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Chapter 750 - Meeting an Old Friend

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 750 Meeting an Old Friend

    lu yanxue had been taken by elder hong into the snow god palace from the mortal world. ever since then, she had been cultivating inside the snow god palace. the seven exalted sects only knew of her existence, but had no clue about her name or looks.

    after seeing chen fan had readily called out her name, snow fairy felt something was amiss.

    although she had been kept inside the blade strengthening gourd over the last few days, she was entirely clueless about what was going on outside the gourd. she estimated that chen fan must have had a showdown with the azure mystic sect master, and the fact that chen fan was alive and well meant that he had won the battle.

    “he only spared my life while he killed all the other seven earth level deities. i thought he spared me because he liked my looks, but he hasn’t talked to me once over the last few days. on the other hand, he seems to have a particular interest in lu yanxue. could it be…”

    the thought gave snow fairy a shiver. in her mind’s eye, a horrifying scene played out which sent a chill down her spine.

    if she was right, chen fan would change the entire kunxu. it would have even further reaching implications than the death of the azure mystic sect master.

    “i hope i’m wrong,” snow fairy lowered her head and murmured to herself.

    despite lu yanxue’s ice spirit root, the elders of the sect rarely paid any attention to her. therefore, she knew very little about the girl being bullied by her peers. lu yanxue was safe and that’s all she cared about.

    “ah right, a month ago, the exalted immortal lingxiao told me that the sect masters of the exalted sects had decided to put lu yanxue on trial to extract information about the mortal world from her. if she resisted, they would even search her soul.”

    snow fairy paused.


    chen fan furrowed his brow as anger spilled out from his eyes.

    the soul searching art would cause a great trauma and leave long lasting effects. most of the people who went through soul searching would end up as vegetables for the rest of their lives, while some would even die. lu yanxue was only at the qi refinement level and would definitely die in the process.

    “very well.”

    a cold light came up in chen fan’s eyes as he rose to his feet.

    “let’s move then. i need to visit the snow god palace.”

    snow fairy obliged and led the way. although qi xiu’er had no idea what it was about, she dared not ask any questions.

    chen fan released the white water dragon from the gourd. in a blink, it grew to a hundred meter long, translucent dragon with sharp claws and fangs. although the white water dragon had lost its inner essence, it was a connate being nonetheless and could still fly ten thousand miles in a day.

    the four of them got onto the back of the dragon before the beast took off. it flew north toward the snow god palace.

    kunxu was huge in size. still, it only took chen fan less than an hour to reach the snow god palace.

    a crystalline castle like those in fairy tales suddenly appeared before chen fan. it stood at the top of a snowy mountain, glittering under the sun as a crown.

    the snow god palace!

    legend had it that the snow goddess had created it a few thousand years in the past using ancient ice from the arctic. she settled down in the castle and started a sect. the snow god palace only admitted female disciples and their cultivation focused on ice elements.


    the white water dragon landed before the castle’s gate and lowered its head to allow the riders to get off. as soon as chen fan landed on solid ground, he was greeted by disciples of the snow god palace.

    “honorable guru, may i ask what you—uh? isn’t this exalted immortal snow?” two disciples shouted in surprise. they were both wearing white outfits and had both reached the immortal state.

    the snow fairy had reached the earth level deity realm’s mid-stage, so she was an authoritative figure in the snow god palace, ranking number five in terms of power. for any ordinary members of the sect, she was a god-like being. the two disciples quickly straightened their backs in respect, meanwhile, their eyes were brimming with questions.

    “i thought sect aunt snow had been captured by her enemy, how did she make it back?” the girls asked themselves in their minds. they did not dare voice out this question for fear of angering her.

    an earth level deity wielded enough authority in the sect to kill both of them without suffering any consequences.

    “take me to lu yanxue.”

    snow fairy gave chen fan a quick glance and hurried back to business fearing chen fan’s patience was wearing thin by the second.

    she had already figured out that chen fan had defeated the azure mystic sect master, thus claiming the seat of power in kunxu. the thought of chen fan’s power terrified her.


    the two disciples lowered their heads and agreed.

    with the two disciples leading the way, and snow fairy following them closely, no one in the snow god palace dared to question the group as they walked deeper into the sect compound.

    some disciples who recognized chen fan were shocked to see him.

    since the battle of kunwu mountain had just happened and most people had not heard about it yet, not everyone knew who chen fan was. however, everyone knew elder snow and what she had gone through.

    they soon arrived at the compound where the inner sect disciples lived.

    the snow god palace disciples had three tiers: outer sect, inner sect, and true heir. only those who reached the immortal state could be granted the title of true heir. despite lu yanxue’s incredible inborn ability and her striking ice spirit root, she was at the transcendent state and was among the inner sect disciples.

    before they saw lu yanxue, they heard a sharp voice castigating someone else.

    “you are a low life trash from the mortal world. tell me about the mortal world now! otherwise, sect brother gong from yuntian palace is going to show you how true persuasion works in kunxu!”

    before the fierce words died out, a loud whiplash sound came from the compound.


    then came the painful howling of a girl. her voice sounded familiar to chen fan.

    chen fan’s face darkened as soon as he heard the girl. a golden glow surged on his body as he charged in.

    what he saw infuriated him.

    a man and a woman were standing at the far end of the room. the man was wearing a plain robe with cloud motifs on it. his face was cold and hard.

    a thin-lipped girl in a black outfit stood beside the man. she wielded a long whip made out of icy energy; she was using it on an attractive girl kneeling before her.

    the girl’s sublime features made her look like an otherworldly goddess. her long dark hair tumbled down from her head to her waist, contrasting with her pale complexion. she kneeled on the ground, gritting her teeth to swallow down the pain from the deep gash on her back.

    there were a dozen transcendent state cultivators standing beside her, but none seem to have taken pity on her. some even giggled at the girl’s misfortune.

    senior apprentice-brother gong said lightly as he glared at the girl with greed, “junior apprentice-sister wu, if she keeps being so stubborn, i will have to take matters into my own hands and bring her to my sect. i doubt she will last long. not even an earth level deity can hold out against our methods, much less a girl. what a waste for such a pretty face.”

    “senior apprentice-brother gong. i really have no idea if an earth level deity exists on earth. the most powerful cultivator i knew was at the immortal state. i have told you everything i know, i swear!”

    lu yanxue kneeled on the ground, body shaking in fear.

    “how dare you talk back!”

    senior apprentice-sister wu hissed and was going to lash out with the whip again.

    “stop!” a cold and harsh voice boomed inside the room.

    the disciples looked back and saw a man in black outfit striding into the compound. his gaze was so cold that the air in the room seemed to have dropped a few degrees.

    “i am wu hongyan, the second senior true heir of the snow god palace. who are you?”

    senior apprentice-sister wu looked up with pride and conceit.

    the dozen or so inner sect disciples also shouted at the intruder, asking him to stop.

    “chen… fan?”

    the familiar voice took lu yanxue by surprise. she looked up and was shocked beyond belief.

    “who am i? ask your maker.”

    chen fan shot an icy glare at the girl, as he stepped forward. his steps held the unswerving intent to kill. this killing intent materialized in reality and became an overbearing pressure that turned the air thick and heavy.


    many transcendent state disciples couldn’t hold out against the pressure and were forced to their knees.

    wu hongyan also started to shake and had difficulty breathing.

    “i didn’t know you were a sage. i am senior cultivator gong changshen. it is an honor to meet you, immortal master. i have the order from the sect masters of the seven exalted sects to take lu yanxue away. thank you ahead of time for your understanding. we are just doing our job,” senior apprentice-brother gong said unhurriedly.

    he reckoned that chen fan was there for lu yanxue. therefore, he brought out the seven exalted sects just in case chen fan was going to try something funny.


    chen fan didn’t even spare him a glance. he waved a hand and shot out a powerful force from his palm.


    the energy shook the floor made out of crystal as the invincible force turned gong changshen into a pulp. the turn of events scared the disciples of the snow god palace. wu hongyan pointed an accusatory finger at chen fan and hummed.

    “do you know whom you have killed? he was the disciple of the cloud heaven thearch.”


    chen fan snorted and gave her a sidelong glance.


    an overbearing force bore down on wu hongyan, forcing her to her knees, and then to all fours. chen fan walked past them toward lu yanxue as a flicker of pain flashed in his eyes.

    “i never thought that you would come for me… thank you.”

    lu yanxue struggled to rise to her feet and put on a smile on her pale face. suddenly, her legs gave in and she collapsed into chen fan’s embrace. she had been subjected to inhuman torture and it had taken a toll on her health.

    with the girl in his arms, the fire in chen fan’s belly grew more intense; furious energy roiled inside of him.

    qi xiu’er and the others wouldn’t believe their eyes when they finally caught up with chen fan. although they have no idea who the girl was, they wagered she was close to chen fan’s heart.

    suddenly, a white glow raced across the sky.

    from the glow emerged a scathing old woman with a mean face. her voice had a sharp edge in it that could almost kill.

    “who are you? how dare you trespass the snow god palace?”

    she was the earth level deity from the snow god palace.

    “elder rong!”the arrival of the elder lit up the other disciples faces with glee. elder rong was the guardian of the sect and was extremely powerful. even the sect masters treated her with great respect. chen fan would not dare to harm them as long as they were under elder rong’s protection.

    “elder, that’s him. he killed senior apprentice-brother gong and stormed the snow god palace. please bring him to justice,” wu hongyan shouted.

    “who are you?”

    elder rong landed a questioning glare on chen fan. surprise and confusion were written all over her face. she had not heard about the battle on kunwu mountain, therefore she didn’t recognize chen fan.

    “i am the person who will kill you.”

    chen fan turned around, eyes filled with burning fire. anger poured out from his system and made the air feel heavy.

    this was the first time chen fan really got angry ever since he arrived at kunxu.