerous individual; caution would be advisable.


    as twelve earth level deities started their arts, countless dharma forces and dharma seals surfaced on the walls of the ancient palace. the crystal castle also started to glisten under the sunlight, making it look like an ice sculpture. coutless dharma inscriptions rose into the air and formed a dharma array. chen fan saw a black bird circling above the castle through the energy of the dharma array.

    "palace guard grand array."

    this was a dharma array left by a sky immortal; it was able to trap a supreme overlord for eternity. its power was boosted when operated by twelve earth level deities at the same time.


    the bird called, throwing it head back.

    its body was made out of ice crystals, and it was shaped like a phoenix. its presence has an intimidating quality that filled up the space inside the array. birds and animals trembled with fear as they sensed the black bird nearby.

    any earth level deity would be scared by such power.

    "the black bird grand array is now active. this should seal that boy's fate. the last time we had to use this array was when the zi family raided us. the black bird killed seven of the zi family's earth level deities on that day and it marked the downfall of the zi family," someone among the disciples of the snow god palace shouted.

    a gloating pleasure flickered in wu hongyan's eyes. she couldn't wait to see chen fan dead.

    "he would have already been killed if he were just an ordinary earth level deity. but he is chen beixuan."

    snow fairy let out a wry smile.

    chen fan wielded unprecedented power and could bring down a core formation level cultivator with his bare hands. she wagered that not even her ancestral master could contain him, much less a dharmic array.


    chen fan was unfazed. he held lu yanxue with one arm, while he formed a fist seal with his free hand; the golden fire around his body turned into countless dragons that merged into the fist.

    in the end, his right fist turned into a red hot son which carried enough energy to destroy anything in its path.

    true martial divine fist!


    chen fan brought his fist above his head and suddenly transformed his entire body into a golden energy that flew into the sky and clashed with the black bird.


    everyone felt that the impact sounded as if the sky was coming down.

    the essence qi summoned by the array was disrupted by the impact. it felt as if a nuclear warhead had just been detonated in the sky, leaving a three to four kilometer wide hole.

    "crack, crack."

    many dharma array inscriptions had peeled off from the walls after being overwhelmed by the force of the impact.

    the twelve earth level deities blanched at the same time as they all backed away. the weaker ones even spat blood. chen fan's golden fist aura had shattered the black bird, beaming further up into the sky as it kept on shining.

    such power in just one punch!

    many disciples were shocked. the earth level deities gathered themselves, but couldn't erase the embarrassment and fear from their faces. chen fan had defeated twelve of them at the same time. how powerful exactly was he?

    "this… this is impossible"

    wu hongyan was shaken to the core.

    "try to counter this!"

    chen fan charged up his energy, as the golden fire burned more intensely. a halo appeared behind chen fan, and it was turning brighter by the second.

    everyone was convinced that chen fan's attack was going to kill at least half of the snow god palace's earth level deities.

    suddenly, a cold voice drifted from afar, "please have mercy, exalted immortal chen."

    then, a terrifying presence came up from deep within the snow god palace. the presence carried even more power than the azure mystic sect master. chen fan had never met anyone this powerful before.

    a second core formation level cultivator?